Guanellian Lay Movement Meets

Cuddalore – The GLM members in Cuddalore gathered at Don Guanella Boys Home for their monthly meeting. The meeting began with Eucharistic adoration conducted by Fr. Visuwasam, and a special prayer for the whole congregation and all of the fathers and GLM members was offered. After a short orientation by Fr. Visuwasam, an open sharing took place. The central thread of this sharing was meant to strengthen the local GLM and its charitable activities. Fr. Kanikkairaj shared that the GLM members should feel at home and become ready-made servants of charity to join in the works of charity initiated by the congregation. They must participate with all of their skills, be they spiritual, material or charismatic. The meeting ended with a final prayer.


Happy Birthday, Father!

Cuddalore – Every birthday makes a testimony that God still loves the world and showers his unceasing grace upon it. In return, if the life received from God makes its best on earth through holy living and serving, then it becomes a gratuitous gift to God. Our Holy Founder, St. Louis Guanella, exemplified this and made his life a gift to God through his spiritual vibrancy and selfless service. In view of honoring his holy birth, life and his charitable patrimony, the Guanellian Family of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Don Guanella Boys Home, Sagaya Matha Parish, Divine Providence Convent and Hostel, GLM and all the beneficiaries joined in celebrating the 174th Birthday of St. Guanella, with solemn Mass, cultural programs, gift sharing and a meal. It was a moment of revitalizing the spirit, mission and vision of our Holy Founder. Thanks be to God for the gift of St. Louis Guanella, the Saint of Charity!

Charity Sprouts

Cuddalore – The children from Arunachala Matriculation School in Kurinchipaadi made a charitable visit to Don Guanella Boys Home. The biggest lesson they learned is that the Boys Home teaches that “every human person has a head – to think for the poor, heart – to feel for the poor, hands – to help the poor”. These children personified it through their act of mercy. They saved some of their own pocket allowance and came with lots of happiness and enthusiasm to help the poor students in our home. Their financial help might be minimum but their love and example is great!

Parents, the First Teachers

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home has made all beneficiaries feel and experience a home-like atmosphere with its exclusive care and protection. The students are trained in a holistic way to face their future and challenges with hope and confidence. In order to help the parents feel more responsible and committed to their children, DGBH arranged ‘Parents Meet.’ It was like a retreat, explaining the importance of good parenting and compassionate rearing. It was a good time for faculty members to learn the real background of the students and assist in all the ways possible. The day included cultural programs, competitions, prize distributions, and a meal. Parenting is an art; not an idle duty.

The Forgotten Freedom Martyrs

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home organized a 70th Independence Day in a solemn manner. The celebration mainly focused on the few forgotten freedom fighters of India. Making a short oration about them, the students were encouraged to personify the values, ethics and spirit exhibited by them. Special programs such as quiz, debate, educational competitions, athletic events, cultural and other fraternal games were presented. August 15th was a day of inspiration and enthusiasm for all.

Awareness Program

Cuddalore – An awareness program was conducted at Don Guanella Boys Home by the Mathematics Department of St. Joseph’s College. During the program they offered many tips to the students on how to approach the annual exams and be successful. The students joyfully participated and thanked everyone. The teachers offered exam tools for all the students.


Cuddalore – Twelfth and tenth level students of the boys home along with the director Fr. George and Vice Director Fr. Kanikkai went on pilgrimage to Villianur and other parts of Pondy. There they prayed for all the students preparing to write their public exams and for themselves too. After visiting all the churches, they went to the beach for some relaxation. There they played a game and enjoyed themselves before returning home.

Annual and Parents Day Celebrations

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home celebrated Annual Day and Parent’s Day March 3rd. On this special day all the parents and relatives of the students were invited for the program. Mrs. Suguna from the Department of Juvenile Homes was the special guest and addressed the gathering. The priests from DGBH and the tuition teachers were also present for the celebration. The students performed a wonderful and colorful program. The entire audience encouraged and appreciated the boys. Certificates, medals and shields for the boys who won prizes in the sports meet and other cultural activities held at the boys home were awarded. The program closed with the final blessings of Fr. Visuwasam, Superior of the community.

A Day to Celebrate Children

Cuddalore – Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th at Don Guanella Boys Home. In order to honor the students on this special day, special games were played and a cultural program was presented. The notice board was decorated with the photos of the children. Fr. Visuwasam offered cake to all of the students. The students were all very happy and thanked the community for the special event.

More than Just a Band

Cuddalore – The students of Don Guanella Boys Home enjoy listening to and playing band music, a popular art in India. It is truly a blessing that the boys are given the chance to play in a band. They are learning their instruments, practicing often and playing for outside functions. In November the boys went to participate in a local festival. They performed very well. Even though they are small in the size, they play music like well organized professionals.