Good Children Improve Environment

Mentally ill residents of Nazareth Illam

Mentally ill residents of Nazareth IllamThalavadi – Throughout July, the residents of Nazareth Illam undertook a great task; eradicating Parthinium and other unhealthy plants in and around the campus. Parthinium can cause many health problems: wheezing, cancer, skin allergies, sinus, etc. With the help of the mentally ill residents, the plants were removed, the environment improved, and the awareness of the neighbors was heightened. This activity is a great benefit to the entire community. Please continue to support them with your prayers.


Campus ‘Going Green’

preparing rice plants in India

preparing rice plants in IndiaCuddalore – After cyclone Thane crossed Cuddalore, leaving its destructive impact on the campus, St. Joseph’s Seminary and Don Guanella Boys Home have slowly worked to return both places to normalcy. Broken, dead trees and plants were removed and replaced with fresh young plants; vast lands were converted to rice fields and part of the land is being prepared for hundreds of fruit yielding plants that will soon be planted. The whole campus has turned green.

See How Our Garden Grows

Staff and residents work together in garden
Staff and residents work together in garden
The staff and residents worked together to get the majority of the plants in place for the new Tranquility Garden at the St. Louis Center.

Chelsea– May 25, 2012 was an amazing day. Many plants made their way into the ground of the Tranquility Garden at the St. Louis Center. Twelve residents helped, ok…some watched, 3 mothers and several staff members were on hand to help pull the garden into shape. There are still a few missing plants from the original design, but they will be added sometime next week. A local teen is planning his Eagle Scout project around the stones for the paths in the garden.