Canonical Visitation to the Indian Delegation:

Canonical Visitation to the Indian Delegation: Mary Assumed Most Holy
By Mother Serena Ciserani, DSMP

The Guanellian Communities in India are preparing for the Canonical Visitation of Mother Serena Ceserani, DSMP, to each of the Houses run by the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence in the Mary Assumed Most Holy Delegation. This is a time of great joy for each and every Sister as they await a visit from their spiritual mother on earth. In this Jubilee Year of Mercy it is especially meaningful for them to experience the merciful love of God conferred upon them by the woman chosen to guide them in the Guanellian charism. A Canonical Visitation by historical practice offers the superior a chance to see every aspect of the work and daily life of those residing in a particular house. Mother Serena will take the time to meet with the sisters, assess the work being done and provide an evaluation and suggestions for any improvements deemed necessary.
Let us pray for our Guanellian Sisters as they await their respective visits with the anticipation of Pentecost. They will be renewed and invigorated by the presence of their spiritual mother and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

1    Bangalore: Arrival at St. Mary – rest, fellowship
2    Visit to the Blessed Clare House and the Servants of Charity
3    Visit to the Blessed Clare House and the Servants of Charity
4    Departure for Chennai by air. Visit the Servants of Charity
5    Chennai: Visit to the Sacred Heart community
6    Chennai: Visit to the Sacred Heart community
7    Departure for  Eluru, landing in Vijayawada:
8    Eluru: Celebration – AM: Blessing the House. PM: visit the Servants of Charity
9    Eluru: Visit the two communities
10    Departure for Cuddalore
11    Cuddalore: Visit the Community
12    Cuddalore: Visit the Community
13    AM Departure for Kumbakonam: Visit the St. Louis House and visit the Servants of Charity
14    Visit the St. Louis House
15    Kuthalam: Saint Francis de Sales
16    Kumbakonam: Visit Bethany House
17    Travel to Chennai by car and fly to Bangalore
18    Bangalore: Day of prayer and meeting the perpetual professed sisters
19    Bangalore: Perpetual Professions
20    Bangalore: Memorial of Blessed Clare Bosatta on the 25th anniversary of her Beatification. Meet and celebrate with the Sisters.
21    Flight to Trivandrum, Kanyakumari: Visit the Community
22    Kanyakumari: Visit the Community
23    Kanyakumari: Visit the Community
24    Flight to Bangalore from Trivandrum. Arrival at St. Joseph Nivas
25    Bangalore: St. Joseph Nivas: Visit the community and Novitiate
26    Bangalore: St. Joseph Nivas: Visit the community and Novitiate
27    Bangalore: St. Joseph Nivas: Visit the community and Novitiate
28    Bangalore: Visit the Shivaji Nagar Community
29    Bangalore: Visit the St. Mary Community
30    Bangalore: Visit the St. Mary Community
2    Delegation Council meeting
3    Delegation Council meeting
4    Flight to Rome via Emirates


Mother Serena Visits the Philippines

Manila – The Mother General of the Guanellian Sisters, the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence, Mother Serena Ciserani and her General Councilor, Sr. Carla, paid a canonical visit to their communities in the Philippines March 19th- 30th. Mother Serena and Sr. Carla also visited both communities of the Servants of Charity in Legazpi and Manila. In Legazpi, they witnessed the different ministries, visited the Provincial and City Jail where Fr. Nevis is the chaplain; met with Bishop Joel Baylon, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Legazpi.Mother Serena visit

On March 24th, Anniversary of the First Religious Profession of the Servants of Charity, Vespers and Holy Mass were celebrated followed by a simple supper and a short program. During the program, she gave an inspirational message reminding the group of the importance of deepening of collaboration between the “Daughters and the Servants.” She urged the sisters to help the Servants every Sunday in some of their ministries. She recommended that all novices should spend time with the residents at Guanella Home for Special Children. At the end of her message, she and the other sisters sang a song to Mama Mary in Italian. We thank the Mother General for her passion for the Lord and for the mission. We pray that the Lord may continue to bless her with good health, deeper wisdom and stronger faith during her office.