Annual Sports Meet

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home was happy to host the Annual Sports Meet on January 26th. Some events had preliminary preparations on January 2nd. Among the boys, two were chosen to organize the day’s events. The other boys were divided into four groups: Warriors, Adventurers, Rivals and Pirates of the Caribbean. The purpose of the event was to encourage health awareness, team spirit and unity among the boys. They were given time to prepare themselves for each event with support from the fathers. Moreover, it was not like past years, rather, their spirit to build the team in all the events was kindled. The sports meet ended with the team show on Republic Day presided over by Fr. Vincent.Sports Day 2


Republic Day Celebrated

Cuddalore – The Republic Day celebration at St. Joseph’s Seminary was on January 26th. It began with Solemn Mass celebrated by Fr. Paul Francis. Following Mass, the National Flag was hoisted by Fr. John Paul Britto and a competition was conducted between the junior and senior seminarians. The students demonstrated yoga and karate, led a parade, and performed a skit portraying discrimination existing in different forms, in particular against differently-abled persons. A football match was the final event on this joyful day.Republic Day (2)

66th Republic Day

Yesuvanam – On January 26th India celebrated its 66th Republic day. To show our gratitude and respect to the Nation, the Republic Day was celebrated at St. Guanella Anbagam. The chief Guest was Mr. Arockiasamy, Kalaiyarkovial Chairman. In his speech he said, “so many people sacrificed their lives to establish a Republic for our country. So we must also remember and pray for those people who sacrificed their lives for us.” Then he gave sweets to the children. He was happy to celebrate Republic Day here, it was a memorable day in his life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA