Farewell to a Friend

Chennai – The Don Guanella Major Seminary community gave a farewell to Fr. Praveen who has been serving in the community as the assistant director of the Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center. He is transferring to the Mysore formation house. The good children and teachers from DGRC participated in the program, making the event a colorful one. Brothers and teachers from DGRC felicitated Fr. Praveen with flattering words for his admirable services that he rendered to the good children. At the culmination of the program, Fr. Samson thanked him for what he has been to the community for the past two years and presented him a gift.


A Sharing Experience

DGRC Friends - chennai 4 DGRC Friends - chennai 3 DGRC Friends - chennai 2 DGRC Friends - chennai 1Chennai – On August 16th, youth from Veppary spent their valuable time with the good children at Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center. It was an unforgettable day for everyone. That morning some of the youth prepared a meal and organized a cultural program. In between presentations, they conducted various games and awarded prizes. During lunch, they served the good children; happily spending the whole day with them. The good children amazed them with their talents and the youth joined in dancing and singing. At last they gave T-shirts and slippers to the children. The program came to an end on a note of thanksgiving. It was a great witness that the Founder’s words continue to come true.

DGRC Hosts Medical Camp

Chennai – A.C.S Medical College in Chennai conducted a medical camp at Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center on August 26th. There were general doctors and ear, nose and throat specialists. Many parents as well as children benefited greatly from this camp and gave full support in caring for the health of the good children. The doctors were very knowledgeable at treating the sicknesses of the children. The doctors gave assurance that they will continue having medical camps periodically. medical camp - chennai 2 medical camp - chennai 1


DGRC Annual Day celebration

As Long as there are Poor to be Assisted and Distress to be relived our Charity never ends.

Our Special Children are the Living Sacraments.

                                                                                          -St. Luigi Guanella

DGRC Annual Day celebrationChennai – As the sun set and the breeze began to blow, the joyous 15th Annual Day celebration began. The DGRC children, their parents, Guanellian fathers and brothers, chief guests Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the provincial, Mrs. Buavana and Mrs. Vijaya, Special Educators, marched to the entrance to celebrate the event where Fr. Rathinam began by blessing the image of St. Guanella dining with good children, reminiscent of Jesus’ Last Supper. Our Buoni fili, smiling cheerfully, celebrated their success of another year of learning; proving that even amid difficulties one can make life meaningful and successful. Fr. Rathinam, on behalf of his council, congratulated the children and encouraged them to progress in all aspects of their lives. The special chief guest, Mrs. Buavana, addressed the parents and teachers and their role of becoming a stepping stone in the growth of the good children. She asked each person present to discover their abilities and to foster them.  End of the year gifts were given to all the children and prizes were presented to the winners in sports and discipline. What a joy to make a difference in their lives.

Chief guests watch cultural program at DGRC Annual Day event

New Assignments for the Divine Providence Province 2013-14

Fr. A. John Bosco                 Superior of Kumbakonam and Parish Priest of our Lady of Divine Providence Church

Fr. C. Alphonse M. Ligory               Superior of Thalavadi Community

Fr. M. Peter Sebastian      Superior of the Vatluru Community and Guanella Karunalaya Director- Andhra

Fr. S. P. Visuwasam                            Superior of Cuddalore Community and Director of Don Guanella Boys Home

Fr. A. Kulandaisamy                          Superior of Sivagangai Community and Formator of the Postulants

Fr. J. Samson Rajasegaran             Superior of Chennai Community and Rector of DGMS

Fr. R. Gnanaraj                      Superior of Bangalore GPN and Rector of the Philosophate

Fr. A. Adaikalam                  Master of Novices, 1st Councilor -Bangalore GPN

Fr. M. John Paul                    Parish Priest of St. Antony the Hermit Church, Kallathupatti Parish, Dindigul

Fr. P. Peter Joseph                              Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Vatluru, AP and Councilor of Vatluru Community

Fr. S. John Dass                     Director of the Mission in Madurai, 1st Councilor in Sivagangai Community

Fr. R. Lawrence Thambu                In charge of Madurai land development Project and Treasurer & Councilor of Sivangangai Community

Fr.  P. Paul Raj                                       Director of the Mission in Guanella Anbagam and Councilor in Sivagangai Community

