Guanellian Youth on a Mission

Bangalore – The Guanellian Youth Movement started the Open Road Ministry in Bangalore to fulfill the mission the founder, ‘Give bread and the Lord.’ We have received the spiritual guidance from our fathers to fulfill the mission of the founder. The GYM reached a new milestone providing food for street dwellers every Sunday. The youth contributed a lot for this event. Fr. Adaikalam blessed the endeavor. They cooked and packed meals by themselves. They went two-by-two as Jesus sent His disciples for the mission, delivering food for the street dwellers. It was successful and very much appreciated by all the people. The youth were inspired, they enjoyed it and they found some inner happiness through this mission. They are willing to continue this mission for the poor.


Laity Honors St. Guanella

Bangalore – Every year the Guanella Preethi Nivas family proudly celebrates the Novena to our Founder as preparation for his feast. On October 18th the Guanellian Cooperators & Guanellian Lay Movement members lead the Novena. Many members came, though it was a work-day. In our formation we are taught how our Founder clung to the Eucharist to fuel himself to do God’s work, so the evening began with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. During Adoration there was a reading from the Constitutions: articles 1 & 2 and a reading from the Gospel. Fr. Fernandez shared a reflection, he began by asking us if we were proud to be part of the Guanellian Family? When the Church did not trust his vision and his own family didn’t understand him, it was the Laity who encouraged and supported him. They knew Fr. Guanella was doing something extraordinary, good in the eyes of God and they admired his work. Hence, Fr. Guanella believed that where the Clergy & Religious cannot reach, the Laity can and they are an integral part of the Guanellian mission; each might have different opinions, but our Founder confided more in the Laity. The Laity should remember that you have not chosen to do this work but it is God alone who called each one to do his mission. We must remember always to give credit to God alone and He will reward us for our good deeds. On the day of the Feast the foundation stone was laid for a Multipurpose Hall at GPN, this hall will be utilized for the evening tuition children, activities of the aged home and more. As our Founder believed the laity are important for the mission, Fr. Gnanaraj, Superior, and Fr. Adaikalam, Delegate (GC&GLM), had the names of the members written on the bricks, which made them feel more responsible towards the mission and the house, and blessed the site for the future structure. A chariot for St. Guanella was beautifully decorated by the Guanellian Youth. It was blessed and the Religious, laity and benefactors (Christian and otherwise) processed to the Chapel reciting the Rosary. Solemn Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Anthonysamy, Chancellor from the Diocese. There was a sumptuous meal offered to all Feastday participants.

Mercy Camp

Chennai – To make the year of mercy more meaningful, the Chennai Guanellian community arranged a free medical and eye camp September 3rd-4th. It was mainly set up for the poor in and around Poonamallee, including the homeless, slum dwellers, special children and other destitute. This program was efficiently run by the confreres, staff, and various volunteer groups such as, ‘Feed the Needy’ and ‘Care and Welfare’. In particular, the contribution of Guanellian Youth member Dr. Maria was indispensable. Hundreds of people benefited from this work of mercy. Mercy is contagious, it just passes from hearts to hearts; a divine infection for a divine healing. All praise be to God!

Inauguration of GYM and GSM

Chennai – July 24th was a festive day for Don Guanella Major Seminary with the colorful decorations and sweet music throughout the campus for the inaugural event of both the Guanella Youth Movement (GYM) and the Good Samaritan Ministry (GSM). From various Catholic parishes in Chennai 36 youth participated. Fr. Francis SdC, gave an explanation about each group and its functions. Miss Stella, president of Guanellian Cooperators Bangalore, was the chief guest, addressing the youth in a simple way about our Congregation, her personal experiences doing charity and explaining how the youth can get involved in the mission of St. Guanella. Then many decisions were made in the youth meeting. Through the Good Samaritan Ministry, 70 homeless people ‘who have no one’, were brought to DGMS, as on all Sundays, and were given food, clothing and medical care. Thus their needs of mind, body, and soul were satisfied. As a result of the event, everyone was filled with heavenly joy.

Youth Meeting

Vatluru – On Sunday, July 17th there was a youth meeting in our parish conducted by Rev. Fr. Kaki Charles, youth director of our diocese. He celebrated Mass followed by the meeting with the youth and children. He motivated them to be good Catholics in society and good citizens in the nation. He made them understand the unity and strength of the youth in the Catholic Church. They are the future of the Church.

Guanellian Youth Induction

Manila – On June 12th the Guanellian Youth Ministry held their Induction of Newly Elected Core Leaders for the 2016–2017 year. They took their oaths before the final blessing of a Mass  with Fr. Loyola Diraviam presiding.  The new core leaders were as follows, Head Core: John Paul Hernandez, Secretary: Rocel Ramirez, Liturgist: Joy Silaran, Formation and Finance: Charmaine Ramirez, Sports and Recreation: Manz Magbanua, and Information: Jane Valeroso (those wearing green).  The new officers felt blessed to be given the chance to serve the Lord through serving others as leaders.  After Mass, they had a small gathering with all GYM members.  Their aim now is to encourage more youth to join their ministry, and to help with the present activities.  Nevertheless, with the inspiration from St. Louis Guanella, they want to continue to follow the path of Jesus Christ by seeking the help of the Holy Spirit and having a personal relationship with God as a Guanellian Youth.

