Feast of St. Anne

Kumbakonam – It was a great joy for our Guanella Nagar Parish to celebrate the feast of St. Anne at the Santhanalpuram substation. The feast began on July 17th with flag raising by Rev. Fr. M. Stanislaus, Director, Sacred Heart Hospital, and solemn Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gnanaprakasam V. G of Thanjavur. During his homily he said that the parents of our Mother Mary were simple people of great hope.
During ten days of novena, there were Rosaries, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Mass, celebrated by different priests from the different places of the diocese of Kumbakonam and religious priests. On the eighth day of the Novena a special devotion was offered to St. Paul the Hermit, and Rev. Fr. S. Felix Samuel, Secretary of Family Commission, gave a reflection on reconciliation, peace and unity that God alone could give. After Holy Mass, Annathanam (Fellowship meal) was provided for more than two thousand people from all over, which was followed by a light music program.
The culmination of the celebration was on July 25th. Rev. Fr. Eugin Tony, Parish Priest of Vadakkalur presided over the High Mass, and Rev. Fr. A. John Bosco, SdC, blessed the car procession afterwards. The car, carrying the statue of St. Anne, was taken around the streets of the substations. On the following day, Rev. Fr. Visuwasam, SdC, Superior of the Cuddalore community, celebrated the feast day Mass and said in his reflection, “we thank our grandparents for their prayer and good example and reminded us that the wonderful thing about being a grandparent is that it never ends.” The flag was lowered signaling the end of the celebration. Thanks to the guidance of the parish priest Fr. A. John Bosco, SdC, and Fr. M. Vincent, Assistant P.P SdC, as well as Bro. Kalaikovan, Sr. Christy and Sr. Kumari this celebration was beautiful and meaningful, through the intercession of St. Anne.


Parishioners Receive Indulgence

Kumbakonam – In the month Our Lady of the Rosary and the Holy Founder, the Guanellian Family from Divine Providence Parish went on pilgrimage to Cuddalore to receive the Plenary Indulgence. On October 17th the 100 pilgrims set out, stopping at Laity Retreat Center, Pappakudi, for coffee and biscuits, arriving at St. Joseph’s Seminary for breakfast. The pilgrims then went to Sagaya Matha Parish, Samupillai Nagar, for confession and Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Visuwasam. Fr. Maria Paul preached the homily, speaking about the Founder’s activities and the meaning of Indulgence. After Mass, the Cuddalore GLM served tea and cake to the pilgrims before they left for Our Lady of Saleth Shrine, Varadarajanpet. They arrived at the shrine to pray for the intercession of Mother Mary before heading back to Guanella Nagar Parish. Everyone enjoyed the experience and truly felt the guiding hands of Our Lady of Saleth and St. Louis Guanella.

Centennial Celebration

Kumbakonam – It was a great joy for Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish, Bethany Home, DSMP – St. Luigi Illam, Guanella Nagar and St. Francis de Sales, Kuttalam to celebrate the Centennial of St. Luigi Guanella and the Year of Consecrated Life. Msgr. A. Packiasamy, Vicar General, celebrated Holy Mass. After the gospel all the priests and religious came forward to recite the prayer of commitment and receive a blessing from the Vicar General. Then Fr. Soosai Rathinam, SdC, Provincial Superior preached the homily, reflecting on God’s love shared by Fr. Guanella and his famous quotes, “it is God who does and Holiness will save the world.” After Mass the honored guests were given gifts by the DSMP sisters. Msgr. A. Packiasamy gave prizes to the winners of the Bible Quiz. Fr. Soosai Rathinam gave prizes to those who wrote an essay about St. Guanella. Sr. Victoria William DSMP, Indian Delegate, gave gifts to the tuition children. Then Fr. John Bosco, Superior and Parish Priest, gave thanks to everyone who made the event meaningful especially Fr. Vincent, Bro. Kulandai, Regent, Srs. Cristy and Siron. As the Founder said, “Give Bread and the Lord,” we shared the festive lunch with all the parishioners and the guests. St. Guanella continues to intercede for his spiritual children to carry on the charitable missions through their words and deeds.

The Wall that Providence Built

Kumbakonam – The recently established parish council members decided to erect a compound wall. They planned a ceremony to bless the foundation stone on the first anniversary of our newly built church, dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence, on November 26, 2012. The Local Ordinary consented to preside over the celebration.

That evening, the Bishop, Most Rev. F. Antonisamy, D.D., S.T.L. blessed the stones and laid the first stone, followed by parish council members. As the procession entered the church for Holy Mass, the bishop blessed St. Antony’s Statue, donated by parishioners, Mr. Guna and Mrs. Parimala. We all gave thanks to our Provident Father for the marvels He continues to do at Guanella Nagar Parish.

After Mass the parish council thanked the bishop and honored him with a shawl. Receiving the apostolic blessing of the bishop the people of God dispersed and went home praising and thanking our Heavenly Father and St. Guanella, the apostle of the poor.

Our parish is progressing both materially and spiritually. Our Founder would say, “A House will be blessed in a special way when all and every one of its members will be, like busy ants, intent on procuring the moral, spiritual and economic welfare of the House.” Yes, all our parishioners are busy and striving to seek the kingdom of God first and as a consequence see with their own eyes abundant blessings of the Heavenly Father. And we are very happy that our parish is under the wings of Divine Providence, Our Mother.