English Academy in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City – Fr. Felicks teaches Basic English to the initiation students in our house, to the students at the Franciscan Missionary sisters(FMM) and to some students of Benhai Church. An English Academy program was organized to hone and show off English speaking skills and singing English songs. Altogether 25 students participated in the English Academy. The judges were Br. Hoang, SdC; Sr. Vy, FMM and Mrs. Judith who is originally from the Philippines. Our Initiation students benefited from the program because it was the first one organized in our community to display their speaking and singing talents. The students who performed well received gifts. The event ended with a small agape meal and time of sharing.


Talents Revealed at English Academy

Mysore – The Preethiya Sevakaru formation house held English Academy on Jan 18th. Fr. Charles Pro, the rector of Kopaka Minor Seminary, adorned the occasion. Johnson and David Kumar delivered speeches on friendship and joint family. James presented a solo dance, while Charles exhibited his singing talent. The program was emceed by John Sagayaraj. In his presidential address Fr. Charles congratulated and encouraged the candidates and gave his choicest blessings.Mysore 1

“My Favorite Scientist”

Boys Home  (3)Cuddalore – The Inauguration of English Academy was held at Don Guanella Boys Home on July 14th. Following the theme, three students spoke about their own favorite scientist: Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, Thomas Alva Edison and Sir Isaac Newton. Students presented the hard work of the scientists who did not give up their interests in achieving their goals. Poverty and failure were not stumbling stones for their achievements. This academy makes the students move forward in their life. The priests also encouraged the students to be like Abdul Kalam who always dreamed to succeed and be like Isaac Newton, who saw the scientific meaning in all things. The conclusion was let us not be worried about our failures rather let us be happy about that which could help us make history. As Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”Boys Home  (1)