Parish Feast

Kumbakonam - parish feastKumbakonam – It was indeed a great joy for our Parish to celebrate the Parish Feast of Our Lady of Divine Providence. The feast began on May 7th with a flag hoisting and solemn Mass celebrated by Fr. T. Deva Doss, VF. For each of the seven days of novena the Rosary was prayed followed by a Novena Mass celebrated by diocesan and other religious priests. During the homily, the priests shared their reflections on Mother Mary and the virtues that we must learn from her. Every day after Holy Mass, the parish people shared different sweets and snacks with one another. The culmination of the celebration was on the eve of May 12th. Msgr. A. Amirthasamay, Vicar General of Kumbakonam, presided over the solemn Mass and blessed the procession which followed. The car carrying the statue of Our Lady of Divine Providence was processed through the streets of our substations. On the following day, Fr. M. Phillip Santiagu, Procurator of Kumbakonam, celebrated the feast day Mass and lowered the flag ending the celebration. The guidance of the Parish Priests, Parish Council, and Pious groups made this celebration a successful and fruitful one, bringing us the intercession of Our Lady of Divine Providence and the grace of her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Grand Marian Procession

Manila – The 36th Intramuros Grand Marian Procession was held December 6th. Organized by the Cofradia and Manila Cathedral, the Grand Marian Procession shows the deep devotion of the Filipino people to Mary, the Mother of our Lord. Ninety Six statues of Mama Mary from many places around the country were venerated during the procession. For the first time, our own Guanellian seminarians were given the chance to serve during the procession. It was a bit tiring for them because the procession lasted for five hours but it was worth the sacrifice offered to Mary, our Mother and Model of holiness and fidelity.

Pilgrimage of Holy Articles Continues

sivagangai - SLG visit 1Sivagangai – The holy articles of St. Guanella arrived in the Yesuvanam community on September 21st; filling the confreres, teachers and students with joy in his presence. To begin the solemn event, a procession was led down the main road to Anbagam while participants recited the Rosary asking for the blessings of St. Guanella. The solemn Mass was presided over by Fr. Kulandaisamy with all religious community priests, sisters, GLM members, Co-operators, good children, St. Guanella Kanmanigal Evening School children and local faithful participating. Fr. Amalorpavanathan gave an amazing homily, sketching out the future vision of St. Guanella, sharing the details of his miracles and inspiring everyone to pray for the intercession of St. Louis Guanella. Fr. Kulandaisamy led a prayer service after Mass and each person had the opportunity to touch the holy articles and venerate him especially praying for their disease and illness.

Procession to Honor Mary

Legazpi2Legazpi – On a cloudy afternoon September 5th, Fr. Battista Omodei, the novices and aspirants led a procession of the Blessed Mother into a remote area in the Legazpi City vicinity. With strong Marian devotion though the weather was not stable, parents and their children joined the procession. Accompanied by musical instruments devotees were delighted in singing praises to Mary entitled “Rosas Nin Pagkamoot” or “Rose of Love.” This traditional Marian Bicol song inspired each devotee to look at Mama Mary as our “Ina” or “Mother.” We are grateful to God for planting into each heart the love for a Mother; love for Mama Mary, and the desire to carry out this kind of apostolate. This activity is just one of the many Marian festivities in the Bicol Province.

Car Procession for Founder

Sagaya Matha Car ProcessionCuddalore – Being the Centenary year of Our Founder, St. Louis Guanella’s Birth in Heaven and Plenary intentions being given to Sagaya Matha Church by the Pope, the Parish Pastoral Council has decided to have a car procession of the Founder around the Church on every first Friday of the month. November 7th was the first, the GLM members were happy to take the founder’s statue around the parish church. This is the first group that volunteered to animate the liturgy and conduct the car procession. It was well organized by the GLM members and people actively took part in it. They received special blessings on that day.


Clubbing group processes to Grotto

Adoration at PUSJGrass Lake – In line with our spirituality and mission we are offering the local Church some spiritual activities for the benefit of youth, families, sick and aging persons. Among them is an overnight monthly adoration at the Shrine of St. Joseph. The third “Clubbing with Jesus” was on August 17th. The atmosphere of faith and the devotion of the participants impressed those joining for the first time. They were touched by the prayers, music and moments of silent contemplation of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. At midnight the Rosary was prayed while walking from the Grotto to the Shrine and carrying the image of the Blessed Mother. The next “Clubbing with Jesus” will be on September 22nd beginning at 8:00pm with Mass and ending the next morning at 4:00am.Clubbing group processes to Grotto