Laity Honors St. Guanella

Bangalore – Every year the Guanella Preethi Nivas family proudly celebrates the Novena to our Founder as preparation for his feast. On October 18th the Guanellian Cooperators & Guanellian Lay Movement members lead the Novena. Many members came, though it was a work-day. In our formation we are taught how our Founder clung to the Eucharist to fuel himself to do God’s work, so the evening began with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. During Adoration there was a reading from the Constitutions: articles 1 & 2 and a reading from the Gospel. Fr. Fernandez shared a reflection, he began by asking us if we were proud to be part of the Guanellian Family? When the Church did not trust his vision and his own family didn’t understand him, it was the Laity who encouraged and supported him. They knew Fr. Guanella was doing something extraordinary, good in the eyes of God and they admired his work. Hence, Fr. Guanella believed that where the Clergy & Religious cannot reach, the Laity can and they are an integral part of the Guanellian mission; each might have different opinions, but our Founder confided more in the Laity. The Laity should remember that you have not chosen to do this work but it is God alone who called each one to do his mission. We must remember always to give credit to God alone and He will reward us for our good deeds. On the day of the Feast the foundation stone was laid for a Multipurpose Hall at GPN, this hall will be utilized for the evening tuition children, activities of the aged home and more. As our Founder believed the laity are important for the mission, Fr. Gnanaraj, Superior, and Fr. Adaikalam, Delegate (GC&GLM), had the names of the members written on the bricks, which made them feel more responsible towards the mission and the house, and blessed the site for the future structure. A chariot for St. Guanella was beautifully decorated by the Guanellian Youth. It was blessed and the Religious, laity and benefactors (Christian and otherwise) processed to the Chapel reciting the Rosary. Solemn Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Anthonysamy, Chancellor from the Diocese. There was a sumptuous meal offered to all Feastday participants.


Pilgrimage of Holy Articles Continues

sivagangai - SLG visit 1Sivagangai – The holy articles of St. Guanella arrived in the Yesuvanam community on September 21st; filling the confreres, teachers and students with joy in his presence. To begin the solemn event, a procession was led down the main road to Anbagam while participants recited the Rosary asking for the blessings of St. Guanella. The solemn Mass was presided over by Fr. Kulandaisamy with all religious community priests, sisters, GLM members, Co-operators, good children, St. Guanella Kanmanigal Evening School children and local faithful participating. Fr. Amalorpavanathan gave an amazing homily, sketching out the future vision of St. Guanella, sharing the details of his miracles and inspiring everyone to pray for the intercession of St. Louis Guanella. Fr. Kulandaisamy led a prayer service after Mass and each person had the opportunity to touch the holy articles and venerate him especially praying for their disease and illness.

Preparing for May Flowers

A statue of the Blessed Mother crowned with flowers for the month of May

Manila – May is the month of flowers, and the month in honor of Mary. Like the different parishes throughout the country, Guanella Center hosts a daily catechetical program for children and the praying of the Holy Rosary and offering of flowers to Mary for the whole month of May. Aside from Guanella Center, our staff, volunteers and seminarians are also going to three different chapels to help catechize the children and pray the rosary. These chapels, San Agustin, Pantranco and Roque 2, located in some depressed areas, become the center of evangelization not only for the children but somehow also for their mothers and other adults who sit in once in a while. Our Flores De Mayo activities are always in collaboration with the Flores de Mayo of our parish, San Isidro Labrador. At the end of the month, a traditional annual procession called “Santacruzan” is being held in honor of Mama Mary. flores2 flores

Family Day

procession for May Crowning 2014PUSJ

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Grass Lake – Family Day at the Pious Union was held on May 18th. After Mass, the large group of active participants including adults and children processed to the Grotto of Lourdes singing hymns in honor of Mary along the way. A large Rosary was drawn on the asphalt to help organize the ‘Living Rosary.’ Five adults presented the intentions of the mysteries while the Hail Marys were led by the children standing on the Rosary beads. To complete the devotion, the statue of the Madonna was crowned and the entire group recited the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Fr. Paul released a white dove as white balloons carrying each person’s prayer ascended into the sky. The afternoon came to a close after a potluck lunch was shared. It was a new step in the journey of the local church, those committed to deepening and living in a family environment that rests on reasons for faith and witness.

Come and See

Come and See group at PUSJ Grotto

Grass Lake – The first attempt for young men to experience the Guanellian life style began with five young men coming to live with Fr. Paul and Fr. Satheesh August 15-18th. The “Come and See” experience began on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother. They spent time with the elderly on Friday at Bethany House in Jackson, Michigan. Saturday, they visited St. Louis Center; one of the residents gave a tour of the facility and then the young men played basketball with the residents. Saturday night was a renewal for all as they participated in “Clubbing with Jesus.” During these days, the young men were asked to reflect upon “Call to Holiness” and “Guanellian Ministries.” The “Come and See” program concluded with lunch on Sunday.

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