The Heart of Italian Immigrants

Springfield – Every last Saturday of the month a group of Italian people, and descendants of the immigrants, gather at the House of Formation for Mass and joyful fellowship. During summer they play “Bocce” every Friday while enjoying supper and drinking a good wine according to the Italian tradition. Twice a year their association meets to discuss any issues they have and also to organize fundraising activities for the Cardinal Krol Center. The monthly Mass is an occasion to help them to grow in their Christian life and to get connected with the mission of the Congregation. The donations given during the Masses this year will go to the Mission of Cuddalore. They hope to raise $2000 by the occasion of the Feast of our Founder. On September 29th, their generous contributions were given to the Cardinal Krol Center.


Being on the Rope

Delaware County, PA – In order to establish Base Ecclesial communities for Latinos in this area, two groups of lay persons meet once a week for a Bible and basic Catechism formation program; ‘new evangelization’ the South American way. The last Saturday of each month they are learning practical ways for effective evangelizing. On July 28th, 40 people gathered to strengthen their fundamental knowledge of the Bible and to learn the steps to implement apostolic action:

  • to See – being in contact with reality
  • to Think – according to the Word of God and the magisterium of the Church
  • to Act – according to what was planned
  • to Evaluate – accomplishments and failures
  • to Celebrate – our faith expressing our gratitude to God.

Fr. Paul taught the pattern to follow to promote this experience: the Word of God, prayer and catechesis. The participants committed themselves to invite others to join the weekly formation. In August and September they will study the fundamental truths of the faith.

Latinos Prepare for the ‘New Evangelization’

Latinos in Chester pray with Fr. Paul

Latinos in Chester pray with Fr. PaulChester – One year ago the Holy Family House in Chester was officially dedicated; giving life to our dreams of ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of the Latino immigrants. It is a humble experience; sharing their difficulties, empowering them to visibly express their faith, celebrating their ways of living family life and their cultural and religious traditions. Statistics report that 36% of U.S. Catholics are Latino, and 68 % of immigrants have lost their Catholic identity as they become immersed in a culture so different from their own.

June 24, 2012, two Base Ecclesial Communities were formed. This custom from their homeland brings together small groups of families that want to live and witness their faith; evangelizing and sustaining others through Bible study, catechetical formation and prayer meetings. By imitating the first Christian communities, sharing their spiritual and material challenges, these groups can help to end the sense of spiritual and social isolation many of the immigrants currently experience.

In October after three months of formation, they will receive the “missionary mandate” to begin evangelizing among Latino families. It is in answer to the Synod of Bishops gathered in Rome suggesting ways to become more active in the New Evangelization of the world.