New Wine in New Wineskins

Chennai – How wonderful it is to rejuvenate oneself with the energy that is passed on by our Holy Mother Church! In accordance with the formative program of Don Guanella Major Seminary, the Second Annual Don Mimi Theological forum was held on November 29th under the leadership of Bro. Raja Rathinam. The topic “New Wine in New Wineskins,” was inspired by a famous Church document given by Pope Francis to the Congregation of Consecrated Life. There were different speakers to present the topics of the document from different perspectives. Fr. Periyanayagam, Vice Rector, was the chief guest of the day; helping the forum by clarifying the doubts raised by the brothers. Fr. Samson, Rector, was also present and helped the forum with his insights to be a better person during formation. The forum also included evaluations and some entertainment in the form of party games. Overall it was a worthwhile forum in which brothers explored their knowledge of the Church. The forum ended with an expression of thanks proposed by Bro. Praveen.


Poovai Formees Meet

Chennai  – Through the efforts of the formators, the Poovai Formees Meet: A Gathering for all Poonamallee Formation Centers was held on February 4th at Bon Secours Novitiate. The theme was “Year of Consecrated Life” under the meritorious guidance of Sr. Pauline, FBS. She presented the document, ‘Witnesses of Joy,’ saying that we are called to a unique way of life, with its aim and expectations to be prophetic by our way of life from this budding stage onwards. She also mentioned that Consecrated Life is a gift to the Church, born in the Church, grown in the Church and directed to the Church. After the talk the formees were divided into groups and sent for the discussion on our way of life which was followed by creative group presentations. The event ended with dinner.

Formators Meeting

Bangalore – The Formatters of the Indian communities gathered at Guanella Preethi Nivas for meetings January 21-22nd focusing on the Human Dimension of the individual candidates. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, Fr. Samson, Rector of Don Guanella Major Seminary, and Fr. Amalorpavanathan, Vice-Rector of St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary, spoke on different themes; The Importance of Human Formation, Graded Formation and Challenges and Ways of Facing the Human Issues. In his presentation, Fr. Amal also added his ideas about formators in the vision of St. Guanella. Group discussions reflected on the questionnaire for graded formation. Two core values were derived from each dimension (human, spiritual, intellectual and charismatic dimension) which are to be essentially practiced at the outset of formation. The outcome of this meeting was meaningful discussions on network among the formators at different levels emphasizing among the unity among the formators and the importance of confidentiality among the confreres. Responding the call of the Superior General and his council to acculturate the Ratio in the local context, the gathered formators have proposed to publish a booklet entitled “Formative Directory of Provinces for India”. Form II (2) Form II (1)