Those who Sow in Tears, Sing as they Reap”

Indian men harvesting rice

Indian men harvesting riceCuddalore – Recalling these words of the Bible, the seminarians of St. Joseph Seminary worked hard to prove it. By the grace of God and His mercy, and much hard work the harvest was bountiful. On October 13th all the confreres contributed according to their capacity; joyful at receiving the fruits as a gift from God. Remembering the words of the Bible, “The laborer deserves his food,” these servants of God received rice for their needs. Because nothing is possible without Him who guides us in our daily lives, thanks is given to God through our prayer.


Campus ‘Going Green’

preparing rice plants in India

preparing rice plants in IndiaCuddalore – After cyclone Thane crossed Cuddalore, leaving its destructive impact on the campus, St. Joseph’s Seminary and Don Guanella Boys Home have slowly worked to return both places to normalcy. Broken, dead trees and plants were removed and replaced with fresh young plants; vast lands were converted to rice fields and part of the land is being prepared for hundreds of fruit yielding plants that will soon be planted. The whole campus has turned green.