Evening School Students to Graduate

Chennai – A word of appreciation, a note of gratitude and a wish of success always brings us close to each other. On February 25th, Don Guanella Evening school gave a farewell program to eight students, who are preparing for their board exams beginning on March 2nd. After they finish these exams, they will also leave DGES. To commemorate this event, a farewell celebration was organized by the junior students. There were different activities like, songs, party games and skits. When it was the time, the 12th grade students shared their experiences that were inculcated in them at DGES. They also expressed their gratitude to DGES. We wished them well and gave them stationary for the exams. At the end, the students joyfully shared cake.

Time for All

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School celebrated the Pongal Festival on January 14th. The people of Tamilnadu mark this festival by making pongal, colorful Rangoli art and thanking the Lord for the harvest. Br. Praveen conducted party games and awarded prizes to the winners. All the children thanked Fr. Samson from DGMS who gave a beautiful explanation of the festival and blessed the pongal pot. Sweet pongal was served to all the children before they left went home. The following day Ms. Stella, a Guanellian Cooperators from Bengaluru, offered a class on “Motivation” for the Evening School youth. She began by stating that the future depends on each young person, therefore everyone needs to maximize themselves for the good of all. The youth had the opportunity to ask questions and share puzzling aspects of their life. The class ended by singing a Marian hymn.

Relax a While

Chennai – The very moment we get up, we have plans to accomplish a lot before going to bed again. We sometimes forget to eat; parents even expect their students to excel and be over-achievers. We must be aware that students especially need to relax between activities to be successful. As part of the program at Don Guanella Evening School, a one-day picnic was organized for the children. Sixty-five children, seminarians and staff traveled to MGM, a theme park in Chennai. The morning was reserved for the different rides and afternoon for the water games. The children had a lot of fun and relaxation. They all expressed their joy for being involved with DGES which helps them have fun, learn educational values and gives guidance.

Incarnation of Love

Chennai – The incarnation of Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God’s eternal love and mercy. It assumed the whole of humanity. Jesus especially identified the poor, suffering, and the weaker of society with Him and took the human flesh as One among them and One for them. Today’s world, in the name of newness and constant change exploits these people and further victimizes them. Therefore, to heal broken and exploited humanity, our beloved pope, in his recent apostolic letter “Mercy and Misery,” to close the Year of Mercy, solicits all humanity to the pragmatic aspect of Mercy. He calls on Catholics to work to “restore dignity to people, especially those who do not have work, do not have homes, are marginalized, are hungry, must migrate, are in prison in inhuman conditions or do not have access to education.” To practice human kindness and love Don Guanella Evening School organized a suppose Christmas celebration for all the poor children from the slums and impoverished families. The simple service rendered to those faces of Christ made a greater witness to the surrounding which is filled with people of other faiths and traditions. Everyone irrespective of social boundaries joined as one family of love and fraternity to celebrate the birth of peace, justice and joy. The celebration included cultural programs and gift distribution. The confreres and children made the day a very meaningful preparation to celebrate Christmas.

Let the Children Come to Me

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School celebrated children’s day this year with a campus decorated by colorful personalities. The Chief Guests of the day were Fr. Solomon, the CSI Pastor of Poonamallee, Fr. Ligory, SdC and Fr. Prakash, SdC. Ninety children, the staff and some Brothers from DGMS gathered to warmly welcome and honor the chief guests. The program included dances, beautiful songs and skits. There was also a quiz competition last month on the feast of St. Louis Guanella, all those who fared well and acquired knowledge about Our Founder were rewarded gifts for their performance. Fr. Solomon delivered a message in which he told them to always be children in spirit and elders in actions. He also talked with them about current events and issues facing youth today. Towards the conclusion he joined the children to cut the cake. The program ended with a blessing by Fr. Ligory and refreshments.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School attended the novena to our Founder, St. Louis Guanella, at Don Guanella Major Seminary for the third day of the novena October 17th. The theme of the day was “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” The children performed a skit and dance, explaining the bond between God and St. Guanella. Fr. Francis, the Vice-Rector along with the Theology brothers, enlightened the children with a talk, providing examples from the life of the saint. The children were also given a chance to share their knowledge about Fr. Guanella. It brought fullness to the Guanellian family by bringing all of his children together.

70 Years of Freedom

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School happily expressed its love and patriotic concern for India as it celebrated 70 years of independence from the British Government on August 15th. There were 80 children who attended this program; gathering to hoist the flag and show their love and respect to India. Mr. Siva Kumar, the retired professor of Anna University, was the chief guest of the day; enlightening the students with his speech, in which he mentioned the sacrifice and hard work that great men of the nation underwent for the cause of freedom. The students had time to ask questions. There were also speeches and colorful performances by the students expressing their love for India. The program ended with the party games and distribution of sweets.

Power within Everyone

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School organized a parent meeting on July 9th. It was a time where everyone’s parents expressed the hopes that they have for their children. Fr. Prakesh organized and guided the children during the meeting. The session began with the open dialogue among children and the parents. Children related their difficulties in studying and dealing with different things in the modern world. Parents expressed and their expectations from their children, their hopes for the future. Initially it was a bit difficult to convince each of the others’ view point, but Fr. Prakesh, a familiar person to them, was able to clarify. His advice to the parents was, “Don’t worry about what a child will become tomorrow and forget that he is someone today. We are not only parents to the children but we must also be a good friend to them first, so they will share openly.” To the children he said, “your parents foresee what is best for you, in response you must be obedient to them. You will see eventually that it is good for parents, children and the world.” Refreshments were served and the program ended with a worship song led by the +2 students.

Education – Powerful Weapon to Change the World

Chennai – Don Guanella Evening School celebrated its official inaugural day on June 23rd. The chief guests of the day were Fr. Samson and Fr. Mathias. The program started at the DGMS with the prayer song by the regent brothers. Fr. Samson welcomed the new director, Br. Anil, staff and all the students. He gave a message in which he insisted of the children two things; always be ready to ask for forgiveness and be more forgiving toward others. To end his speech, he wished everyone a successful year in all their studies. He distributed gifts to high achievers of class X from last year. Fr. Mathias gave note books to all the children for their academic usage. The children performed dances and songs to add joy to the celebration. The program ended with the blessing of Fr. Samson and distribution of sweets and snacks to the children.

Evening School Celebrates Dewali

Chennai – India is a country known for its many different festivals. One of the most celebrated is Dewali or Deepavali; one of the most important for the people of the Hindu Religion. There are many rituals, traditions and cultural beliefs surrounding it. It is associated with many stories and legends and is known as the festival of lights, the symbol of victory of truth over evil. Children are very eager to celebrate it and participate in all its activities. On this day, they learn many stories, Rangolis (folk art drawings) and games from their teachers. Teachers familiarized the students about using crackers, fireworks and Pooja (Hindu prayer rituals). The children of Don Guanella Evening School happily celebrated “Dewali” on November 10th. The Hindu children presented themselves with colorful traditional dress to illustrate the culture of India. They also brought homemade food to share with everyone; creating a joyful festival mood. Finally, Mrs. Santhi spoke about celebrating Dewali..