Pilgrimage to Diocesan Shrine

HKSF community on pilgrimage

HKSF community on pilgrimageLegazpi – The sun was shining on August 29th after a few days of heavy rain in Albay. The residents of Harong Kan Sagrada Familia (HKSF) had a long awaited pilgrimage to Our Lady of Salvation. Each year at the feet of the Blessed Mother the residents ask for the grace of spiritual, physical and psychological strength to lead their lives. Upon arrival at the shrine, the whole community; residents, staff, postulants and seminarians led by Fr. Battista Omodei, gathered to pray the rosary. Each person lit a candle for their individual intentions. The pilgrims had lunch and visited the beautiful Mayon volcano. Life, though difficult due to disabilities, is boundless when entrusted to the Blessed Mother.HKSF pilgrims pray

Tribute to Benefactors

HKSF Benefactors Honored

HKSF Benefactors HonoredLegazpi – Can a simple dinner be a tribute to the people who have done great things? It might not be a sufficient show of gratitude, but on August 26th, as STEP celebrated its 10th anniversary, Benefactors at the banquet feastthe director and staff appreciatively honored all the good-hearted benefactors for the success of this program. The dinner began with a brief historical presentation of the activities of STEP over the past ten years, narrated by Fr. Battista Omodei.  He expressed his joy of being present for the blessing of the STEP building and the subsequent activities; he welcomed the guests with gratitude and the event began. Each guest was given a simple souvenir and the book “Father Louis Guanella a Priest from the Mountain Father of the Poor.” It was a tribute to the benefactors not only for their financial contributions to the program but because they have become part of the family running it. They promised to continue their support in all possible ways.

First Fruits from Vietnam

Fr. Battista welcomes postulants

Fr. Battista welcomes postulantsLegazpi – The Catholic Church celebrated the great feast of John the Baptist on July 24th; it is also a day of special remembrance for the Servants of Charity. On the Patron Feast of his parish, St. John the Baptist, St. Louis Guanella experienced a beautiful vision. He was happily eating some candy, being reminded by the church bell that Mass was to begin. He was trying to hide the candy in a pile of wood. An old man clapped his hands and asked for the candy; St. Guanella was humiliated by being caught and ran away. Later he himself would say, “To me, it was a vision. That poor little old man was showing me the path I was to walk in the future”. On this same solemnity, two aspirants from Vietnam, John Ly Tan Thien and Joseph Pham Dinh Khiet, were accepted into postulancy. Fr. Battista, superior of the Legazpi community, warmly welcomed and received them. These two young men have chosen the path on which they will walk. The seed sown in the field of Vietnam is now sprouting. Let us thank God for the seeds and the people who sowed it in good soil.