Mercy Camp

Chennai – To make the year of mercy more meaningful, the Chennai Guanellian community arranged a free medical and eye camp September 3rd-4th. It was mainly set up for the poor in and around Poonamallee, including the homeless, slum dwellers, special children and other destitute. This program was efficiently run by the confreres, staff, and various volunteer groups such as, ‘Feed the Needy’ and ‘Care and Welfare’. In particular, the contribution of Guanellian Youth member Dr. Maria was indispensable. Hundreds of people benefited from this work of mercy. Mercy is contagious, it just passes from hearts to hearts; a divine infection for a divine healing. All praise be to God!


DGSS Hosts Dental Camp

Dentists examine patient

Dentists examine a patient at a dental campChennai – Don Guanella Special School was delighted to receive Dr. Ramesh, Dr. Malarvizhi and their dental team to give free dental checkups to the poor, religious and good children. They started the day with a short prayer song played on a projector and a prayer recited by Dr. Ramesh. The Doctors started checking all the patients, who felt immensely joyful with the quality service of the dental team. Each patient was called by name and checked without hesitation. Some of the good children were mischievous during the exam; but the doctors had patience to complete the checkup. The parents were happy to receive free medicine to give to their children. Dr. Ramesh and team brought food for the good children; and after the camp, a delicious meal was arranged for everyone. The team remained until 8 pm; even giving free medicine to the poor people of the Poonamallee region (Open House Ministry).

DGMS on a Mission

Chennai – In order to gain pastoral experience from the theological Seminary, Don Guanella Major Seminary brothers went to the rural villages of Tamil Nadu for camp. Theology students had one week and the first year students had ten days of exposure guided by the professors of Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamalle. They went to villages like Aarambakkam, Naidukuppam and Thandalam to make a social, cultural and economic analysis of marginalized people. Theology Students were entrusted with pastoral care led and organized in accordance with the Basic Christian Communities. They were sent to various parishes in the Vellore Diocese and exposed to the realities of alternative ministries like cancer institute, tribal welfare institute, prison ministry, refugee camp; experiencing the struggles and daily problems of the people. These situations made theology not only an academic subject but a personal encounter with Christ.

Fr. Umberto Brugnoni Visits

Fr. Brugnoni meets the eldery of Poonamallee

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Poonamallee – The poor people are invited to Don Guanella Special School for Mass and meals every Sunday. On August 4th Fr. Umberto Brugnoni visited and celebrated Mass for them. He declared that this house is for the poor people who are treasures of the congregation, and he invited all the aged people to come to the house at any time. He played party games and ate with the elderly after Mass.

ACS Medical Camp at DGSS

Doctor examines a small Indian boy

Chennai – Don Guanella Special School (DGSS) in Karayanchavadi, Poonamallee, became a place for a Free Medical Camp organized by A. C. S. Medical College. All the DGSS children and their parents consulted with doctors during a health checkup under the guidance of DGSS Director, Rev. Fr. S. A. Lourduraj, regent brothers and the teaching staff. The children of Don Guanella Evening School (DGES) and their parents were also invited for the medical camp. The doctors and the staff were very cooperative in dealing with the patients as told by the patients themselves. The doctors took their time with each patient; clearly explaining their conditions and giving them their necessary medication. All the patients felt extremely delighted about this Medical Camp. Fr. Lourduraj and the staff of DGSS arranged a delicious meal for all the doctors and staff during which the Director thanked them for their generosity to the poor of the Poonamallee region, in particular, DGSS children.

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