Feast of Santo Niño

Manila – Annually the Servants of Charity celebrate the feast of St. Niño. The day before the feast, the seminarians went around the area to invite children to come over for the feast. This year the celebration started with a procession on January 15th followed by Holy Mass presided by Fr. Charlton Viray, SdC. About 200 children came to participate. During the homily, Fr. Charlton gave the children some examples of how we should be humble and how easy we should forgive. After Mass, games were arranged for the children. The seminarians and the (GYM) Guanellian Youth Ministry were main facilitators of the games. The children really enjoyed the games and went home smiling. This day was really a celebration for the children.


Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Manila – June 20th was the official opening of the new mission year at Guanella Center with the Mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated by Fr. Charlton Viray. The Mass was attended by special students of Guanella Center with their parents and caregivers, staff, teachers, volunteers, seminarians, and young members of Guanellian Youth Ministry. The homily focused on giving thanks to the Lord for the many blessings that He continues to bestow on the Guanellian family, the importance of making our own personal contribution to the building of unity and cooperation at the Center, and not to tire of sharing our love and compassion to others: especially to the poor and needy.

Youths Attend ‘Love Forum’

Guanellian Youth dancing

Guanellian Youth dancingManila – On February 23rd, 72 youths from different walks of life attended the Love Forum at the Servants of Charity compound. The Love Forum is another group partnered with the Live Pure Movement that advocates purity and chastity especially to the youth. The event began with a doxology by the Guanellian Youth Ministry (GYM). A “getting to know you” game broke the ice among the attendees of the event. Then the actual Love Forum followed; emphasizing the love that should be given to every individual, the way Jesus loved, was made clear by the speaker. After the presentation, the GYM entertained the crowd with dance. Searchee-Searcher game followed and brought more joy to the event.

GYM Reborn

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in Bangalore

Members of the Guanellian Youth Movement in BangaloreBangalore – On the 171st  birthday of our Founder, December 19th, at Guanella Preethi Nivas the GUANELLIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (GYM) was reborn. It was initiated again, and given new life and vigor by the community. Twenty young boys enrolled as members of GYM. They were once students of the Don Guanella Oratory who are now college age.  The confreres felt the need to guide them after the oratory as they are at a time of need for guidance in different spheres.  They were happy to join the movement and collaborate with our services, expressing their desires on inauguration day. Fr. Gnanaraj headed the informal inaugural function with a prayer service, and encouraged them to ‘arise and shine’ in their lives to be better citizens and exemplary members of society. Fr. Adaikalam will lead the group with the assistance of Bro. Joseph. They promised to learn our charism and share in the mission of our Congregation. They will also be trained in sports such as volleyball and basketball to participate in tournaments as Guanellian Youth. Each member received a team uniform to easily identify them as a group. May God and our Founder bless this new endeavor and bring their purpose to fulfillment.

“Youthnited with Love, Youthnited for Christ!”

Guanellian Youth Movement members at the end of their show

Guanellian Youth Movement members at the end of their showManila – On February 24th 2013, the Guanellian Youth Ministry (G.Y.M.) or “Kabataang Guanelliano” held a post-valentine mini-concert entitled “Youthnited with Love, Youthnited for Christ!” at Guanella Center, Servants of Charity.  It was actually a fundraising activity, but also served as a way of uplifting their talents in singing, dancing, as well as creative and critical thinking skills for the whole concept of the event.  It was indeed a success for all of their supportive parents and friends were there, and there were about a hundred of tickets sold.  The theme of the concert was the meaning and different kinds of love.  And it was clearly presented by the six Audio Visual Presentations (AVP’s) before every production numbers. The concert started solemnly with a doxology sung by G.Y.M. Choir and interpreted by four dancers.  Then, there was an AVP for the meaning of love as a whole and afterwards another AVP about love for family (storge), partners (epithumia and eros), friends (phillia), and love for God (agape).  As for their performance, it was executed not so perfectly but full of confidence.  Moreover, before the final song, there was a shadow play to the music “Love Never Fails” performed by all the members of the group.  In the end, the G.Y.M. wholeheartedly thanked God for giving them a chance to share their God-given talents and to all of the people who were there to share and support them before and during the concert.  They all felt blessed for the success of the concert for there was no mentor or trainer,  they were all united in giving their efforts to achieve a well-organized and wonderful mini-concert.  To a great extent, they thrived and are looking forward to other big events like this.  “We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

-Charmaine B. Ramirez


Manila – After much preparation and practice, the Guanellian Youth Ministry (GYM) hosted a dance competition called, “Step Up for God” aiming to encourage the youth to showcase and share their talents with others. It was held at Guanella Center’s Covered Court on August 25th. Selected GYM members intoned the evening with a solemn doxology followed by opening remarks by Fr. Charlton O. Viray, SdC. Out of the eight groups who had auditioned before the contest, only four groups were chosen to compete. Aside from the contestants, the GYM members, Guanellian Children’s Ministry and some selected audience members gave samples of their dance skills. It was indeed a successful program for the GYM; attendees could even see and feel the enjoyment and happiness of the entire audience. During the awards ceremony, all contestants received a certificate of participation and the champions, Z.E.D.C. Dance Troupe, earned a trophy for best dancers of the year. During closing remarks it was highlighted that it was not just a fundraising activity or a typical dance competition, but a venue for the youth to showcase their God-given talents and share them with others for the glory of God. (Ms. Charmaine Ramirez)