Celebrating the Founder

Bangalore – The Guanella Preethi Nivas community and the parishioners began the Novena by hoisting the flag on October 14th. The inspiring words of our Founder were displayed everywhere. The Novena was conducted by the Philosophy students with great excitement. One day of the Novena was led by the Guanellian Sisters; one day the Cooperators and GLM members conducted the Novena. It was great to see how each one made efforts to make each day a different experience. The parishioners lit candles and wrote down their petitions. Everyone prayed together for these intentions.
On October 21st GPN celebrated the Feast of St. Guanella with a solemn Mass at the Tent of Love on the quote of our Founder, “It is better to be poor than to be a sinner”. Parishioners, benefactors, beneficiaries, Guanellian Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Cooperators, GLM Members and religious from other congregations participated in the Mass. Fr. Peter Sebastian was the main celebrant and Fr. Adaikalam preached the Homily. The virtues that our Founder practiced were expressed in a simple way that attracted many. The Celebration concluded by processing to the flag with lit candles and hearts aflame. Fr. Ligori lowered the flag and blessed everyone with a Relic of St. Guanella. The community was thankful for celebrating the Feast with so many faithful.Bangalore - Founders day 2


Installation at Sivakasi

Krishnaperi – God is so gracious and showers His blessings to those who trust in Him, His arms protect us and His light leads us. The Divine Providence Province bore one more child according to God’s plan. The wing of Divine Providence grows larger and larger. Jesus says, in My Father’s home there are many rooms for the people likewise, there is room for everyone in the Servants of Charity especially for the special ones, God’s good children and the orphans. Jesus takes the children and says unless you become little children you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Don’t stop them; let the children come to Me. These words remind us to live a life pure in heart, a life of holiness. For these small ones a new community was installed at Krishnaperi.
On July 15, 2015 the Guanellians landed in Sivakasi, which belongs to the Archdiocese of Madurai, with the permission of Archbishop Antony Pappusamy, DD., STD. On that auspicious day the residence emerged with the help of Fr. S. Periyanayaga Samy, Fr. Vellington in a ceremony blessed by former Provincial Fr. Soosai Rathinam. After three years, St. Paul’s Boys Home, the mission of Sivakasi took shape. On October 6th, new Provincial Fr. J. Ronald installed the community in a Holy Eucharistic celebration. During Mass, as is the tradition of our congregation, the new superior, Fr. S. Periyanayaga Samy, made a profession of faith. Father provincial assigned a new obedience to the fathers. Fr. S. Periyanayaga Samy is Superior of the community and Parish Priest of Krishnaperi mission. Fr. J. David is 1st Councilor and vice superior, administrator and director of the boys home. Fr. A. Arockia Vanathaiyan is councilor, assistant director of the boys home and assistant parish priest in Krishnaperi. Let us support the new community with your powerful prayer.

Canonical Visit

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Manila – Fr. Alfonso Crippa, Superior General of the Servants of Charity made a canonical visit to the Philippines May 30th-June 15th, including a visit to Vietnam June 8th-11th. The visit was an opportune time for Guanellians in the Philippines to review their life and mission. Considered as the “contemporary Father Guanella” in the Congregation, so it was a visit of a “father” who cares for his children and as a “brother” who is always open to listen and offer words of wisdom. He reminded us of the importance of fidelity to our promises as religious and to our charism as Guanellians. He has given also simple but profound words in trying our best to love our confreres and our mission with the poor. He attended the Annual Assembly of the confreres from the Philippines and Vietnam, the launching of the Pious Union of St. Joseph-Manila, Louis: One Life, One Song (a musical concert prepared by GYM) and the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Guanellians in the Philippines. He met the beneficiaries of our programs, Guanellian Lay Cooperators, Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence, Bishop Antonio Tobias of Novaliches and Bishop Joel Baylon of Legazpi, visited Guanella Center and the mission in Legazpi. Fr. Luigi De Giambattista, General Councilor and pioneer missionary in the Philippines, accompanied him on the visit.


Indian priests having a discussion

“A Fraternal Gathering of Individuals Make Family”

Indian priests having a discussionChennai – The regents of Divine Providence Province attended a two day program organized by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, held at DGMS September 2425th. They started the day with Morning Laud, Meditation and Holy Mass. Then, Fr. Soosai spoke about Education and New Evangelization from PEG; he presented evangelization in daily life. He also mentioned the history of the Congregation. In the second session, he emphasized the Human, Spiritual and Charismatic Dimensions in its Lines of Action. The regents shared their three months experience to end the class. Fr. Kulandai Samy spoke on Educational and Pastoral Charity of the Guanellians and Relationship with the Laity and Staff. He explained the relationship of a Guanellian in developing the mission of our Congregation. Fr. Rajesh ended the first evening by showing a movie based on Guanellian Mission; and spoke about the ‘Guanellian Preventive Educational Approach.’ Fr. S. A. Lourduraj organized Mission Exposure for Regents at DGSS. The Regents shared a meal and advice for dealing with the Good Children.

Vocation Promoters get a Workout

Fr. Soosai leads attendees in prayer

Fr. Soosai leads attendees in prayerChennai – The Vocation Promotion Desk sponsored a one-day Seminar to support vocation promoters at Don Guanella Major Seminary on September 5th. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the Provincial Superior, the event coordinators, and Guanellian Sisters participated. Fr. Soosai opened the session by lighting the kuthuvilakku and presented his theme, “The Necessity and Requisiteness of the Guanellian Vocation”. The second talk was on “The Theology of Vocation”, in which Fr. Deva SdB, concentrated on the call of God and purpose of vocation. The third talk was “The Uniqueness and Relevance of the Guanellian Vocation” by Sr. Mary Victoria Arul Swamy DSMP, she equated a Guanellian Vocation to the Good Samaritan. For the last talk, Fr. Arokiyadoss SdB spoke about the practical aspects of religious vocation; showing witness with our very lives and the call to spread the value of Jesus Christ. Fr. Rajesh, the Vice Rector of DGMS, led a meaningful group discussion. Finally, Fr. C. Lourduraj, Vocation Promoter and Youth Director, thanked all participants for their support and collaboration in the successful meeting.

“Be Proud to be an Indian”

Indian Dignitaries hoist flag

Indian Dignitaries hoist flagSivagangai – India celebrates Independence Day on August 15th and  Anbagam was privileged to celebrate with the Provincial Superior, 12 new priests, Guanellian Fathers, Sisters, special children, political leaders, Guanellian Lay Movement, benefactors, teachers and staff. D.M.K. District secretary, Mr. Sakthi, hoisted the national flag and delivered a speech. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, provincial superior, also shared his thoughts. Fr. Paul Arockia Raj and Mr. Sebastian provided snacks for the children and the program ended by singing the National Anthem.

Building Relationships

Mysore – ‘How beautiful it is when brothers live in unity.’ An inter-congregational sports meet brought joy and happiness to the Preethiya Sevakaru campus; Salesian and Guanellian families met each other and shared feelings, played party-games, danced, and held a singing competition along with a fantastic meal. Salesian brothers are in their postulancy and our Guanellian brothers are in their initial stage of formation. It was a great opportunity to build the relationship between the two families. As our founder said, “the separation from Don Bosco was the greatest agony that I underwent, more than the death of my father.”