Filling our Hearts with Jesus

Legazpi – The Harong Kan Sagrada Familia community welcomed Fr. Charlton Viray for a visit November 6th–8th. During his visit, he offered a class for all the novices entitled, “Prayer with the Bible” teaching them to use this kind of prayer in their own spiritual life. He said, “once, one gets to know and apply this prayer in their spiritual life, one may discover their own self and may realize their own self with the painfulness of spirit which self needs to accept it in order to grow.” With this type of prayer, we no longer pray alone, but we listen, understand and meet Jesus in our hearts. Prayer becomes a personal dialogue with Jesus and we discover “who is Jesus in my life?” In seeking him in others: neighbors, poor, needy, we also see him in our own hearts, for He is waiting for us there. Getting to know Him is getting to know ourselves.


Outreach of Guanellian Cooperators

Legazpi – “The Human Heart is made to Love and Share with Others” was the theme of the annual ‘Dinner for a Cause’ held on October 7th at Harong Kan Sagrada Familia. The event was to benefit our mission of caring for those who are in need, a voice for the voiceless in society. It woke up the hearts that are sleeping in the busy-ness of society. By doing the work of special education for special children, the Servants of Charity strive to give them what they deserve to have in life. Through simple teaching, they are guided to do the simplest things which are necessary for them to support themselves in daily life. As Cardinal Francis Savier Nguyễn Văn Thuận wrote in his book The Way of Hope, “The hopeful way starts by every single dot of hope. The hopeful life starts from every hopeful minute.” The program was successful by the many small presentations by the special kids, the people from the feeding program, youth choir, parents, residents with physical disabilities and staff … We put our hope in what we are doing in order to serve them as best as we can. Many thanks to our benefactors.

Sagrada Familia Participates in Audit

Legazpi – Disability audits are a part of the activities during National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week celebrations. Establishments such as food chains, malls, offices and public places are visited by a group of representatives from DOJ, DILG, DPH, CHR, DENR, SIMON of CYRENE and SAGRADA FAMILIA, which checks if these establishments comply with the accessibility laws. The ramps, parking area, priority lane, discounts and comfort rooms are also being evaluated. Proper measurements of ramps and comfort rooms are also evaluated in order to be accessible for PWDs. For those buildings operating without proper accessibility, a report is given to the engineering department for them to validate, which may result in cancellation of the permit to operate for non – compliance of the law. For those who comply, a certificate of compliance is awarded to show their support to our brother’s and sister’s with disabilities.

A Physical Therapy Success Story

Legazpi – Jerry Londerio, a 39 year-old man from Tahao Road, came to Harong Kan Sagrada Familia to undergo physical therapy. He was in severe pain when he arrived, in fact the pain was so severe that he could not even walk without support from his wife, or sit straight. He needed to lie on his side just to ease the pain. Despite his condition, he continued his daily living, ignoring his suffering with the thought that it would just go away. When he could no longer bear the pain, he asked his employer to help him consult a doctor. Medication was prescribed but did little to lessen the pain. Another doctor advised him to undergo physical therapy. He began physical therapy at HKSF and felt some relief. He still has pain but somehow it is tolerable. He can now sit properly, stand straight and even walk independently… and most importantly, he is back to work.

The Campout

Legazpi – The Special Therapy and Education Program (STEP) at Harong Kan Sagrada Familia, Bogtong, went “Camping” March 30th-31st with the special needs youth after an eight year hiatus. After all the teachers’ effort, most of the participants had a great time at the campout. The exciting events included: amazing race which was a showcase of their wittiness and creativity, collaborative cooking for their dinner, the campfire with spontaneous merry making and the early brisk walk up the famous Ligñon Hill near the compound. These opportunities were avenues for them to discover their leadership qualities which they performed accordingly. The greatest challenge was sleeping one night away from the caress of their families; they stood up to the challenge and were successful, both the students and parents. Congratulations for the trust invested in everyone.

