Your Face, O Lord, I Seek… in His Will is our Peace!

Fr. Soosai gives a gift to a student

We are in the joyous season of Easter and, as consecrated persons, our search that leads to the experience of peace, “in His will is our peace.”

As you come to know the New Religious Assignment proposals in our communities, we seek together and carry out God’s will generously and, for that, we need to grow positively in fostering our free will. We are all believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and in the God of Jesus Christ who, “although he was a son, he learned obedience.” Abraham left comfort and security and, without hesitation, he “obeyed and went” even when obedience was difficult. His faith is an example for all of us. Obedience means to hear with glad acceptance. The vow of obedience is undertaken in a spirit of faith and love.

In the present cultural context, we are tempted to search for personal well-being and to show a “Why me?” and a “but” attitude. Following the advice of the Founder, we obey not merely out of servile fear or out of human submissiveness, but we strive to obey like sons in order to please the heart of the Father.

When we look at religious assignments, we look at the good of the confrere, the good of the community and the service of the poor. We could compare our journey to an “Exodus” which is guided by the cloud, both bright and obscure, of the Spirit of God. Are we willing to obey God even when it’s not easy and when we don’t understand? “Gli occhi hanno pianto vedono meglio” (eyes which shed tears will see better). We obey by spending time in prayer, listening as well as speaking, and by allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to us. Our beloved Holy Father Francis says, “Obedience is the means by which a man puts himself at the service of another.”

Through St. Joseph the Worker, we can learn and appreciate the value of all that is humble, simple, hidden and, above all, to work according to God’s will. Thank you for hearing and accepting the new assignment proposals. May our Blessed Mother, perfect model of obedience, bless your generosity of mind and heart!


From the Provincial

Fr. Soosai Rathinam, SdC

As I visit our confreres in the United States in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, I send greetings and blessings.

How is greatness recognized in the modern world? Very often, it happens when the media highlights a person’s life’s activities, or an award is given out by the government or an organization. However where St. Joseph was concerned, he was a man of few words. An action oriented man of silence and virtue, who’s self giving was total and unconditional.

St. Joseph was considered the model of perfect Christian life, and lived an authentic and integral life as a magnanimous person. He was a man of obedience, only speaking of the most essential things when it was time to “arise and start.” He was both prompt and dynamic. St. Joseph was the “Father” of the New Evangelization, who could preach without preaching.

Finally, remember that this month, (March 2013), we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the approval of the Pious Union of St. Joseph by Pope Pious X, the Vicar of Rome.


chair_of_peterA Prayer for the Church

 “Grant, Lord Jesus, in Your boundless love for us,

A new pope for Your Church

Who will please You by his holiness

And lead us faithfully to You,

Who are the same yesterday, today, and forever.”