Sagrada Familia Participates in Audit

Legazpi – Disability audits are a part of the activities during National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week celebrations. Establishments such as food chains, malls, offices and public places are visited by a group of representatives from DOJ, DILG, DPH, CHR, DENR, SIMON of CYRENE and SAGRADA FAMILIA, which checks if these establishments comply with the accessibility laws. The ramps, parking area, priority lane, discounts and comfort rooms are also being evaluated. Proper measurements of ramps and comfort rooms are also evaluated in order to be accessible for PWDs. For those buildings operating without proper accessibility, a report is given to the engineering department for them to validate, which may result in cancellation of the permit to operate for non – compliance of the law. For those who comply, a certificate of compliance is awarded to show their support to our brother’s and sister’s with disabilities.


Disability Prevention Week

Manila – This year’s Annual National Disability Prevention Week theme is Karapatan ng May kapansanan, Isakatuparan … Now Na! (Implement the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Now!) The theme focuses on the realization of the fundamental freedom and rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as provided for in existing international mandates and national laws. The National Celebration aims to stimulate public awareness on the issues and problems of disability. Hence, everyone is encouraged to take an active role in the upliftment of the economic and social conditions of PWDs in the Philippines. At Guanella Center, a seminar was given on Behavior Modification and Sensory Integration, Parade and Special Olympics, and Song and Dance Program.

National Disability Prevention Week

Manila NDPW 3 Manila NDPW 2 Manila NDPW 1Manila – The Servants of Charity and Guanella Center celebrated National Disability Prevention Week July 14-20th. Different activities in view of this annual celebration were executed to promote awareness of the importance of caring for our children and adults with disabilities. At Guanella Center, a talk by one of our volunteers was organized for parents, staff and caregivers of our children. A two-day Special Olympics was enjoyed by everyone but most especially by the special children. They were divided into different groups with their corresponding colors. A Eucharistic Celebration organized by the National Council for Disability Affairs was held at Quezon City Hall participated by different government and non-government organizations including our own group. One of our residents with Down’s Syndrome, Raffy Docena, was an altar server.