German Antenna Broadcasts

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Pforzheim – The beginning of a new year full of dreams and hope obliges us to reflect upon the past 12 months and the cold experiences of a troubled world. But between the ashes of our dreams and memories, every day it rains new wishes and graces as a timid attempt to exorcize the days to come as an impulse to retake our walk along old itineraries always listening to the new growing seeds, which grow up without rumors. This suggests a Poet! We have dreamed and listened to what other religious orders do in our country, what is the aptitude and response of the conscience of the German Catholics towards increasing poverty, naked desperation, the destruction of families, and the total disorientation of an entire generation. These are the facts. We have learned what the others do and we tried to imitate their decisions. The motto for 2015 is, “Be a carrier of faith, but first become yourselves a personification of God’s blessing and loving Fatherhood.” This message of Kindermission – Aachen was mobilized on January 6th to more than 75,000 young boys and girls, who traveled thousands of streets in our cities and villages; begging financial support for the poor, sick, and disabled children around the world. Every year their carols in front of each building touch the hearts of believers and non-believers alike; each small coin helping to carry out prestigious projects, like ours in Legapzi, Manila, Congo and India.
Our structure at Legapzi was selected as the best developed project in the Philippines, with support from the Stern Singers and the help of Mrs. Steiner of Aachen for 3 long years! An interesting article was written by the Kutsch Family reporters of Aachen, who had visited Sagrada Familia in 2013. The news appeared in the local press on January 5, 2015. Fr. Battista Omodei, with one of his special pupils, is happy and his smile speaks for itself! Mrs. and Mr. Kutsch also organized a private Charity Gala and collected 5000 Euros for the a.m. Sagrada Famila at Legapzi.
Following this appreciation we have proposed to Mrs. Beate Jantzen to select both our projects in RD Congo for 2016. There, Kindermission has donated a brand new ambulance for the Lemba Mission which collects Aids patients, street stranded and abandoned youth 24 hours/day.
Now we await the authorization from the Bishop’s Office at Freiburg in order to continue our activity as agreed “Mission Procura.” The General Council has already appointed our entity as an integral part of the missionary Guanellian work in Germany in favor of our missions around the Guanellian provinces.
Therefore during Lent let us pray, “Indue me Dominen, novum hominem.”
O Lord make of me a new charitable person!

Gero Lombardo,  German Guanellian Procura

Pilgrimage to Penafrancia

Legazpi – On October 25th, the Harong Kan Sagrada Familia community went on pilgrimage to Penafrancia Shrine and Basilica, in Naga City, in preparation for St. Louis Guanella’s feast and the threshold of his centennial celebration. The participants were special children accompanied by their parents, Nutrition Program children with their parents, the elderly, residents, patients, staff, seminarians and novices together with the confreres. As one family we honored Mother Mary; reciting the holy rosary in the Basilica and then processing to the shrine for holy Mass celebrated by the superior, Fr. Dong Cerbito. It was a golden opportunity to share our joy and happiness with people from the community.  Legazpi Pilgrimage

Dinner for a Cause – Legazpi

Legazpi – October 4th, Harong Kan Sagrada Familia hosted the 6th Annual ‘Dinner for a Cause.’ It was quite challenging; selling the tickets, collecting donations and the event itself. About 500 people attended the event. Our special children preformed dances and skits with the help of the staff. The other performances were by the Sagrada choir, seminarians, novices and guests. The visitors enjoyed the programs and dining together. There was also raffle with prizes for the winners. As a send off, the superior expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the visitors for their encouraging support to the least and the lost in society.

He is so Cute!

out reach legazpi 2 out reach legazpi 1Legazpi – On August 23rd the residents and feeding program children had a special event organized by Getz Pharma Philippines, Inc. Nancy Joy Orpia, Product Manager, Frances Orenson, District Manager, and Ria Zuniga, the Medical Representative, shared their blessings and talents in performing dances, songs and games with the children and residents. They made the day more colorful and meaningful by serving them. The children and the residents were all smiles and laughter. The group gave toys to the children and brought food from Jollibee for everybody. During lunch, the Jollibee mascot, Jonabelle, showed his talent in dancing with the children. “He is so cute,” said Jonabelle of one of the feeding children. Hearing this, Ms. Zuniga shed tears and revealed her affection for them. In her final blessing, she left the following message “Let you not lose hope in life. I hope there are still many people who are willing to help you.” The group left Sagrada a happier place. Dios mabalos po sa indo gabos (May God return you more blessings.)

Health Care Seminar

Legazpi 1 Legazpi 2 Legazpi – Harong Kan Sagrada Familia held a seminar on health awareness July 23rd. The seminar was given by the group from Alliance Global Company. The participants were confreres, novices, seminarians and Guanellian youth. The speaker gave a PowerPoint presentation titled “Heath Information Drive and Cancer Prevention Seminar.” She presented signs and symptoms of cancer and the factors that trigger its onset. According to the speaker, STRESS is one of the main factors that weaken the immune system thus the body becomes vulnerable to many diseases including cancer.  She said cancer has no status and no age limits, whether rich or poor all might become victim of it. People develop different kinds of cancer in their life span due to various reasons. After having the presentation, the group proposed certain preventive systems to the audience which might bring about sound health care. After the session many questions were raised by the participants to elaborate the topic.