Children Celebrate Christmas

Legazpi – The jubilation continued for several days when the Annual STEP Christmas Party was celebrated with the families of our students. The traditional “Nativity-Tableau” performed by the “good children” solemnly opened the program of the day. At the same time, the Physical Therapy department celebrated their Christmas Party with patients who had been coming for treatment. Soon the merrymaking began with Christmas songs, dances and games to give life to everyone. There was never a dull moment, although there was stormy weather outside. The simple joys of gift giving filled everyone’s hearts with gratitude for the coming of the Lord Jesus who is the source of all joys and hopes.


National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

Filipino children performing

Filipino children performingLegazpi – With the theme, “Building an Inclusive and Non-Handicapping Environment for Persons with Disabilities” the Department of Justice chose Harong Kan Sagrada Familia as the venue for the NDPR week celebration on July 17, 2013. The pavilion at HKSF was very practical for the event; everyone was able to move about in this environment. On this special occasion all the government and non-government organizations for persons with disabilities in the Legazpi City area participated, even taking turns entertaining the audience. The people were captivated by the performances of the differently abled children. It was a day of realization that an inclusive society accommodates a diversity of people, their needs, abilities and aspirations. It is very apparent that there is a concern for persons with disabilities in this country.