Vision and Mission

Mysore – Retreat reminds us to refresh ourselves. It was a time for all of us to wait and look to our past and gain strength for the future that God enfolds to us. On April 24th, the Philosophy students and Regency Brothers gathered for retreat at Preethiya Sevakaru. The five-day retreat, was led by Fr. Chandra Nevis, SdC. He enlightened us with his Biblical knowledge, use of current technology, and healing and popular devotions of our Founder. When the retreat ended, the brothers departed to their communities with faith filled hearts and strength. They also expressed their sincere thanks to Fr. Benson, Rector of the Minor Seminary, for his hospitality and support throughout the retreat


Well Begun Is Half Done

Mysore – With the blessings of the Merciful Father and St. Louis Guanella, Preethiya Sevakaru Evening School was officially inaugurated for the 2016-17 school year on August 5th. The program began with fifty-eight excited children gathered. They enjoyed the simple benevolence of the Guanellian family. Miss Shilpa and Mr. Nagendra, teachers of the evening school, along with the brothers, prepared the children for the celebration. The children exhibited their talents through dancing, singing and skits. The village officials were present to honor and encourage the children by their presence. After the simple introduction the meeting was arranged to plan the new academic year focusing on behavior, studies, health and extracurricular activities. Study materials were given to the children and after a simple snack and prayer the gathering dispersed with the promise of a better future.

A Picnic with Friends

Mysore – With great anticipation, the children and staff of Don Guanella Evening School went on a picnic March 22nd. They went to a zoo, a palace, St. Philomena’s Cathedral and Brindavanam Garden in Mysore. The children really enjoyed visiting these places and spent ample time sightseeing, dancing, singing and playing. It was a memorable day for the children and they all were very happy to have seen these places.

Mysore -pilgrimage 3 Mysore -pilgrimage Mysore -pilgrimage 2

Annual Day Celebration

Mysore - Annual Day 1Mysore – The Annual Day Celebration on March 20th at Don Guanella Evening School was a joyful day for the children. About 45 children, the village presidents and the Guanellian priests and brothers were present.  The children exhibited their talents through song, speech and comedy skits. They were given prizes for their academic excellence for the 2014-2015 year. This year the award for best student of the present academic year was inaugurated. Each child in the evening school program was given a book bag and the Annual Day celebration ended with tea and snacks.

Talents Revealed at English Academy

Mysore – The Preethiya Sevakaru formation house held English Academy on Jan 18th. Fr. Charles Pro, the rector of Kopaka Minor Seminary, adorned the occasion. Johnson and David Kumar delivered speeches on friendship and joint family. James presented a solo dance, while Charles exhibited his singing talent. The program was emceed by John Sagayaraj. In his presidential address Fr. Charles congratulated and encouraged the candidates and gave his choicest blessings.Mysore 1

Celebration of Children’s Day

Mysore – Don Guanella Evening School celebrated the Founder’s feast and Children’s Day together on November 12th. Fr. Assisi and the villagers were the special invitees for the event. St. Guanella’s life history was exhibited to the onlookers. The children displayed their talents through various cultural programs and prizes were distributed. Fr. Leo and some of the young seminarians organized the event. Mysore child day 1 Mysore cild day 6 Mysore child day 5 Mysore child day 4 Mysore child day 3 Mysore child day 2

March in Mysore

Mysore – Preethiya Sevakaru was busy and happily preparing to welcome Fr. Alfonso Crippa, Superior General. Fr. Crippa, Fr. Provincial Soosai and Fr.Mysore 1 Gnanaraj, the Superior of GPN community arrived on March 3rd with a very solemn welcome. They had a good time meeting the Confreres and brothers. They were taken to see the newly purchased land and were pleased. A solemn Mass was celebrated by Fr. Crippa and the visit ended with a solemn dinner.

Nearly 40 children of the Don Guanella Evening School went on a picnic with the brothers and visited Chamundi Hills, Tipu Sultan Palace and Sangam Boat House. They all expressed their joy in sharing their meals, dances, songs and games.Mysore 2

“The harvest is plenty but the laborers are very few,” the words of our Lord Jesus took Fr. Leo Joseph and Bro. Johnson fishing for vocations in the diocese of Bellary 500 kms from Mysore. It was the first time the Priest and the people heard about the Servants of Charity. Some young students showed an interest in our seminary. The vocation drive was useful in gaining insight about the people.

VBS Book on Guanella Released

Mysore – Tamil Nadu Biblical Catechetic Liturgical Center Releases a book each year on the life of a saint and this year they requested Guanella Communication Center to present the life of St. Louis Guanella. Fr. Provincial accepted the request and granted permission and financial aid for printing. This is a great opportunity to spread our founders life, mission and charism throughout Tamil Nadu into the hands of children; opening the gates for vocations to the congregation. Each of the 19 dioceses in Tamil Nadu will receive 500 copies for use in Vacation Bible School classes conducted during the month of May. Thanks to TNBCLC, Rev. Fr. Dellus in particular for proposing our Founder this year. VBS biography

One Nation, One People

Mysore – The 67th Independence Day of India was celebrated with true patriotism; giving honor to the National Flag. Preethiya Sevakaru House, Harohalli, joyously celebrated the country’s independence with the evening school students. 90 children participated in the flag procession, oath ceremony and games. A girl named Sanjana delivered a wonderful freedom speech. The Servants of Charity priests and brothers distributed academic supplies, including notepads, books, pens, pencils, erasers, and bags, to all the children of the village. The village members must be commended for their co-operation and collaboration with the Guanellian Mission. The benefactors are also greatly appreciated for their generous contributions for the welfare of these children.

Fishers of Men

Indian priest s with new aspriant and his family

Indian priest s with new aspriant and his family

Indian priest and family of an aspirant








Mysore – ‘Preeethiya Sevakaru,’ the house for vocation discernment, has received 15 new candidates this year. Through trust in Divine Providence and the work of the confreres during May, candidates were found even in Raichur, Diocese of Bellary. The priests visited families of the brothers in Mysore as well as families of the new candidates. Best wishes to Fr. Louis Baskar as he departs for his new mission in Brazil after two years of valuable service at Preethiya Sevakaru. On June 10th an Evening School was launched at Jaipura. There are currently 40 children in the program.

Two Indian priests with 20 young men aspiring to the priesthood