German Generosity Supports the Poor

On March 15th during a meeting at the St.Trudpert Abbey in Münstertal, we celebrated the 80th birthday and 50 years of Religious Profession of the Pious Union Director, Sister Bernita A generous donation for our Good Samaritan Pharmacy has been transferred to Brother Mauro in Manila as a result. With these funds, he’ll be able to purchase more life saving medicine. Just this week a young boy was successfully treated; thanks also to continuous support of the Pious Union and two German doctors he survived the complicated operation.
On March 16th we paid a visit to the bishop’s office in Freiburg to hand over a formal request for financial sponsorship of the 26 Indian and 4 Filipino Theology Students.
Gero Lombardo, German Guanellian Procure.


Family Day

procession for May Crowning 2014PUSJ

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Grass Lake – Family Day at the Pious Union was held on May 18th. After Mass, the large group of active participants including adults and children processed to the Grotto of Lourdes singing hymns in honor of Mary along the way. A large Rosary was drawn on the asphalt to help organize the ‘Living Rosary.’ Five adults presented the intentions of the mysteries while the Hail Marys were led by the children standing on the Rosary beads. To complete the devotion, the statue of the Madonna was crowned and the entire group recited the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Fr. Paul released a white dove as white balloons carrying each person’s prayer ascended into the sky. The afternoon came to a close after a potluck lunch was shared. It was a new step in the journey of the local church, those committed to deepening and living in a family environment that rests on reasons for faith and witness.

Pious Union of St. Joseph

Pious Union sign in India

Pious Union sign in IndiaThe Pious Union of St. Joseph, a confraternity of Prayer for the Sick, Suffering and dying was founded by St. Louis Guanella at St. Joseph’s Basilica in Rome in the year 1914. Pope Pius X approved the movement and became its first member.  St. Joseph is the universal patron of the dying and the Pious Union of St. Joseph works under his patronage. The Pious Union of St. Joseph is spread throughout the world in many nations and the prime motive of the movement is to pray for the good health of the sick, a good death for the suffering and dying and for the salvation of departed souls.

The Movement has a GOLDEN BOOK, in which all the names of the sick and suffering are written and the movement offers continuous prayer for them. There are regular masses, Adoration, Rosaries and group prayers organized in the Guanellian Communities in India.

  • Every Wednesday 6 to 7 pm Adoration to pray for the sick, suffering and dying.
  • Every First Friday, Holy Mass for the sick, suffering and dying.

If you would like to become a member of the Pious Union of St. Joseph, contact the nearest Guanellian Religious Community in India. Your name will be enrolled and members will pray for the beloved sick and suffering amongst your family, relatives and friends.