Guanella Anbagam Inaugurates Seventh Year

Sivagangai – Don Guanella Special School, Guanella Anbagam, prepared a special event to kick off the 2016-2017 academic year. Joining current students were many new students to experience Guanellian love and charity. The inauguration of this seventh year was special because of the presence of Fr. Soosai, Provincial Superior, and his Council; the local superior, Fr. Kulandaisamy; superiors from other communities; Fr. Thomas, the spiritual director; and Mrs. Abbatte Guiliana, Vice President of ASCI. After Mass, Fr. Soosai made a gesture of love and gratitude to Fr. Paul Raj, SdC who was the previous director and welcomed Fr. Paul Francis, SdC to succeed him in this ministry of love. The children performed an enthusiastic cultural program which was organized by Fr. Stalin SdC. Yesuvanam brothers and Anbagam children added beauty to the day. “Serving the poor is crowning our soul with a heavenly diadem”.


66th Republic Day

Yesuvanam – On January 26th India celebrated its 66th Republic day. To show our gratitude and respect to the Nation, the Republic Day was celebrated at St. Guanella Anbagam. The chief Guest was Mr. Arockiasamy, Kalaiyarkovial Chairman. In his speech he said, “so many people sacrificed their lives to establish a Republic for our country. So we must also remember and pray for those people who sacrificed their lives for us.” Then he gave sweets to the children. He was happy to celebrate Republic Day here, it was a memorable day in his life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

St. Guanella Anbagam’s New Bus

Yesuvanam – January 24th was a special day at St. Guanella Anbagam. Each special child was very happy because through the continuous hard work of the superior a new bus was delivered. On January 26th, in front of Anbagam all the confreres, staff, benefactors and Special Children watched as the vehicle was blessed by our superior. A new journey for the children is ready to begin. New Bus New Bus 2

DDRWO Visits Anbagam

DDRWO VisitsSivagangai – St. Guanella Anbagam was glad to have a visit from the DDRWO of their District officer. The official visit was on December 11 in view of granting recognition to the school. His visit also included verification of the documents, staffs and sustainability of the school. He visited each classroom and therapy hall too. He was very pleased with all the activities and he made some proposals for the well-being of the school. He was impressed with the activities for the Good children and promised to make the recognition as early as possible. Please pray for a speedy decision.

Deepak’s Birthday

Sivagangai  – On November 20th the birthday of Deepak, a good child, was celebrated.  He used to be called Amul baby because he is so soft and always smiles at everyone. Every year Deepak likes to celebrate his birthday at Anbagam, it makes him very happy, so everyone participated and birthday cake was served. Then Fr. Paulraj prayed over him and the other students rejoiced with Deepak. It was a happy moment for Anbagam to celebrate any child’s birthday. On that day, the therapist and his wife joined the party; they felt happy to see the children.Siva Birth Day Celebration

40 Years Celebrated

sivagangai Birth Day (1)Yesuvanam – On July 10th at St. Guanella Anbagam, Mr. Mahalingam, a man with disabilities,  celebrated his 40th birthday. Deacon Charles and the good children prayed over the birthday celebrant. He was very happy celebrating his birthday by cutting and sharing cake with the children.

Lions Club Visit

sivagngai lions clup (1)Yesuvanam – On  July 6th at Kalaiyarkovil (Sivagangai Supreme Lions Club) the 2014-2015 Administers of the Lions Club officially took charge. The new leader of the club is Mr. John Britto and Secretary Mr. Justin. They were invited to St. Guanella Anbagam to be honored for their social works in the local area. And they appreciated our valuable service towards the special people in and around Kalaiyarkovil. Fr. Paul Raj, Director of St. Guanella Anbagam, organized the event. The Lions Club sponsored two wheel chairs for our special people.

Christ is Born

Christmas at Guanella Anbagam

Christmas at Guanella AnbagamSivagangai – December begins the season of winter; everywhere there will be snow fall. For Christians December is the season of joy and everywhere there will be celebrations.  On December 20th Guanella Anbagam celebrated the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ with the sisters of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit school sisters, teachers, and the children came to Anbagam. They performed dances, meaningful skits and melodious songs for the special children to enjoy. To show their love they gave gifts to our children. Fr. Kulandaisamy and Fr.Paulraj spoke about the Guanellian life style. At the end, little angels distributed Christmas cake to all the good children.

“Be Proud to be an Indian”

Indian Dignitaries hoist flag

Indian Dignitaries hoist flagSivagangai – India celebrates Independence Day on August 15th and  Anbagam was privileged to celebrate with the Provincial Superior, 12 new priests, Guanellian Fathers, Sisters, special children, political leaders, Guanellian Lay Movement, benefactors, teachers and staff. D.M.K. District secretary, Mr. Sakthi, hoisted the national flag and delivered a speech. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, provincial superior, also shared his thoughts. Fr. Paul Arockia Raj and Mr. Sebastian provided snacks for the children and the program ended by singing the National Anthem.

Classes Begin at Anbagam

Indian priesta and poor beneficiaries

Indian priests celebrate MassSivagangai – On June 26th Don Guanella Anbagam, a school for special people, was re-opened after summer holidays by the power of the Holy Spirit. Honorable chief guest Mr. Arockia Samy, Chairman of Kalayarkovil, Fr. Soosai distributes the Eucharist lighted the traditional kuthuvilaku and gave a speech. He said, “I am very happy to be with these children, and I admire the ministry the Guanellian fathers are doing for the people of Kalayarkovil and Sarugani.” He compared the Guanellian fathers to Mother Teresa by seeing their works. He affirmed his cooperation in the care of these special children.  The Anbagam director, Fr. Paul Raj, Fr. Kulandai, superior, and the Madurai and Yesuvanam confreres attended the ceremony and the Mass that followed. Classes began after the ceremonies.Indian priesta and poor beneficiaries