Sacred Heart Parish- A New Chapter

Fr. Silvio and Bishop Rober Evans during the entrance procession

E. Providence – The evening of October 27th opened, after 25 years, a new chapter for the Servants of Charity in E. Providence, Rhode Island. Fr. Silvio DeNard, at a 5:00pm Eucharistic Liturgy presided by Bishop RobertFr. Silvio and Bishop Rober Evans during the entrance procession Evans, Auxiliary Bishop of Providence, was installed as the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.  Present to concelebrate the Mass were Fr. Luigi DeGiambattista, Fr. Peter DiTullio, Fr. David Stawasz, and Fr. Dennis Weber as well as the new pastor.

The bishop, after the greeting of the Mass, thanked Fr. Peter for his commitment, dedication and care for the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish these last 25 years. He then thanked the Servants of Charity for continuing to assume the pastoral care of the parish and for assigning Fr. Silvio to carry on that pastoral care. The bishop’s homily centered on the image of the Good Shepherd and he called on Fr. Silvio, as shepherd of Sacred Heart Parish, to a “leadership of service” and a “service of leadership.” Fr. Silvio, in his remarks at the end of Mass, spoke of how happy he is to be the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish and saw that his main role as pastor is to “guide his parishioners to heaven.”

This new chapter for the parish will see two committed and dedicated Servants of Charity who model “walking in the footsteps” of Fr. Guanella “by ways of the heart” and who will lead the People of God at Sacred Heart Parish to the realization of being a “Samaritan Parish.”