Medical Camp

Cuddalore – Frequent medical camps are required by government norms for Don Guanella Boys Home. The primary health center from Pudupalayam came to DGBH and conducted medical camp on August 27th. They checked everyone’s blood and asked the boys to be clean and hygienic. The team submitted the medical report to the deputy director of the health department. All the students participated in the camp.


Caring for Those Who are Sick

Chennai – A free Medical Camp was held on July 15th for Don Guanella Special School children. Children were given an open invitation to take part in the medical camp. The medication was provided freely and the children and needy brethren of the surrounding area made good use of this chance. Doctors and nurses provided exams, diagnoses and medicine. They expressed their joy and happiness for the opportunity to give their service for the special children. They also added that it is a great blessing for them. Finally, Fr. Lourdu Raj, Director of DGSS, thanked all the doctors, nurses and the staff for their kindness. He assured them of the special prayers of the good children

Mercy Camp

Chennai – To make the year of mercy more meaningful, the Chennai Guanellian community arranged a free medical and eye camp September 3rd-4th. It was mainly set up for the poor in and around Poonamallee, including the homeless, slum dwellers, special children and other destitute. This program was efficiently run by the confreres, staff, and various volunteer groups such as, ‘Feed the Needy’ and ‘Care and Welfare’. In particular, the contribution of Guanellian Youth member Dr. Maria was indispensable. Hundreds of people benefited from this work of mercy. Mercy is contagious, it just passes from hearts to hearts; a divine infection for a divine healing. All praise be to God!

Medical Camp

Chennai – Don Guanella Special School hosted a medical camp for the good children on October 15th. Pediatricians, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, skin specialists and dentists from Muthukumaran Medical College were present to offer their valuable service at this camp. The recipients were given a holistic checkup and consultation.

Seminary Hosts Medical Camp

Cuddalore  – The Guanellian Religious Community organized a medical camp for the poor, sick and suffering, sponsored by the Arupadai Veedu Hospital on October 19th. The chief doctor and team members were welcomed by the community and then settled into the auditorium, where we arranged for general practitioners, ENT’s, skin specialists, dentists, eye specialists, and arthro-therapists. Two out of ten doctors were chiefs. As Jesus said, “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and drive out devils,” (Matt, 10, 8). We conducted this camp as a memorial to our Founder’s Centennial year of his birth in heaven. The parishioners, Don Guanella Boys Home students, brothers and the poor were the ones who took part in this medical camp. Doctors offered medicine and gave some tips for preventing illnesses. At the end, we gathered with our Rector to thank the chief and the medical team for their wonderful service. Then the chief of the team came forward to thank us for our hospitality and care. The chief and the co-workers promised that they would be available at any time to help us in our need. The medical camp ended with a delicious meal.

Medical Camp

Medical CampChennai – On October 5th, Don Guanella Special School hosted a medical camp for the good children. The doctors came from A.C.S Medical College Hospital. They were very happy to examine the children, find them necessary medical assistance, provide them free medication and consultancy. Their blood was checked to keep record of their condition.

Healing Experience

Chennai – On September 4th, Don Guanella Special School conducted a medical camp for the good children. The doctors came from A.C.S Medical College Hospital. They were very happy to refer the children and find them medical assistance and consultancy. They also provided free medicine for the children. By looking at the children and their activities, the doctors promised to provide some help for them.HEALING EXPERIENCE-Chennai

DGRC Hosts Medical Camp

Chennai – A.C.S Medical College in Chennai conducted a medical camp at Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center on August 26th. There were general doctors and ear, nose and throat specialists. Many parents as well as children benefited greatly from this camp and gave full support in caring for the health of the good children. The doctors were very knowledgeable at treating the sicknesses of the children. The doctors gave assurance that they will continue having medical camps periodically. medical camp - chennai 2 medical camp - chennai 1

New Sight for the Needy

Priest distributes glasses

Priest distributes glassesVatluru – As a result of the medical camp that was conducted last month at Sacred Heart Parish, 15 elderly people who attended were taken to the hospital and treated for free; getting good care with much love. On November 24th the Solemnity of Christ the King, they were given new glasses free of charge. Fr. Bosco Rajendra delivered the glasses to them. They were all so happy and thanked the Guanellians who brought new light into their lives.

ACS Medical Camp at DGSS

Doctor examines a small Indian boy

Chennai – Don Guanella Special School (DGSS) in Karayanchavadi, Poonamallee, became a place for a Free Medical Camp organized by A. C. S. Medical College. All the DGSS children and their parents consulted with doctors during a health checkup under the guidance of DGSS Director, Rev. Fr. S. A. Lourduraj, regent brothers and the teaching staff. The children of Don Guanella Evening School (DGES) and their parents were also invited for the medical camp. The doctors and the staff were very cooperative in dealing with the patients as told by the patients themselves. The doctors took their time with each patient; clearly explaining their conditions and giving them their necessary medication. All the patients felt extremely delighted about this Medical Camp. Fr. Lourduraj and the staff of DGSS arranged a delicious meal for all the doctors and staff during which the Director thanked them for their generosity to the poor of the Poonamallee region, in particular, DGSS children.

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