Fr. D. Chandra Navis                         Guanella Center Program Director & Councilor in Quezon City Community, Philippines

Fr.  J. David Jayaraj                             Don Guanella Aged Home Director and GPN Community Councilor

Fr. X. Sahaya Rajesh                          1st Councilor and Vice-Rector in DGMS, Chennai

Fr. S. Antony Lourduraj  Director of Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center & Councilor in DGMS community

Fr. M. Dominic Baskar     Treasurer of the DGMS community and Councilor

Fr. C. Lourduraj                    Vocation Promoter and in charge of Youth ministry & Councilor in Cuddalore Community

Fr. I. George Vinsula                         Assistant Director of Don Guanella Boys Home & Councilor in Cuddalore Community

Fr. A. Pravin Vinoth Raj  Formator of Guanella Bhavan and Vatluru Community Councilor

Fr. A. Arul Raj        Treasurer of Guanella Bhavan and Vatluru Community Councilor

Fr. A. John Peter   Assistant Director of Guanella Karunalaya and Treasurer and Councilor of the Vatluru Community

Fr. A. Kanikkai Raj                             1st Councilor and Assistant Director in Thalavadi

Fr. A. Kuriakose                   St. Joseph Roman Province ministry for 3 years

Fr. A. Maria Arokiadoss  Mission Procura in Germany

Fr. M. Praveen Jeba Kumar           St. Joseph Roman Province ministry for 3 years

Fr. A. Louis Baskar                             Provincia Santa Cruz, Brazil ministry for 3 years

Fr.  James Stanly Babu     Licentiate Studies in Rome

Fr. Fortunato Turati         Chaplain for DSMP at Mt. St Joseph – Lake Zurich, IL

Fr. Satheesh Caniton        Vocation Promoter at Pious Union of St. Joseph – Grass Lake, MI

Fr. Paul Oggiooni                Director of the Pious Union of St. Joseph – Grass Lake, MI

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo              Community Superior, St. Louis Center – Chelsea, MI

Dn. A. Antony Samy                           Councilor and Treasurer in Thalavadi

Dn. T. Anandhan                  Diaconal ministry in Washermenpet, Chennai

Dn. J. Arputha Raj                               Diaconal ministry in Kumbakonam & 1st Councilor, Local Administrator

Dn. M. Franklin                    Diaconal ministry in Sivagangai & Councilor and Treasurer in Yesuvanam

Dn. X. Leo Joseph                 Diaconal ministry in Mysore & Formator and Councilor in GPN community

Dn. A. Paul Francis                             Diaconal ministry in Cuddalore Sagayamatha Parish & Councilor in Cuddalore community & Educator in DGBH

Dn. A. Perianayagasamy Diaconal ministry in St. Antony the Hermit Church, Kallathupatti, Dindigul & Local Administrator

Dn. S. Sagayaraj                   Diaconal ministry in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai

Dn. R. Shantham                  Diaconal ministry in Sacred Heart Parish, Vatluru & Councilor in Vatluru Community & Educator –GK

Dn. A. Jegan Patrick                           Madurai mission collaborator & Councilor in Yesuvanam- Sivagangai

Dn. R. Amalorpavanathan             Formator and Treasurer in St. Joseph’s Seminary & Councilor in Cuddalore Community

Dn. A. Bakthiswalagan    Formator in Philosophy & Novitiate and Councilor in GPN Community

Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force in 1950; replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India. It is one of three national holidays in India. The new constitution, as drafted and approved by the Constituent Assembly of India, was mandated to take effect on January 26, 1950–and India became a Republic.

republic day- cuddalore2Cuddalore – St. Joseph Seminary and Don Guanella Boys Home celebrated Indian Republic Day beginning in the morning with Mass to thank and remember all those who worked for the Freedom of India and formulated the constitution. After mass the Indian National Flag was hoisted by the President of local Lions Club. Then there was a Parade, Karate, Yoga and   Human Pyramids exhibited by the seminarians and DGBH. As the crown of all the events, football match was conducted between the Higher Secondary Students of both the Seminary and Boys Home; the Seminary Students were the winners. republic day- cuddalore

