Boys go to Gunadala

Vatluru – On October 9th the boys of Guanella Karunalaya went on pilgrimage to Gunadala, the Marian Shrine at Vijayawada about 60 kms away. The pilgrimage began at Sacred Heart Parish with prayer. The boys and their guides made their journey by train. Fr. Bernandas, Fr. Christuraj, Fr. Bala and Deacon Rambabu accompanied them. The pilgrimage was a grace filled one since the boys prayed the Rosary at the shrine, Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Christuraj and the boys had a Calvary journey to reach the hill top where the Blessed Mother appeared. “The little child lets himself be gently guided by his mother’s voice,” St. Guanella. The boys were overjoyed to spend time with Mary.


Holy Rosary Prayed in Grotto

Indian women pray Rosary

Indian women pray RosaryCuddalore – Every first Saturday of month, Sagaya Matha Parish celebrates mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Grotto. On November 2nd, a big Rosary from Italy was used by the Legion of Mary to recite the Holy Rosary at the Grotto before Holy mass, which was offered for the deceased family members of the parishioners and for the deceased confreres of the Servants of Charity.

A Month of Prayer

Priest offers prayers in villagers' homes

Priest offers prayers in villagers' homesVatluru – Fr. Moses and Fr. Vijay Anand, Redemptorist priests from Tenali, were invited to Sacred Heart Parish for a 5 day mission of house counseling and preaching. They visited every home in the village, praying and counseling the families; accompanied by the Legion of Mary. In the evenings they preached the word of God and celebrated the holy Mass. Also during the Month of October, which is especially dedicated to praying the Rosary, the faithful in the parish showed their devotion to our Blessed Mother. According to tradition, a ‘one day one house’ prayer meeting was arranged. The members of the Legion of Mary carried the statue of Mother Mary to each house; praying the Rosary devotedly, sharing the word of God, and receiving the prayers and blessings from the priests.

Birthday of Mother Mary

Fr. Soosai Rathinam blesses statue of Mary

Fr. Soosai Rathinam blesses statue of MaryBangalore – The elderly of the aged home organized a novena for the Nativity of Mother Mary with intention of praying for the construction of a new facility. Every day as a family they gathered, recited the Rosary and offered special prayers for the same intention. Some of the lay cooperators also participated. At the culmination, the feast was celebrated on September 9th. Mother Mary processed around the campus in a decorated car, blessed by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior. It was vivifying to see the Guanellian family walking along with Mary, praying the Rosary. As recommended by Pope Francis, they also prayed for peace in the world, especially in Syria. The procession ended at the chapel for Benediction, in which all received the blessings of the Lord. The elderly continue to pray for the dying in the Wednesday Mass and during the daily Rosary. Prayer intentions are welcome.

Priests from Guanella Center Lead a Pilgrimage

Group of Guanella Center pilgrims at a shrine in Manila

Manila – This year, the pilgrimage for the special children of Guanella Center included a stop at three different religious locations:  The National Shrine of Padre Pio, the Convent of Saint Claire, and The National Shrine of the Rosary.

Group of Guanella Center pilgrims at a shrine in ManilaOver 100 people attended the pilgrimage from both Guanella Home and Guanella Center; caretakers, volunteers, family, and religious.  Fr. Charleton Viray, SdC, was the tour guide and he shared some very interesting, inspirational, and grace-filled information about the holy places, and the saints they are dedicated to.  For instance, he explained how Padre Pio was given the grace of the stigmata (which is a supernatural gift of suffering and visibly bearing the wounds of Christ) and of bi-location (which is a supernatural gift of being able to be in more than one place at the same time.)  Likewise, he shared how Saint Claire (the foundress of the Poor Claires) was a close friend and disciple of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Besides gaining new knowledge, the pilgrims also joined together in prayer (praying a decade or two of the Holy Rosary at each of the three stops), and we also shared a wonderful lunch.

After the religious experience, the pilgrimage ended at Quezon City Circle Memorial to enjoy the playground rides and share a delicious merienda (afternoon tea).  All in all, it was a very blessed and grace-filled day, enjoyed by each person who participated.