It’s Time To Internalize Fr. Guanella’s Paternal Inheritance

St. Guanella and the mountains

St. Guanella and the mountainsThe Centennial birth of our Founder, St. Louis Guanella, into heaven opens up a new horizon in the history of the Guanellian family. When a father of a family passes away, children are sad and miss their father. After a period of time, they return to the normal functions of life. At this juncture, children have to inculcate four elements: to internalize the paternal inheritance; to take up responsibility; to reconstruct unfinished works of the father and to serve the mother which, for the Servants and the Daughters, are the Congregations.
These four elements are essential in developing our Congregation and our Province.
First, to internalize the paternal inheritance means every son and daughter has to ask himself or herself- Do I really know the father? Do I understand the spirit of the father? Do I realize that I am his son or daughter who is called by God to do something specific in this world? The risk would be not understanding the spirit and inheritance of the father and not belonging to the family. Therefore, every son and daughter of Father Guanella should have a thirst to know his Spirit, Charism and Mission which are given to the Congregations.
Second, to take up responsibility means today, we, the Guanellians, have to respond to the signs of the times in line with the Church. We are no longer on the shoulder well protected by Father Louis Guanella. We are given the difficult task of discerning deeply the need of the people, and certainly the Spirit does not leave us alone on this journey, but we must ensure the poor that we will not disappoint them in their expectations.
Third, to reconstruct unfinished works left by the father means Father Louis Guanella had not done everything which he wanted. What did he want? It is in suspense yet it is outstanding. He not only left thousands of disabled children, orphans, sick and elderly persons in our homes, but also his deepest desires which are from God. Therefore, we are not called to put up our own structure but rather the project of the Founder given to the Congregation.
Fourth, to serve the mother means to serve the congregations (the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence). Thanks to her, we were born and we received what belongs to the family. Now she needs our love and our contribution. What can we do for our mother who is the congregation? Let us serve her with commitment. During this centennial celebration, we need to display a special love to our Father Guanella and to our Mother, the Congregation and the Church.
He left, in the sight of all, the story of his call; the charism which is the gift of God; the mission in various fields; a method of prayer and relationships; some emerging trends and also a certain climate to guard the homes. We are called to relive the Charism and Mission with Saint Louis Guanella.
During the centennial celebration we, the sons and daughters of Father Guanella, are called to transmit these things into the world, especially to the countries of the USA, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India, where we work in the name of Saint Louis Guanella and also it is time for us to mark this historical event to take up more missions on new soil.
Fr. Soosai Rathinam


Postulants Enter

Sivagangai - postulants 2Sivagangai – Yesuvanam accepted four candidates to the community on August 12th. To prepare, the postulants spent an hour in Adoration. That afternoon the confreres gathered near the gate and the Candidates stood outside. When they knocked, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, opened the door and welcomed them. Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Soosai followed. After communion, Fr. Soosai blessed Crosses and gave one to each postulant. Other area dignitaries were also on hand with gifts and congratulations. The local Superior thanked everyone for their prayers and presence at the event. The occasion ended with a festive meal.

Centennial Celebration

Bishop Boyea at PUSJChelsea – Confreres in the United States are excitedly preparing for the upcoming visit of the Superior General and the Provincial Superior. In addition to the typical annual assemblies, this year promises to be memorable as the Congregation is celebrating the Centennial of the Birth into Heaven of the Founder. The priests and staff of the Communications Office are planning an event to commemorate the anniversary and give birth to a new movement of the Guanellian charism in Michigan. Mass will be celebrated at St. Mary Parish in Chelsea MI by Bishop Earl Boyea of the Diocese of Lansing on September 19th. During the Mass, a group of around 50 laypeople are planning to make their Promises as Guanellian Cooperators. The celebration will include time of fellowship and the sharing of a meal in thanksgiving to God for the gift of St. Louis Guanella.

The Listening of Providence: Guanellians Visit the Solomon Islands

SAM_6568A fraternal invitation to visit the Pacific Islands was extended by Bishop Luciano Capelli of the Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands. Gradually the dream of visiting the fifth continent, where Guanellians are not yet present, has become a reality. On August 1, 2015, Fr. Luigi De Giambattista, General Councilor of the Servants of Charity, made the long trip to Honiara, the capital where he met with the Salesians and Archbishop Adrian Thomas Smith. “I received a warm welcome from simple people,” said Fr. Luigi. “New cultures met, with English as a common language to facilitate communication thanks to Bishop Capelli.”
On August 3rd, Fr. Luigi took a one hour flight to the Diocese of Gizo where he was joined by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior of the Divine Providence Province. “I felt at home,” wrote Fr. Luigi. “St. Guanella is blessing the poor even on this continent. We are listening to Providence. I celebrated Mass in a parish that is led by a young Vietnamese Salesian missionary. There are also Italian, Filipino, Indian, Bangladeshi and Burmese missionaries among the Dominican and Marist brothers. The church here is in great need of the witness of Charity.”
“The meeting was peaceful, happy and full of faith. Thank you for sending your representatives here,” Bishop Capelli wrote in a letter to Fr. Alfonso Crippa, Superior General of the Servants of Charity, continuing, “We are enriched with their precious thoughts and their example. We hope to become the fifth continent for the Servants of Charity.”

