Music Class

Sivagangai – The finest music often comes out of the saddest moments in life. As the postulancy program began with great joy and pleasure by the ways of the heart of St. Louis Guanella, July 7th-9th a music class was conducted for the brothers to improve their quality of learning music with special care. Fr. Arputha Raj, SdC, was invited to teach the music class. He led the class with full involvement and commitment. He enlightened their minds to assimilate music in many possible ways. Karnatic and Western lessons were taught through scales and mind blowing songs. “Music is a universal language of mankind,” he said. At the very atmosphere we nourished our minds and thoughts through his homily. All those who participated benefited by this music and vocal class.

More than Just a Band

Cuddalore – The students of Don Guanella Boys Home enjoy listening to and playing band music, a popular art in India. It is truly a blessing that the boys are given the chance to play in a band. They are learning their instruments, practicing often and playing for outside functions. In November the boys went to participate in a local festival. They performed very well. Even though they are small in the size, they play music like well organized professionals.