Strengthening Fraternal Bonds

Manila – May 23rd-26th the seminarians from Legazpi and Quezon City shared time together. The primary purpose of the event was for the seminarians to develop a strong fraternity towards the Guanellian mission. The seminarians were given talks by Bro. Mauro, SdC, who presented some of the Guanellian Mission Principles, and Sr. Marivic, CM, who talked about discipleship. Team-building activities were conducted by Fr. Ronnie preceded by a fraternal night which allowed the seminarians to show off their talents and skills. Tita Alice and Tito Jun went with the seminarians to Batangas for a relaxing getaway. A tree-planting was the final activity that symbolizes the relationship between the two communities that will continue to grow.

A Physical Therapy Success Story

Legazpi – Jerry Londerio, a 39 year-old man from Tahao Road, came to Harong Kan Sagrada Familia to undergo physical therapy. He was in severe pain when he arrived, in fact the pain was so severe that he could not even walk without support from his wife, or sit straight. He needed to lie on his side just to ease the pain. Despite his condition, he continued his daily living, ignoring his suffering with the thought that it would just go away. When he could no longer bear the pain, he asked his employer to help him consult a doctor. Medication was prescribed but did little to lessen the pain. Another doctor advised him to undergo physical therapy. He began physical therapy at HKSF and felt some relief. He still has pain but somehow it is tolerable. He can now sit properly, stand straight and even walk independently… and most importantly, he is back to work.

Blessed are the Merciful

Legazpi -For the Year of Mercy, the Servants of Charity are planning to have a celebration on September 24th at the Polangi Jail. The entire Guanellian Family of the community will gather for the celebration and to show their commitment to the corporal works of mercy. We are all looking forward to the event with joyful anticipation.

Thanksgiving Celebration for Br. Hoang

Ho Chi Minh – Br. Hoang made his first Religious vows in Legazpi on June 3rd and returned to Vietnam for Philosophy studies. His family arranged a Thanksgiving Mass for him in their village in the Dong Nai Province. The priests and all the students attended the Mass celebrated by the Parish Priest with Br. Hoang’s spiritual Father concelebrating and preaching the homily. We had a chance once again to introduce our congregation to his parish. The family prepared a wonderful breakfast and lunch and we enjoyed the day.

Blossoming Vines

Legazpi – The Guanellian community in Legazpi has been working with the children, youth and adults in one of the isolated areas in Barangay Bogtong since last year. It seems too hard to penetrate due to a language barrier, but through the help of local Guanellian seminarians somehow its roots are reaching out. One proof of their labor under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is the existence of a number of youth who show interest to learn and soon will be gathered as one group. They emerged on March 5th for the “Kumpisalang Bayan” that was held there. On March 19th they wholeheartedly reenacted the passion of Christ. Their regular attendance at the liturgical celebration, going to confession and so on are manifestations that they have God’s inspirational gifts to serve the church as youth in their own way.

Devotion to St. Joseph

Legazpi – On March 12th the Quasi Parish of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary  in Rawis, Legazpi City conducted its 3rd Maritime Procession in preparation for the solemnity of St. Joseph on March 19th. The activity began with the Eucharistic celebration in the morning. Immediately after Mass,  Fr. Jonathan Calleja, the parish priest, led the faithful to the waterfront for the procession. Fr. Battista Omodei and his students participated joyfully in this celebration.  The people who remained at the shore during the procession prayed to St. Joseph for guidance and blessings so that native Bicolanos people may be saved from typhoons and other natural calamities.

Procession to Honor Mary

Legazpi2Legazpi – On a cloudy afternoon September 5th, Fr. Battista Omodei, the novices and aspirants led a procession of the Blessed Mother into a remote area in the Legazpi City vicinity. With strong Marian devotion though the weather was not stable, parents and their children joined the procession. Accompanied by musical instruments devotees were delighted in singing praises to Mary entitled “Rosas Nin Pagkamoot” or “Rose of Love.” This traditional Marian Bicol song inspired each devotee to look at Mama Mary as our “Ina” or “Mother.” We are grateful to God for planting into each heart the love for a Mother; love for Mama Mary, and the desire to carry out this kind of apostolate. This activity is just one of the many Marian festivities in the Bicol Province.

Devotion to Mary

Legazpi 1Legazpi  – The Diocese of Legazpi celebrated its annual feast and the feast of Our Lady of Salvation in Joroan on August 15th. Many faithful people participated in the Holy Mass and expressed their devotion to the Blessed Mother, as well as many priests and religious who made the liturgy come alive. The Superior, Fr. Eduardo Cerbito, and a special guest, Fr. Luigi De Giambatistta from Rome, allowed the seminarians to participate in the Mass; paying tribute to the Virgin Mary who guides their religious vocation. The homilist suggested that people should draw more strength to grow in the spirit of Faith like Mary, and that sense of faith may remain for generations to come. After Mass there was a time of fellowship and lunch at the parish refectory before saying good bye to the locals. Pray that Mary may accompany the seminarians in their discernment to religious life.

Seminarians Outing

Legazpi 3Legazpi  – The seminarians headed to Busay Falls on August 8th. It is located in Malilipot, Albay, about 45 minutes away. The eight seminarians and their formator, took time to relax, enjoy the falls and renew friendships and fraternity. All worries were pushed aside to make the day meaningful for discernment; they even shared their various talents of singing, dancing, playing volleyball and guitar. They had the opportunity to understand and be confident in their vocation. The Busay Falls is a marvel of nature reminiscent of St. Francis, who loved Gods creation and Pope Francis, who invites us to care for the environment in Laudato si. The second part of the journey was a visit to the “Brothers of Charity” congregation in Tabaco. The Superior, Bro. Isidore Kiro, was a gracious host; introducing their novices from Africa, India, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Philippines. It was an opportunity to see both the cultural diversity in their community, as well as their singular spirit of service to the church. The whole day was enriching for all the seminarians.

First Vows of Bro. Khiet

ProfessionSaigon – Servants of Charity in Vietnam give glory to God for the first Vietnamese student, Bro. Khiet, who made his first vows in Legazpi on May 31, 2015. It was Trinity Sunday and the Feast of Visitation. Fr. Felicks and Fr. Jerin from Vietnam attended this graceful event. Bro. Khiet professed his vows with Bro. Rojer. Fr. Rathinam, Provincial Superior, accepted their vows during the Eucharistic celebration. In the same Mass Bro. Hoang entered the Novitiate with a Filipino student, Bro. Dfs. May God bless their adventurous journey in the Guanellian religious life.