Priestly Ordination

Cuddalore - Ordination 2Cuddalore – On August 22nd, the Guanellian family thanked the Almighty for anointing another 8 men to serve His vineyard following in the footsteps of our holy Founder St. Louis Guanella. These candidates presented themselves before the Church and Most Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar the Archbishop of Pondy-Cuddalore conferred the Sacrament of Holy Orders upon them. Rev. Fr. Louis, Episcopal Vicar for Religious, preached the homily inviting the newly ordained priests to represent Jesus to the people as Jesus represented the Father. Rev. Fr. Umberto, Vicar General, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, Guanellian fathers and sisters, parents, benefactors and good children were present for this Guanellian Family celebration. After the Mass the candidates thanked the Congregation, major superiors, formators and others for their trust and support throughout their years of formation. The guests were served lunch after Mass on the campus of St. Joseph’s Seminary.

Ensure Good Health…

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, SdC

Today there is a tendency to say “eat more and stay slim” and not worry about one’s own health while consuming a lot of junk food. Man is what he eats; therefore health is the state of being physically and mentally healthy. Living in good health does not mean just the absence of illness, but serenity within oneself and having a peaceful, relaxed and orderly life.
Father Guanella, in his writing “Maxims of Spirit and Method of Action”- Come- with-me, talks about food and its moderation: “As for food, it is good to choose the quality of food and drink that best suits the health of our soul and also of our body.”
It is essential to listen to the body- when to feed it, when to work and when to rest. I would like to quote the religious dietary restriction of Buddha’s five contemplations while eating, in which followers ask themselves: 1. What is this food? 2. Where does it come from? 3. Why am I eating it? 4. When should I eat and benefit from this food? and 5. How should I eat?
It is worth mentioning the wisdom of Father Guanella “Food and drink are necessary to sustain the body, which is the vase of our soul and the servant of our spirit therefore spiritual people approach food and drink as objects dangerous for their soul, and use them as a sword to cut and not to be cut.” In the personal and community project, we have to keep in mind equilibrium while everyone should avoid working in a disorganized fashion. Therefore let us pay attention to avoid mediocre living, control our attitudes, habits, stress and depression; by eating a healthy diet we can moderate and maintain a healthy weight and thus we could prevent disease and maintain good health.
September 8th, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is also commemorated as the feast of our Lady of Good Health, in Vailankanni, known as “The Lourdes of the East.” May she protect all of us and ensure good health of body and mind.

Fr. Soosai Rathinam

A Man without Education is a like a Building without a Foundation!

Chennai – With the Blessings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Don Guanella Evening School had its inaugural function on June 12th. The event began with an angelic prayer dance by the little girls of the school. The chief guests, Rev. Fr. Soosai Rathinam and Rev. Fr. Samson, were welcomed by the charming smiles and applause of the children. The program continued with colorful dances and melodious songs of the children, who exhibited their talents with full enthusiasm. In his presidential address Fr. Soosai Rathinam spoke about the motive of the Evening School program and asked the children be mindful of their studies, strive hard to achieve their goals in their daily lives and be prepared to face the challenges of this competitive world. He also explained the importance of the Guanellian education; education not only as a matter of the mind but also a matter of the heart. And the Guanellian education should be comprised of three essential elements: the teachings of spirituality, morality and intellectual capabilities. He thanked the staff for their generous service to the students for the previous academic year and warmly welcomed the staff and Bro. Vijay to lead the new academic year in a successful manner. Notebooks were distributed to the children by the chief guests and they also enjoyed snacks. The program ended with a hymn to St. Guanella.

Chennai - Evening School 2 Chennai - Evening School 1

New Pastor Installed

Cuddalore – A new parish priest was installed at the first Guanellian parish in India on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi June 6th. Representing the Bishop Vicar Forene, Rev. Fr. Antoni Raj, presided over the installation ceremony; renewing the baptismal promises of and appointing Fr. A. Periyanayaga Samy as pastor of Sagaya Matha parish. Rev. Fr. A. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, Rev. Fr. Visuwasam, Provincial Councilor, were also present. Many Guanellian priests and the Christian faithful of the parish took part in the installation ceremony. After Mass, farewells were offered to Rev. Fr. S. Periyanayaga Samy, previous pastor, and parishioners welcomed the new pastor. During the program Fr. Soosai formally welcomed the new pastor and thanked Fr. S. Periyanayaga Samy for his selfless service to the parish.Cuddalore - new parish priest 2

First Vows of Bro. Khiet

ProfessionSaigon – Servants of Charity in Vietnam give glory to God for the first Vietnamese student, Bro. Khiet, who made his first vows in Legazpi on May 31, 2015. It was Trinity Sunday and the Feast of Visitation. Fr. Felicks and Fr. Jerin from Vietnam attended this graceful event. Bro. Khiet professed his vows with Bro. Rojer. Fr. Rathinam, Provincial Superior, accepted their vows during the Eucharistic celebration. In the same Mass Bro. Hoang entered the Novitiate with a Filipino student, Bro. Dfs. May God bless their adventurous journey in the Guanellian religious life.

Annual Day at Don Guanella Special School

Chennai  – On April 7th the D.G.S.S. family celebrated Annual Day. The chief guests were Fr. Soosai Rathinam and Mr. Inigo Irudayaraj, Chairmen of Christian Goodwill Commission. The students exhibited their talents in various aspects; singing, dancing, telling rhymes, and acting social message through mime. The parents’ participation also added a color to the program. Imran, a good child, listed 50 common facts correctly. All were amazed at his ability. To end the program, dinner was provided to all the invitees.

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