Educational Tour

Bangalore - Oratory tourBangalore – Don Guanella Oratory children went on an educational tour on October 28th. These slum children were so excited to go on a tour; they boarded the bus smiling. The first stop was “HAL Aerospace museum”. The guide explained to the children about the growth and achievements of the institute, “Hindustan Aeronautic Limited” which began in 1940. She passionately shared how it has supplied the nation with many defense planes, helicopters and machinery. The children learned about the evolution of flight and they received knowledge and pride. The audio visual about how each flight served the nation in various ages and sectors was inspirational and exciting. The next stop was to see for themselves the different types of flights and helicopters. Next they visited “Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium”. The children were thrilled and excited by the galaxies of stars in 3D vision. They learned many things about the galaxy and planet earth. After lunch they were taken to the Aquarium, where varieties of fish were kept for admiration and knowledge. The last stop was for free rides for the children at Cubbon Park. Being fully exhausted from the games, rides and the tour which ended at dusk, they returned cherishing evening snacks while dancing playfully on the bus. We give thanks to God the Almighty for this wonderful outing.


Don Guanella Oratory

Cuddalore – Until there are no longer poor and neglected to be assisted there is no end to our Charity. In view of actualizing this holy statement of our Founder, the Cuddalore Guanellian community has happily started Guanella oratory for the poor slum children around the house. It was inaugurated on March 19th, the feast day of St. Joseph, who is also the foster father of all poor and abandoned children. The objective of the oratory is “Intelligence and Morality”. Around 40 children were present at the inauguration. It was a blessed moment for all of us to sense the ministry of Jesus met through the footsteps of St. Louis Guanella and his servants.

Celebration with Oratory Children

Bangalore - Oratory ID 3 Bangalore  – Members of Don Guanella Oratory and Guanella Preethi Nivas joyfully celebrated the 69th Independence Day of India with the oratory students on August 16th. Guanellian Co-operators Mr. Jayaraj, Ms. Stella, Mr. Kumar (Aged Home grandpa), Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Guseppina from Italy, were invited as dignitaries for the celebration. The program began with flag hoisting and a parade. The cultural programs were arranged by Bro. Sachin & co, GLM members Mrs. Sharmila, Ms. Nancy, Mr. Hubert and the Guanellian Sisters, under the guidance of Fr. Gnanaraj, Fr. Adaikalam, Fr. John Peter (Oratory Director) and the entire GPN community. The students enthusiastically participated in various programs; dancing and singing to reveal their talents and the patriotic spirit of India. The youth boys performed a mime directed by Mr. Hubert, where they mocked the use of mobile phones among society’s present generation. Later the dignitaries distributed prizes and praised the students for their performance in studies and sports. The celebration ended with the national anthem and refreshments.

Painting at Don Guanella Oratory

Bangalore – Every human being has a special talent in them but sometimes it is not revealed. One needs an opportunity or someone else’s help. To foster some talent, oratory coordinator Fr. John Peter with the help of Ms. Stella, Guanellian Cooperator, arranged for a painting session. Mrs. Christine and some other professional painters volunteered to organize the session. The students were divided into several groups and were taught to paint. Ms. Stella and GLM members Mr. Hubert, Mrs. Sharmila and Ms. Nancy were also present to help. The organizers provided snacks after the session for the more than 145 children who participated.Bangalore - painting 1 Bangalore - painting 2 Bangalore - painting 3 Bangalore - painting 4 Bangalore - painting 5 Bangalore - painting 6

The Lord Provides for His Children

Bangalore - Annual Day 2Bangalore – The Oratory’s Annual Day was celebrated on March 2nd with our General Superior, Fr. Alphonso Crippa, Provincial Superior, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, councilors Fr. Charlton, Fr. Dennis Webber, Fr. Kulandai and many religious. The chief guests were Honorable MLA, Mr. Basavaraj, and President Elect of Geddalahalli, Mr. Narayana Swamy. The MLA, at our appeal, promised to request aTechnical Institute to be opened for the young who aspire to continue their studies beyond school. The GLM participated actively by organizing the event and supporting the children in cultural activities.

Each week nearly 200 children age 3-18 participate in the Oratory. They are put into different groups according to their age. The Brothers and GLM members carry out activities like games, moral values, singing, counseling and academics as part of the Evening School. Mr. Tarsius, a GLM member, is a regular teacher in the program; assisting the Brothers with the children in their academics.

A fruitful brainstorming session was followed by some friends and benefactors giving the children notebooks,a pencil box with pencils, erasers, rulers, a school bag and a lunch box; distributing the gifts to 200 children amidst the crowd of some 500 participants. Some also received dictionaries and watches. It is true that the Lord provides for His children. The students were rewarded with prizes for their discipline and good grades by Fr. Soosai. Fr. Crippa was equally delighted to give away gifts to the children and tell them how happy he is with the overall success of the Oratory. The children enjoyed the entertainment, group performances and the many gifts. At the end the children showed their gratitude to everyone for their support, motivation, love and care.Bangalore - Annual Day 1

GYM Reborn

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in Bangalore

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in BangaloreBangalore – On the 171st  birthday of our Founder, December 19th, at Guanella Preethi Nivas the GUANELLIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (GYM) was reborn. It was initiated again, and given new life and vigor by the community. Twenty young boys enrolled as members of GYM. They were once students of the Don Guanella Oratory who are now college age.  The confreres felt the need to guide them after the oratory as they are at a time of need for guidance in different spheres.  They were happy to join the movement and collaborate with our services, expressing their desires on inauguration day. Fr. Gnanaraj headed the informal inaugural function with a prayer service, and encouraged them to ‘arise and shine’ in their lives to be better citizens and exemplary members of society. Fr. Adaikalam will lead the group with the assistance of Bro. Joseph. They promised to learn our charism and share in the mission of our Congregation. They will also be trained in sports such as volleyball and basketball to participate in tournaments as Guanellian Youth. Each member received a team uniform to easily identify them as a group. May God and our Founder bless this new endeavor and bring their purpose to fulfillment.

Don Guanella Oratory Celebrates Christmas

Indian children perform a Christmas skit

Indian children perform a Christmas skitBangalore – Preethi Nivas Trust organized a Christmas celebration on December 8th for the children of Don Guanella Oratory and poor children from the neighborhood. Mass was celebrated by the Guanellian fathers with a choir of brothers. Fr. Leo, Sdc delivered an enlightening homily and to the young ones, and various institutions participated, sharing the joy of Jesus with the children. A skit depicting the salvation of mankind from original sin to the birth of Christ was presented by members of the oratory; a folk dance expressing the condition of people who suffer in society was performed by another group. Preethi Nivas Trust shared its joy by distributing food and Christmas gifts to the children. GLM members also joined hands and helped in organizing the cultural events. Around six hundred children from different places and different institutions participated and enjoyed the program including street children from Gunduthoppu and Narayanapura Cross.