Blossoming Vines

Legazpi – The Guanellian community in Legazpi has been working with the children, youth and adults in one of the isolated areas in Barangay Bogtong since last year. It seems too hard to penetrate due to a language barrier, but through the help of local Guanellian seminarians somehow its roots are reaching out. One proof of their labor under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is the existence of a number of youth who show interest to learn and soon will be gathered as one group. They emerged on March 5th for the “Kumpisalang Bayan” that was held there. On March 19th they wholeheartedly reenacted the passion of Christ. Their regular attendance at the liturgical celebration, going to confession and so on are manifestations that they have God’s inspirational gifts to serve the church as youth in their own way.