“100 Years in Heaven”

bangalore - GPNBangalore – October 23rd was a wonderful day for the community of Guanella Preethi Nivas, Bangalore, which celebrated the canonization day, feast and the beginning of the Centennial Birth Anniversary of our Founder St. Louis Guanella in Heaven. The house was blessed with a solemn Eucharistic celebration, presided by Fr. Gnana Raj, the Superior of the community and other fathers along with our Guanellian Sisters, Brothers, Grandfathers, Guanellian Lay Movement and Guanellian Youth. It was also a precious moment for the philosophy brothers who had a beautiful experience of renewing their spirit to be a witnessing Guanellian for saving souls.
As the Mass concluded, Fr. Superior expressed his sense of gratitude to the entire gathering and invited them to the festive dinner, as they were filled with the Bread and Lord, departed to their homes with the sweet memories and blessings of our founder St. Louis Guanella the Apostle of Charity.

October Community Activities

Chennai 3 Chennai 2 Chennai 1Chennai  – A recollection was held for the GYM (Guanellian Youth Movement) on October 19th conducted by Fr. Francis. The theme was “God Loves Unconditionally.”  He told us that, “God loves everyone unconditionally even the least sinners.” He requested the young to cling to Jesus and to love everybody. “Cling to God and do not leave him, so that you may be honored at the end of your days,” (Sirach 2,3). In the evening, we had the GLM (Guanellian Lay Movement) gathering, addressed by Fr. Provincial on the topic “Sharers of the Guanellian Charism.” Then a novena to St. Louis Guanella was prayed during Benediction.
A joyous occasion was awaiting to celebrate the Founder’s feast and to inaugurate the 100th heavenly birth of St. Louis Guanella officially in our community on October 24th. Fr. Provincial presided over the Eucharist and preached sermon on the Bond of Charity, say that, “In a multi-religious context, all the religions emphasize love, which is a common platform to all.” Similarly our Founder also spoke the language of love to all sorts of people. Fr. Provincial ended his homily with the last words of St. Guanella, “Paradise, Paradise, Paradise,” and inaugurated the 100th anniversary of his death by opening the Founder’s decorated photo. The invitees were our recipients in DGSS, GYM, GLM, Religious and the staff.
“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest,” (LK 10:2), thus fulfilling the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Theology brothers were sent two-by-two for the vocation promotions to different dioceses (Palayankottai, Darmapuri, Selam, Gunturu, Tuticorin, Kottar, Thanjur, Coimbatore, Chenglepet, Vellur and Nelluru) from October 26-31st .

Birth of Guanellian Youth Movement

Chennai – The DGMS community has reached another milestone for the youth by forming a local GYM group. On September 21st about 30 interested youth from various parishes of Chennai, gathered at Don Guanella Major Seminary for the first time. The day began with half an hour of adoration. Fr. Lourduraj SdC, Youth Director, introduced GYM to the youth. Then Fr. Francis Assisi SdC gave an inspiring talk, highlighting the strengths, struggles and life realities of youth today in society. He also discussed the expectations that the family, society and church have for them. The youth were inspired and 15 of them agreed to become GYM members. In the afternoon, office bearers were elected and action plans for the coming year were drawn. As prayer unites us, the youth have decided to pray every day at 8 o’clock in the evening and a volunteer was selected to remind everyone by sending an SMS at that particular time with an intention. Many other decisions were made before Fr. Samson SdC, Community Superior, celebrated Holy Eucharist. The meeting ended after tea, and everyone said goodbye carrying the spirit of St. Guanella in their heart. Gym 7 Gym 6 Gym 5 Gym 4 Gym 3 Gym 2 GYM 1

Health Care Seminar

Legazpi 1 Legazpi 2 Legazpi – Harong Kan Sagrada Familia held a seminar on health awareness July 23rd. The seminar was given by the group from Alliance Global Company. The participants were confreres, novices, seminarians and Guanellian youth. The speaker gave a PowerPoint presentation titled “Heath Information Drive and Cancer Prevention Seminar.” She presented signs and symptoms of cancer and the factors that trigger its onset. According to the speaker, STRESS is one of the main factors that weaken the immune system thus the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases including cancer.  She said cancer has no status and no age limits, whether rich or poor all might become victim of it. People develop different kinds of cancer in their life span due to various reasons. After having the presentation, the group proposed certain preventive systems to the audience which might bring about sound health care. After the session many questions were raised by the participants to elaborate the topic.