Boys go to Gunadala

Vatluru – On October 9th the boys of Guanella Karunalaya went on pilgrimage to Gunadala, the Marian Shrine at Vijayawada about 60 kms away. The pilgrimage began at Sacred Heart Parish with prayer. The boys and their guides made their journey by train. Fr. Bernandas, Fr. Christuraj, Fr. Bala and Deacon Rambabu accompanied them. The pilgrimage was a grace filled one since the boys prayed the Rosary at the shrine, Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Christuraj and the boys had a Calvary journey to reach the hill top where the Blessed Mother appeared. “The little child lets himself be gently guided by his mother’s voice,” St. Guanella. The boys were overjoyed to spend time with Mary.


Visit of the Sister

Vatluru – It was a great joy that the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence visited the boys of Guanella Karunalaya at the beginning of the school year. They encouraged the boys to study well. The students performed dances and displayed their talents. A meal was shared and the evening enjoyed. It was a memorable day for the boys. If you visit, you will also be filled with joy

New Year, New Faces

Andhra Pradesh – Guanella Karunalaya Boys Home reopened after summer holidays on June 15th. There are 16 incoming students, including some HIV positive boys, bringing the total to 40 boys who are happy and enthusiastic about the new scholastic year. Special attention is given to study, health, games and spirituality. Manual work is also being taught. We would like the focus this year to be more on discipline, sincerity and punctuality. They easily made friends, but due to homesickness they went home for a week. They returned in time to celebrate the director’s birthday; performing cultural programs, singing, skits and dances. Charity is not lacking for us. A benefactor offered t-shirts for them. Another offered some study materials. Please pray for them and for a promising future.

Boys Home Hosts Celebration

Vatluru – The Vatluru Tuition Center held its Annual Day function on March 22nd at Guanella Karunalaya. The event began with a prayer dance by little children. Priests from the house were invited as chief guests and the boys of Karunalaya also participated. Children performed very well. School bags and exam pads were provided as annual gifts to them. Mrs. Shantha Kumari, the teacher, had prepared the children for the program.

Gratitude for Graces Received

Vatluru – Guanella Karunalaya is flooded with gratitude for everyone who helped build a new kitchen for the community. The work began with enthusiasm, struggles ensued in the process, but fortitude triumphed in the end. As a token of our gratitude we thank Fr. Joseph Rinaldo who helped with funding for the new kitchen. We also thank each and everyone for the extra support, it was certainly worthwhile. This new kitchen will be useful for the confreres, elderly, and orphanage boys.

Parent Conferences

Vatluru – Fr. Peter Sebastian organized a meeting for the students of Guanella Karunalaya on October 19th. The main purpose was to create a platform, where the priests, staff and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss a variety of issues regarding the overall development of the students. The meeting began with the prayer song and a welcome address by Fr. Shantham. Then students of seventh standard performed a dance which brought joy to everyone present. The students articulated their experience of their stay in Guanella Karunalaya. Parents were invited to share their feelings about the students and the institution. Then Fr. Peter Sebastian addressed the gathering; encouraging parents to keep in close contacts with the school and inquiring about the performance, the contentment or the behavior of their son. The meeting ended with individual conferences with the parents. The support and commitment of parents is vitally important for everyone involved in the growth of these children.

The Italian Volunteers

Vatluru - Italian volunteersVatluru  – August is always unforgettable for the boys of Karunalaya as volunteers from Italy visit the community and stay for the entire month. This year two Italian volunteers, Olga and Carolina, returned; Olga for the third time, and Carolina for a second. The boys were happy to have their lovable elder sisters back and were taken up by their love and presence with them. Olga and Carolina were continuously available to entertain the boys with games, songs, dancing and painting. They arranged a bus for a day trip to Samaldevi where the whole community enjoyed visiting the shrine of Mary and swimming in the sea. They also took the boys to a movie theater. They provided the boys school uniforms, toiletries and other basic needs. Moreover, with the help of other volunteers, they collected Rs. 54,000 to purchase a new sound system for Guanella Karunalaya.

Visitors at Guanella Karunalya

VATLURU  – Chiara and Giulia , volunteers from Italy, spent their vacation at Guanella Karunalaya. They had a good time with the boys here because they had visited the house previously. Their mere presence made the children happy. They spent much of their time with the boys and the parish children; entertaining them by dancing, singing and other activities like drawing. They brought dresses and slippers for the children and even arranged a picnic in Samaldeevi. On another day, they took the children to an exhibition and a movie theater.vatluru 1

Installation of Confreres

Priests in India celebrate Mass

Priests in India celebrate MassVatluru – Before the new scholastic year in Andra Pradesh began, the Divine Providence Province made some personnel changes. On June 9th, Fr. Soosai Rathinam arrived to officially install community members into their new offices; Fr. Kulandai Samy as Superior, Fr. Charles as Vice-Superior, Fr. Peter as Treasurer and Formator of Guanella Bhavan,  Fr. James as Vice-Parish Priest, Bro. Christuraj as Regent of Guanella Karunalaya and Bro. Abraham as Regent of Guanella Bhavan. Fr. Kuriakose, who served as Superior, was transferred to Thalavadi. The confreres were formally introduced to the faithful on June 10th, the feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, by Fr. Soosai Rathinam during the Eucharistic celebration.