Parish Welcomes Superior

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Cuddalore – On February 16th, the Superior General, Secretary General and Provincial Superior visited Sahaya Matha Church. The parishioners were happy to welcome them and participate in the holy mass offered for the people of God. After the mass, the newly elected parish council organized a short program for them including the presentation of a traditional shawl and small gift to each major superiors. The people were pleased with the well-organized event.

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Bible Sunday

Priests and Parishioners read Bible

Priests and Parishioners read BibleCuddalore – November 10th was a Bible Day celebration at Sagaya Matha Parish. All the parishioners were instructed to bring their Bible with them for Sunday Mass. During the time for the homily, homage was paid to the Bible, a lot of instructions were given and many questions were asked in order to create interest in reading the bible. Everyone enthusiastically participated and prizes were given to those who answered questions. It was a wonderful celebration.

Dignitaries Visit

Bishop of Eluru Diocese visits Sacred heart Church, Vatluru

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Vatluru – The community was happy to receive Rev. Fr. Umberto Brugnoni, the Vice General of the Servants of Charity, August 14-15th. The purpose of his visit was to experience the mission of the confreres; the compassionate pastoral care for the people, giving paternal love of the Father to orphan boys and elderly people. He also witnessed the hospitality and the love of the confreres, boys and the parishioners. His presence rejuvenated their spirits.

August 18th was a remarkable day for the faithful of Vatluru, the 2nd Bishop of the Eluru Diocese, a seat which was vacant for 4 years, His grace, Very Rev. Polimela Jayarao visited Sacred Heart Church. He presided over Holy Mass for about 2500 people. The Bishop was impressed by the faith and the love of his flock and the mission of the Guanellians. After mass the pious groups of the parish honored the bishop and shared a Festival meal of lemon rice to end the celebration.

Silver Jubilee for Fr. Peter Di Tullio

Fr. Peter Di Tullio

E. PROVIDENCE – On September 29th, Sacred Heart Parish celebrated a public tribute to Fr. Peter Di Tullio, SdC, for his 25 years as Pastor of their parish. It was like a Silver Jubilee that a family celebrates in honor of 25 years of fidelity, hard work, and love. Many parishioners and friends (some even from the Philadelphia area) attended the Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner. It was an honor to have him as pastor for so many years of fruitful ministry and friendship. It is not that he is going to retire to Florida or somewhere else. His Superiors, in accord with the local Bishop, asked him to stay and help his successor. He will remain for many years to come, enjoying his Guanellian apostolate more than ever. Once again, Fr. Peter, our heartfelt thanks to you. May the Lord bless and reward you.

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