Feast Day Festival

E. Providence – Sacred Heart Parish celebrated its patron feast this year with a fun, family festival June 12-14th. It is a great time for everyone who comes out, they can enjoy carnival games, food, friendship and of course encounters with Christ. The Knights of Columbus lead a procession of the Blessed Sacrament through the neighborhood surrounding the church after Sunday Mass.parish feast procession 2 parish feast procession parish feast festival 1

Receiving Holy Communion

E. Providence – Sacred Heart Parish celebrated First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 3, 2015. Approximately 20 young boys and girls received the Eucharist of the Lord for the first time. Sandy Duarte helped to prepare the children to receive their sacraments. Fr. Silvio De Nard, SdC celebrated the Mass, joyfully giving them the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time.
Let us continue to pray for these youngsters as they look forward to many years of meeting Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.at the altar 11st Communion Sacred Heart

A Celebration of Service

E. Providence – The Diocese of Providence held a Religious Jubilee Celebration at Holy Family Parish/St. Joseph Church in Pawtucket on Sunday, April 26th. Forty women and men religious were honored for their anniversaries of 25, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 years of religious life. Sr. Nancy McLennon, DSMP was among those celebrating their 50th Anniversary at the event. Mass was celebrated followed by a reception for the honorees and their families. IMG_5179 IMG_5154

Preparing to Meet the Lord

E. Providence – In preparation for the sacred day they will meet the Lord in the Eucharist, the First Communicants participated in a Banner Night at Sacred Heart School in early April. Families gathered to create a lamb to use at First Penance and a banner which will decorate the church on their special day. Please pray for these children as they receive these sacraments for the first time in May. IMG_6604IMG_6568

Experiencing the Stations

E. Providence – Each year on Fridays during Lent, the students of Sacred Heart School pray the Stations of the Cross. Eighth graders portray Jesus and Simon of Cyrene as they follow Fr. Silvio around the church to each Station as it is prayed. All of the other students follow along in prayer books throughout the devotion. It is a simple way to draw the children more fully into the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ.Stations 3 Stations 2 Stations 1

A Celebration of Saints

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E. Providence – The first grade students of Sacred Heart School began preparations in early December for the annual Christmas Pagaent. Each child prepared a costume to represent the Holy Family, angels, shepherds and the Magi. On December 22 the pagaent was presented to the school community in the beautiful parish church. Fr. Silvio DeNard celebrated Mass before the performance began. The children were struck with awe and joy to be a part of the true story of Christmas.

Students Return to Sacred Heart School

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E. Providence – As summer began to fade, the halls of Sacred Heart School once again prepared for the students to arrive on their first day, September 3rd, which was kicked off with an opening of school Mass. Students and teachers filled the church as Fr. Silvio DeNard celebrated Mass and bestowed blessings upon the teachers. Everyone is looking forward to another great year.

Parish Feast Celebrated

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E. Providence – Sacred Heart Parish celebrated its patron Feast June 14-15th. Saturday’s festivities started after 5pm Mass until 10 p.m. There were games, an auction, and Portuguese and American Food. After the 11am Mass on Sunday there was a procession around the neighborhood with the Blessed Sacrament. The participants recited the rosary. Some parish children, including members of the First Communion class, carried the big rosary and parishioners carried statues of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Fatima as well as the Holy Spirit Flag, a Portuguese tradition. Fr. Silvio, Fr. Peter, and the Provincial Council were present. The procession was followed by a day of games, food, and fun for all ages.

Preparing to Recieve the Lord

E. Providence – In order to be properly  prepared to receive their First Holy Communion, several children  made a formal profession of Faith. Fr. Silvio DeNard conducted a special ceremony in church with the assistance of Sr. Nancy McLennon DSMP.

Lenten Devotions

E. Providence – Each Friday during Lent the children of Sacred Heart School prayed the Stations of the Cross. The children took turns reading the prayers as Fr. Silvio ‘walked’ the Stations. An eighth grade student, dressed as Jesus, carried the cross around the church in remembrance of Christ’s Way of the Cross.