Inauguration of GYM and GSM

Chennai – July 24th was a festive day for Don Guanella Major Seminary with the colorful decorations and sweet music throughout the campus for the inaugural event of both the Guanella Youth Movement (GYM) and the Good Samaritan Ministry (GSM). From various Catholic parishes in Chennai 36 youth participated. Fr. Francis SdC, gave an explanation about each group and its functions. Miss Stella, president of Guanellian Cooperators Bangalore, was the chief guest, addressing the youth in a simple way about our Congregation, her personal experiences doing charity and explaining how the youth can get involved in the mission of St. Guanella. Then many decisions were made in the youth meeting. Through the Good Samaritan Ministry, 70 homeless people ‘who have no one’, were brought to DGMS, as on all Sundays, and were given food, clothing and medical care. Thus their needs of mind, body, and soul were satisfied. As a result of the event, everyone was filled with heavenly joy.