Anbagam Celebrates Independence

Sivagangai – August 15th was a memorable day not only for India but also for Anbagam. A solemn Mass was celebrated for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Independence Day of our nation. The house superior Fr. Kulandai and director Fr. Paul Francis were the celebrants. After Mass the good children celebrated Independence Day. Sr. Jotika, principal of Idhaya Women’s Arts and Science College from Sarugani, was the honorable Chief Guest and was given a warm welcome by the community. A parade of good children showing their patriotism by holding our national flag in their hands led Sr. Jothika to hoist the flag. She delivered a thought provoking speech by quoting Gandhi and telling them they are all gifted children with many abilities. She reminded them to be grateful for the care given by the Guanellian fathers who offer their whole life for their welfare alone. She also implored them to listen to the teachers who are guiding and teaching them values. And lastly she told them to always be happy that God is with them to protect and guide them. And she distributed sweets to all our good children. The oath was recited by the children and the national anthem was sung to close the program. Sr. Jothika spent time visiting with the children.


Bore Well for Anbagam

Yesuvanam – “Strike the rock and water will flow so that the people may drink”. On October 7th a project to quench the thirst of God’s most special children of Anbagam was officially inaugurated by Fr. Gnana Pragasam, recollection master of the Yesuvanam community. All the confreres were delighted to work on the bore well for the benefit of thousands of good children in the future. Water sprung on day seven of digging, symbolizing the water that flowed from the holy temple. The hard work of the community paid off despite many impediments. Through the intercession of St. Louis Guanella with the help of the Holy Spirit the well succeeded. Yesuvanam thanks those people who contributed to this success with their prayers and wishes.

Mission Experience

Sivagangai – There are plenty of ways to attain enjoyment but a small loop is the only way to enjoy happiness. It was the greatest opportunity for postulants of Sivagangai to experience and to enjoy God’s love with practical knowledge of the mission of the Servants of Charity. Therefore Fr. Superior and the formators initiated the ministry for the postulants to experience filial affinity with those who say, ‘I have no one.’ They began this mission experience with the ‘Anbagam Special Children’ on July 6th. As part of the mission, special children were elevated through doing the charitable works and making them feel happy for the love of God. Indeed, it was a blessed day for all who recognized the charity and loveable heart of St. Louis Guanella.

Remembering the Deceased

Sivagangai – St. Guanella Anbagam Special School decided to visit the cemeteries in the nearby villages during the month of November to pray for the departed souls in Purgatory each Friday. Kalluvalli cemetery was the destination on First Friday, November 6th. The Rosary was recited for the departed souls and blessings beseeched upon them. On November 13th the departed souls of the Pallithammam cemetery received the blessings from the Rosary that the good children recited. On November 20th the Rosary was recited at Anbagam for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory. This was a lesson in the Spiritual Works of Mercy for the good children; assisting the souls on their journey to heaven to see the face of God.

Provincial Visit

Sivagangai visit 2Sivagangai – The provincial superior visits each year and each visit is a joyful and meaningful occasion for the community. This year he visited Yesuvanam on March 24th. Arriving in the morning at Don Guanella Anbagam with the local confreres, he was welcomed by the good children. Fr. Kulandaisamy, community superior, gave an introduction and welcomed Fr. Soosai and he greeted everyone. Then he celebrated the Holy Eucharist in honor of the 106th anniversary of the congregation’s profession day. In his homily he said that those who suffer with various diseases need a doctor.  Some suffer physically and some mentally. Jesus Christ is the doctor who heals everyone. St. Guanella was like a doctor for those who suffered mentally and physically and he urges us to do the same.
Sivagangai visit 1

Care to Share

Lions Club give in Sivagangai

Suppose Christmas at Guanella AnbagamSivagangai – “Until there are poor to be assisted our charity never ends,” St. Louis Guanella. Yes this is true. Our words were fulfilled on this day of celebration. Trust in Divine Providence. If you have trust in providence surely you will receive. On December 21st there were two celebrations. In the morning Fr. Kulandai and Fr. Paulraj took the Anbagam children to Idhaya College to celebrate Suppose Christmas. Idhaya College principal, Sr. Jothi, distributed gifts to the good children, delighted them with cultural programs and provided a delicious meal for them. On the same day, Lions Club members from Karaikudi came to Anbagam to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. They provided equipment for our children, planted some trees around the house and served cake and snacks to the children. When the president spoke, he promised that they would help as much as they can.

“Receive with two hands, and Give with four hands,” St. Guanella.Lions Club give in Sivagangai


Sivagangai parents meet with priests

Sivagangai parents meet with priestsSivagangai – In the afternoon on Sunday, September 1st, a meeting with the parents was held at Don Guanella Anbagam. The school principal, Mr. Amalraj, was the special guest. He shared his personal and professional experience and his experience with parents. He said, “We must understand our children and help them realize their talents. We must teach them to do their work and to improve their talents whether they be music, drawing, singing or technical work.” He offered the parents guidance about what they should and should not do while handling their children. Fr. Paulraj concluded the meeting with a prayer.