Bangalore – To remember the work of our ancestors, Republic day was celebrated at Guanella Preethi Nivas. Fr. Cyriac Malayil S.D.B, Dean of Philosophy at KJC presided over the Mass offered for our nation. After Mass he hoisted the National Flag and inspired the youngsters to be daring; take risks for good cause. Novices performed a patriotic song, Bro. Arun SdC, gave a thundering speech about the present situation in India. Bro. Sachin, the organizer, ended the celebration with a basketball match.republic day bangalore

Chennai – The Republic Day celebration at Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center began with Morning Prayer reflecting the richness and limitations of India. The Holy Mass was celebrated by the superior, Fr. Ligory, in which he emphasized the importance of unity in diversity and human dignity. Followed by Mass, fathers, students of theology and DSMP sisters paid homage to the nation by hoisting the flag. There was a short presentation commemorating the importance of the Republic of India. Bro. Sunil in his message urged everyone to uphold Indian dignity which is rich in culture and spirituality. We shall be always positive, proud and grateful for our God given national identity as Indians.  The celebration came to an end by singing the National Anthem.republic day chennai

DGRC Celebrates Christmas

christmas in chennaiChennai – A Baby of joy and happiness was born in the lives of the special children of Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center on December 22nd. Along with the provincial superior, formators from various communities, Theology students, staff, students and their parents at DGRC celebrated Supposed Christmas. The crib decoration for the baby Jesus brought the mood of Christmas; making the exuberant children leap with joy. Fr. Soosai Rathinam celebrated the mass and gave a Christmas message of hope. After the Eucharistic feast the children presented a colorful, cultural program. Everyone stayed to enjoy the fellowship meal.

‘Good Children’ Have Talent

Chennai – On November 16th, Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center hosted ‘Sports Day’ for the differently-abled persons from the area. More than 300 disabled boys and girls participated in the many competitions designed to reveal the hidden talents of their innocent hearts. The Sports day brought harmony in the hearts of Good Children and fascinated all of us. The following week, the children of DGRC School participated in the Cultural Competitions at Jeeva Nadi, NGO. It was a joyful event to perform dances and showcase their precious talents. District level games were held on November 21st for the disabled children in Thiruvallur by the Tamil Nadu Government. Many of our children participated and swept the prizes; some have advanced to State Level Competition scheduled for December 3rd.

Feast of St. Louis Guanella

Fr. Soosai Rathinam performs miracle of Consecration at founder's feast

Fr. Soosai Rathinam performs miracle of Consecration at founder's feastChennai – The first Canonization Anniversary of St. Guanella is solemnly celebrated by Don Guanella Major Seminary along with the ‘good children’ of the Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center. The community had a spiritual preparation by TRIDUUM prayers involving, Guanellian sisters, lay-collaborators and the beneficiaries. On October 24th the feast was celebrated with  High Mass presided by Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam.  Many neighboring priests and women religious joined to thank the Lord and rejoice in Him with the Guanellians.  Fr. Rathinam gave a short history of the Founder and explained that St. Guanella is a pro-life manand Father of the poor.The followers of Guanella continue his mission giving life to those who are distressed and troubled. The whole community was grateful to God for the abundant blessings throughout the past year and recommended their prayers for the growth of the congregation. The celebration came to an end with a joyful fellowship meal.

The Joy of Giving to DGRC

Indian school children give gifts to Developmentally disabled children

Indian school children give gifts to Developmentally disabled childrenChennai – The government schools of the Thiruvallur District celebrated “The Joy of Giving Week”.  This “festival of philanthropy” aims to engage people through “acts of giving” – money, time, resources and skills – connecting the corporate, NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public. To raise awareness of disparities between the rich and poor, the visit of the mainstream school children from Bon Secours Middle School to the special school at Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center gave hope to those being served. The 9-12 year old visitors appeared a little nervous when they first met the ‘good children.’ Still, they carried small gifts in their tender hands to joyfully present to the special children of Don Guanella Special School. To their surprise no child opened the gift to see what was inside. They were happy to show the bright packages to the teachers, brothers and priests. The Director asked, “What you are going to give in return to these children who are smaller than you?”  “We will offer song and dance!” they joyfully replied.


The Joy of Giving Week is celebrated every October as a part of ‘Gandhi Jayanthi,’ The Birth Day of Mahatma Ghandhi – the Father of the Nation of India.