Pongal Celebration

MYSORE – A long awaited celebration at the evening school took place on January 14th to encourage school going children who frequent Don Guanella Evening School in Harohalli. All the villagers and the panchayat leaders were invited for this simple New Year and Pongal celebration. The program began with a prayer song and followed by a variety of cultural and traditional amusements presented by the children. The celebration was really an opportunity for them to exhibit their talents. Parents were happy to see their kids performing dances, skits and singing. To encourage the children, gifts were distributed. Fathers were honored with a small gift for their service. The teachers who help the kids in their academic career were also honored. The Pongal feast ended with a dance performance by the brothers and evening school kids.


New Evening School Begins

children attend evening school inauguration

children attend evening school inaugurationMysore – The confreres have expanded their mission works by establishing a study center in a nearby village. On July 1st, the new Evening School was inaugurated in a place called Harohalli for 70 children. Fr. Louis Baskar is the animator of the Evening School. He has appointed one teacher for the program and the confreres participate by assisting the teacher.