GLM Visit Thalavadi

People in Thalavadi eating lunch

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Bangalore – The first service project of the Guanellian Lay Movement was a visit to the Rehabilitation Center at Thalavadi on September 21st. The purpose was to understand the mission of other centers and contribute in whatever way possible. The GLM collected goods; clothes, money, food, and toiletries, carrying all they could. Fr. Liguori welcomed them on arrival; it was lunchtime and the beneficiaries were introduced. The GLM were amazed by the abilities of these people; walking in unison, helping those in need. It was hard for the GLM to tell if they made any difference to the people there because of their mental illness. Some were happy to see new faces, some not sure how to react and many were totally lost. The GLM were moved and able to understand the struggle of each individual there. But sadness turned to joy as the mentally ill entertained them with some music.