Bibles for All

Vatluru – It is an amazing gift of God. A well wisher donated 300 Bibles for the people of Sacred Heart Church. They were distributed in more than 8 villages. The people are very happy to hold the whole Bible in their hands during Mass as well as read them at home. Special thanks to the donor and the Guanellians. This is the work of Evangelization.


Lenten Pilgrimage

Kumbakonam – The priests, sisters and parishioners of Divine Providence Parish went on a pilgrimage during Lent. Early Saturday morning, April 1st, the pilgrims departed in two buses heading for Kalpattu. Upon arrival, they ate breakfast and prayed the Way of the Cross. Mass was celebrated at St. Paul the Hermit’s Church before journeying towards Villianur. At the Immaculate Sister’s Convent, the sisters provided the pilgrims with a meal before going to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine for personal prayer and the Rosary. The next stop of the spiritual journey was at Sacred Heart Church for an opportunity to purchase Holy articles such as Rosaries, rings and prayer books. Cuddalore Silver Beach was chosen for an evening in nature and a meditative walk. After relaxing at the beach, the pilgrims headed toward home stopping in Meensurutti for tea and vadai. Through the intercession of St. Paul the Hermit and Our Lady of Lourdes, it was a joyful and spiritual experience for all of the pilgrims.

Evening Schools Filled with Students

Vatluru – Sacred Heart Church has the biggest Oratory program of the area. There are currently 10 centers, 15 teachers and 350 students. This school is in session from July onwards. A meeting was held for the teachers to explain the importance of becoming a part of the Guanellian Family as a Cooperator or GLM member.  The confreres spoke about the practice of the preventive system, joyful atmosphere and preference to the least ones in the tuition centers. The Guanellian Family has provided study materials like boards, notebooks and home work notes, pens, pencils and backpacks for the students. Regular lessons were insisted upon.

New Stations of the Cross

Vatluru -On June 23rd, we inaugurated the Stations of the Cross at Sacred Heart Church. Our Beloved Bishop, Most Rev. Jayarao Polimera, blessed the Stations of the Cross and planted a tree. Holy Mass followed with many priests participating. During Mass the Bishop confirmed 28 children and also gave them first holy communion. A fellowship meal was shared by all during which the Bishop and all who generously donated money and materials for the project were thanked. We thank all our confreres who encouraged and collaborated spiritually for the development of the Good Samaritan parish. For the further development of the parish we introduced the family card system to register their personal information with the parish.

St. Anthony’s Car Procession

Vatluru - St. Anthony feastVatluru – It’s an age old tradition of Sacred Heart church to have a procession around the village in honor of St. Anthony and asking his intercession for good rain. The people, especially the farmers, suffered without sufficient rain this year. Fr. Joseph Peter, parish priest, and the people arranged the car procession on Aug 30th. They decorated the statue of St. Anthony on tractors and after praying they walked around the village and main roads of Valturu, singing hymns and asking for the intercession of the saint. It was an ecumenical celebration as people of other faiths also participated and offered gifts to God. The tractors were loaned by a Hindu brother. They reached the church at the end to say the final thanksgiving prayer.
New vestments were purchased for the alter servers in the parish. Mr. Arjun Rao, a parishioner and catechist donated Rs. 5000 for the cause. We thank him for his generosity and pray for his family and good health.

Year of Faith Closes

Indian children perform skit

Indian children perform skitVatluru – In the diocese of Eluru, the closing of the year of faith was officially celebrated by the Bishops of the dioceses of Eluru and Warangal in Nirmalagiri, the famous Marian shrine on November 15th. The year of faith officially ended at Sacred Heart Church on the Solemnity of Christ the King. Fr. Bosco Rajendra, Chancellor of the Diocese, was the main celebrant. The brothers from DGMS for the immediate preparation for their Perpetual Vows were also present for the Holy Mass. After the gospel they and the parish children performed a skit based on the theme of faith, visualizing the life of Abraham, Mary and St. Louis Guanella.  With candles in their hands the people recited the Creed faithfully.  The seminarians were honored at the end of the mass.

Medical Camp

Bishop greets doctors

Bishop greets doctorsVatluru – In collaboration with St. Joseph’s Dental College and the District Health Officer, Mrs. Dase Rose Mary, a medical camp was held at Sacred Heart Church on September 26th. Around 600 people benefited from the camp. Specialized doctors in dental, optometry, gynecology and general medicine treated the patients with care and patience. Medicines were sponsored by Mrs. Dase and given freely. Most Rev. Polimera Jaya Rao, the Bishop of Eluru was there, visiting the people and doctors. He was in full praise of the effort by Fr. Joseph Peter, the parish priest and the Community. The Community joined him and Fr. Bosco Rajendra and Fr. Bala, correspondents of St. Joseph Dental College, for lunch. Fr. G. Moses a guest priest from the diocese of Vijayawada accompanied the Bishop who also appreciated the endeavor.

Fr. Joseph Peter thanked Fr. Soosai and the community for their collaboration and support. The camp was very successful and was telecasted on the local channels and also published in the newspaper. The faithful of the parish were very happy; they praised God and the Guanellian community.

Dignitaries Visit

Bishop of Eluru Diocese visits Sacred heart Church, Vatluru

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Vatluru – The community was happy to receive Rev. Fr. Umberto Brugnoni, the Vice General of the Servants of Charity, August 14-15th. The purpose of his visit was to experience the mission of the confreres; the compassionate pastoral care for the people, giving paternal love of the Father to orphan boys and elderly people. He also witnessed the hospitality and the love of the confreres, boys and the parishioners. His presence rejuvenated their spirits.

August 18th was a remarkable day for the faithful of Vatluru, the 2nd Bishop of the Eluru Diocese, a seat which was vacant for 4 years, His grace, Very Rev. Polimela Jayarao visited Sacred Heart Church. He presided over Holy Mass for about 2500 people. The Bishop was impressed by the faith and the love of his flock and the mission of the Guanellians. After mass the pious groups of the parish honored the bishop and shared a Festival meal of lemon rice to end the celebration.

New Parish Priest Installed

Vatluru – Fr. Peter Joseph was installed as new parish priest of Sacred Heart Church on June 2nd. Fr. Soosai Rathinam, provincial superior, Fr. Kulandai Samy, the outgoing parish priest and superior, Fr. Peter Sebastian, the new superior, Fr. Korram Joseph, the procurator of the diocese of Eluru and other Guanellian priests attended. After Mass, Fr. Soosai read the official letter appointing Fr. Peter Joseph the new parish priest and Fr. Korram Joseph read the acceptance letter from the diocese of Eluru. Fr. Soosai and Fr. Peter Sebastian handed Fr. Peter Joseph the keys of the tabernacle, a symbol of placing the faithful of the parish in his care. It was an emotional day as the village leaders and members of the pious groups honored the newly appointed and outgoing priests.