Parents Flocked to DGBH

Indian priest addresses parent group

Indian priest addresses parent groupCuddalore – Don Guanella Boys home invited the parents and guardians of the students to gather on August 25th. Parents lit the traditional Kuthu Vilakku to begin the event. The students entertained their parents and relatives with colorful dances and songs. In his address Fr. Visuvasam, Superior and Director, stressed the importance of the role of families in educating their children. He said that only through better education the next generation could face the future with confidence. He encouraged the students to strive for their full potential in their studies. Current events are red flags that society is not much safer for the children; violence is being pushed on them. To keep them safe from outside dangers, Fr. Visuwasam proposed a new procedure for pick up and drop off, the parents must come in person with a signed letter to take the children home and drop them off. The parents agreed and one mother expressed her gratitude to the priests for involving the parents in educating and guiding the children.

About a hundred parents took part in this event.