Advent Preparations

Legazpi – An Advent Recollection, General Assembly and Christmas Party was held at St. Agnes Academy for all religious communities in the Legazpi Diocese. Most Rev. Monsignor Weng started the recollection by sharing the meaning of the Advent season. He summarized and addressed the readings and Gospels during Advent. Mass was the next activity, presided by the Most Rev. Joel. Z. Baylon, D.D. After that, every member finalized the regulations and the name of the new organization. At the end of the event, everyone exchanged gifts with one another.


Towards Sanctification of the Soul

Bangalore – Recollection is a time to build up our personality and spirituality. Individuality is assembled with all the little pieces collected from the past and through in depth spiritual reflection. Therefore, the past can help us to bring changes in our lives for the spiritual enrichment. The body and soul are inseparably united, the purification of which is essentially demanded of us as Christians. While the inner spirit is revived, both soul and body are cleansed of all stains of sin. To achieve this goal, St. Guanella Mercy Church planned a Recollection on April 2nd for the Guanellian Lay Movement and parishioners. Fr. Benson, SdC, was invited as preacher, motivating the group with his Spiritual sessions by making them realize their journey of life and prompted each to come closer to God. During Eucharistic Adoration in a special way people praised and thanked God. Meanwhile, they were meditating and preparing themselves for Confession, the most important Spiritual activity to prepare them for Holy Week and peaceful participation in the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord. The day ended with the solemn Eucharistic Mass celebrated by Fr. Gnanraj, Rector and Superior of the GPN Community. The faithful had a fruitful experience through this Spiritual event.

Preparing to Answer God’s Call

Manila – The Servants of Charity aspirants and postulants had a day of spiritual recollection in Tanay, Rizal July 8th. As part of the preparation for their Day of Acceptance (for new aspirants and postulants) and beginning of the new academic year (for current seminarians), the recollection was facilitated by Fr. Charlton focusing on the theme of vocation and responding to God’s invitation. During that day also, the group visited a nearby place of pilgrimage, the Regina Rica. Situated in a hilly area of Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, the place is a sanctuary for prayer and solitude.recollection2

Advent Recollection 2015

Manila – The  annual  Advent  recollection of the Servants of Charity was held December 5th. It was attended by the Guanellian Lay Cooperators, staff and volunteers, friends of the community, benefactors, seminarians and the religious community. About sixty people  participated in the retreat, focusing on the challenge of Advent waiting in joyful expectation of the coming of the Messiah and having a change of heart. The event began with Holy Mass. The recollection was facilitated by Sr. Julie Popera, a Carmelite Missionary Sister. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was also made available after lunch.

Celebrating the feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Cuddalore – At St. Joseph’s Seminary on the feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, June 12th, the confreres participated in Recollection which included a Renewal of Vows during the Holy Eucharistic celebration. To open the day, a session was lead by Rev. Fr. Dominic Rosario, where he encouraged strength to be united with the Word of God and how to live the priestly life. Adoration and confession followed and the day concluded with  Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. S. P. Visuvasam, superior of the Cuddalore community. Nearly 15 confreres  participated in this unforgettable event.Cuddalore - renewal of vows

Canonical Visit at Yesuvanam

Sivagangai 1Sivangagi – October was very special to all Guanellians because it is the month of the Founder. It was especially so for the Yesuvanam community because the Provincial Superior visited them October 8-10th. During the three days of his canonical visit, he enlightened and enriched the entire community. The visit began with recollection and Mass. The confreres from Dindugal, Madurai and Yesuvanam gathered at Soosai Thottam, for a one day Recollection led by Fr. Soosai. He gave a talk on belongingness and fraternal living from the “Bond of Charity”. After the Recollection, the confreres met the Archbishop of Madurai, Rev. Dr. Anthony Pappusamy, they celebrated Holy Mass followed by lunch. On Oct 9th Fr. Soosai personally met each priest and seminarian at Yesuvanam. The visit was complete when the confreres met the Bishop of Sivagangai, Rev. Dr. Soosai Manikam.

GLM Models the Holy Family

GLM Bangalore 1 GLM Bangalore 2Bangalore – On Sunday, August 10th, the local Guanellian Lay Movement gathered for their monthly Recollection presented by Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior. The theme of the recollection was family life. He said that each family is like a small church, rooted in the Universal Church. In order to develop this small church, each family needs to foster the qualities of the Holy family of Nazareth which exemplifies mutual understanding, mutual love and concern in order to bring salvation to suffering humanity. Further he stressed the importance of using the words of tranquility when communicating, they create a bond of charity which unites and which highlights the values and dignity of each individual in society. Fr. Soosai also brought forth the new document of Pope Francis which speaks about the importance of family life. The Recollection ended with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gnanaraj, the local superior, and Fr. Bakthis, the animator of GLM. Following Mass, they also had a meeting to discuss the future vision of the GLM mission. They shared a meal before departing.

Faith Walk

600 people gathered for prayer and recollection in India.

600 people gathered for prayer and recollection in India.Sivagangai – Prayer is the unique experience that can strengthen as well as widen our relationship with God the Father. In order to deepen such experience, in the season of repentance, the parish of Bosco Mayyam, Pallithammam organized a ‘Faith Walk’ where the parishioners from each village, more than 600 faithful, walked and gathered as one in Yesuvanam for one day recollection. Fr. Pakiyanathan, the director of Vianney Pastoral Center, Sivagangai was the preacher of that special day. His simple and practical sharing of the word of God was enlightening. The faithful ultimately felt one with his message and spent the day in unity by participating with genuine heart in the sessions, adoration, Eucharistic celebration and purifying themselves by making a sincere confession. The faithful experienced the mission activities of the Yesuvanam community and walked home filled with joy and satisfaction.Fr. Pakiyanathan, the director of Vianney Pastoral Center, Sivagangai preaches to a crowd of 600 people from nearby villages