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Sivagangai 3Sivagangai  – In the presence of Fr. Soosai, Provincial Superior, St. Vincent de Paul members from the Andichiurani parish donated a parallel pad for use at Guanella Anbagam Special School. That day there was a GLM gathering followed by holy Mass. In the evening the community had a meeting with Fr. Soosai. So, Fr. Soosai’s visit was a holistic one, because it included the meeting of the Confreres, special children and the GLM members.


“Well Begun is Half Done”

Bangalore GYM 2Bangalore GYM 1Bangalore – With the Blessings of the Heavenly father and prayers of our founder, on July 15th the Guanellian Lay Moment went to visit the poor and needy of the surrounding villages of Geddalahalli and Gunduthopu. With the guidance of Fr. Gnana Raj, the Superior, and Fr. Bakthis, the GLM in-charge, the GLM walked towards the needy brethren whom St. Guanella considered the treasure of his congregation and Christ as the Blessed!
They enjoyed being with the poor and to spend some time with those who say ‘I have no one’ and to know the needs and the difficulties of their daily lives. The GLM also encouraged and comforted them with fraternal dialogue and sharing their own life experiences. By the end of their visit, with hearts like the Good Samaritan, they felt that they contributed something for the welfare of suffering humanity with joy and enthusiasm.

GLM Serving the Least

cudda - the least 2cudda - the leastCuddalore -Inspired by Mr. Christopher, a retired professor, a member of the GLM, and a sponsor of a visit to Nazareth Illam,  and through the motivation of Rev. Fr. Visuvasam, the Superior of the Cuddalore Community, GLM members visited Thalavadi. The group, consisting of 6 men and 6 women, were very impressed and inspired by the service of the Guanellian priests toward the 53 mentally ill patients; serving them with care, concern and dedication. The visitors spent a night and a full day with them serving them and doing some cleaning in and around the campus; they also contributed 10,000 Rupees, 20 kg tamarind and 40 kg dhal.  The patients performed dances and sang songs to entertain us. The time that was spent with them gave the GLM a soulful satisfaction which will be retained throughout their lifetime. Therefore some hope to return to Nazareth Illam and spend a week or even a month serving the patients.  Continual financial, material and physical support was assured. It is a place that should be visited and supported by everyone encouraging the development of the Home.

GLM in Andhra Pradesh

Vatluru – The Feast of St. Joseph gave birth to the Guanellian Lay movement (GLM) in Vatluru. The Guanellian parish, Sacred Heart Church, with its 9 sub- stations has become the locus for its establishment. For the past 10 years Guanellians have been entrusted with the pastoral needs of the people. The Guanellian presence has brought out changes in the ethical and moral values of the people and made CHARITY the center of every activity. The Superior, Fr. Peter Sebastian, and confreres felt it was time to establish the GLM. Invitations were sent to people of five substations, the Guanella Bhavan area and the Minor Seminary to become GLM members. Nearly 30 members attended the inaugural session at Guanella Bhavan. The meeting began by invoking the Lord’s blessings with prayer. A short biographical book on Fr. Guanella was distributed and recommended to read. Fr. Peter spoke of the importance of the GLM and the laity in the Church. He highlighted the changes in the functioning of the Church since Vatican II. The pyramid has become circular, bridging the gap between the religious and laity. Teaching about the GLM, he said that Fr. Guanella started two religious congregations DSMP for women and SdC for men. He started the cooperators as a third order; making the laity members of the Guanellian Family. Therefore, the family would be incomplete without the laity. He thanked them for helping to spread the love of God to the least in society. He encouraged them to work in an organized manner through the GLM. Doubts were clarified and members expressed their happiness to join the GLM. A solemn mass was celebrated by Fr. Charles Borromeo in honor of St. Joseph. The meeting ended with a delicious meal. A similar group was also started at the parish creating two GLM groups for the local Guanellian family.

The Lord Provides for His Children

Bangalore - Annual Day 2Bangalore – The Oratory’s Annual Day was celebrated on March 2nd with our General Superior, Fr. Alphonso Crippa, Provincial Superior, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, councilors Fr. Charlton, Fr. Dennis Webber, Fr. Kulandai and many religious. The chief guests were Honorable MLA, Mr. Basavaraj, and President Elect of Geddalahalli, Mr. Narayana Swamy. The MLA, at our appeal, promised to request aTechnical Institute to be opened for the young who aspire to continue their studies beyond school. The GLM participated actively by organizing the event and supporting the children in cultural activities.

Each week nearly 200 children age 3-18 participate in the Oratory. They are put into different groups according to their age. The Brothers and GLM members carry out activities like games, moral values, singing, counseling and academics as part of the Evening School. Mr. Tarsius, a GLM member, is a regular teacher in the program; assisting the Brothers with the children in their academics.

A fruitful brainstorming session was followed by some friends and benefactors giving the children notebooks,a pencil box with pencils, erasers, rulers, a school bag and a lunch box; distributing the gifts to 200 children amidst the crowd of some 500 participants. Some also received dictionaries and watches. It is true that the Lord provides for His children. The students were rewarded with prizes for their discipline and good grades by Fr. Soosai. Fr. Crippa was equally delighted to give away gifts to the children and tell them how happy he is with the overall success of the Oratory. The children enjoyed the entertainment, group performances and the many gifts. At the end the children showed their gratitude to everyone for their support, motivation, love and care.Bangalore - Annual Day 1

GLM Meeting

Superiors lead GLM Meeting

Sivagangai – The Guanellian Lay Movement gathered at Yesuvanam on February19th. Evening adoration was conducted by Fr. Kulandaisamy, superior of the community. After adoration, the meeting was began with many benefactors participating. When Fr. Crippa spoke about the movement he expressed his happiness. Fr. Gustavo also gave some instructions about the movement. The GLM members asked lots of questions with interest and enthusiasm which were answered by the major superiors. When Fr. Kulandaisamy spoke and expressed his goal of trying to reach around the entire diocese. With the help of the GLM, anything is possible. After the meeting holy Mass was celebrated by our fathers and a simple Agape ended the evening.

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GLM Begins in Cuddalore

GLM officers and Guanellian priest in India

GLM officers and Guanellian priest in IndiaCuddalore – To celebrate the founder’s feast this year in a unique manner, the community decided to establish the Guanellian Lay Movement. At a meeting of volunteers on October 14th, about 17 members attended and offered to lend their co-operation in all endeavors of the  Don Guanella Boys Home. They elected officers: Mr. G. Savari Muthu, president, Mr. R. Susai Raj, secretary and Mr. K.G. Francis, treasurer. The GLM members pledged to contribute towards the feast day dinner as a token of their active participation in the Guanellian mission. The GLM members are very enthusiastic to work with the local Guanellians; promising to promote the Guanellian mission for special people. There is hope that the membership of GLM will likely increase for the cause.