A Month of Prayer

Priest offers prayers in villagers' homes

Priest offers prayers in villagers' homesVatluru – Fr. Moses and Fr. Vijay Anand, Redemptorist priests from Tenali, were invited to Sacred Heart Parish for a 5 day mission of house counseling and preaching. They visited every home in the village, praying and counseling the families; accompanied by the Legion of Mary. In the evenings they preached the word of God and celebrated the holy Mass. Also during the Month of October, which is especially dedicated to praying the Rosary, the faithful in the parish showed their devotion to our Blessed Mother. According to tradition, a ‘one day one house’ prayer meeting was arranged. The members of the Legion of Mary carried the statue of Mother Mary to each house; praying the Rosary devotedly, sharing the word of God, and receiving the prayers and blessings from the priests.

Faith Abounds in Ankangudem

Indian faithful gather for prayer

Indian faithful gather for prayerVatluru – Having approached the end of the Year of Faith, a three-day prayer meeting was arranged in Ankangudem, one of the substations of Sacred Heart Parish. Fr. Joseph Peter, the parish priest, and the village catechist arranged the meetings; held each evening October 15-17th. Around 200 people participated listening to the word of God and faithfully partaking in the Eucharistic celebration. Catechists from different villages preached the Word of God first followed by Holy Mass each day. It was a renewal of faith for the people of Ankangudem.

First Holy Communion Celebrated

2 dozen First communicants and the celebrants in India

2 dozen First communicants and the celebrants in IndiaVatluru – October 14th became a historical day for the faithful in Anglipruram, a substation of Sacred Heart Parish, as 20 children received the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for the first time in their life. The children spent months preparing by regular visits from the parish priests and the catechist. Fr. Bosco Rajendra, chancellor of the diocese, presided over the Holy Mass which was concelebrated by Fr. Peter Sebastian, the superior of the community and other Guanellian priests. The entire village faithfully participated in the Eucharistic celebration and the 20 children, dressed in dazzling white, full of love and eager longing received their First Holy Communion. To express their joy and gratitude, a meal was served for everyone following Mass.

Visit to ‘Sishu Bhavan’

Vatluru – The members of the Legion of Mary and other pious groups of the Sacred Heart Parish visited Mother Teresa Sishu Bhavan, a home for mentally and physically challenged children near Eluru. The gifts received in remembrance of Rev. Fr. Thanasekar were given to the children as a token of love. The parish girls prepared a dance and songs for the children to express their fraternal love. Fr. Peter Sebastian, the Superior, distributed the gifts to the good children and Fr. Peter Joseph concluded the program by praying for them.

Silver Jubilee for Fr. Peter Di Tullio

Fr. Peter Di Tullio

E. PROVIDENCE – On September 29th, Sacred Heart Parish celebrated a public tribute to Fr. Peter Di Tullio, SdC, for his 25 years as Pastor of their parish. It was like a Silver Jubilee that a family celebrates in honor of 25 years of fidelity, hard work, and love. Many parishioners and friends (some even from the Philadelphia area) attended the Thanksgiving Mass and Dinner. It was an honor to have him as pastor for so many years of fruitful ministry and friendship. It is not that he is going to retire to Florida or somewhere else. His Superiors, in accord with the local Bishop, asked him to stay and help his successor. He will remain for many years to come, enjoying his Guanellian apostolate more than ever. Once again, Fr. Peter, our heartfelt thanks to you. May the Lord bless and reward you.

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St. Louis Guanella Feast at Sacred Heart

Fr. Silvio performs the miracle of Transubstantiation


E. Providence – Parishioners and students attended Mass honoring St. Louis Guanella, the prophet of charity who a hundred years ago passed through Providence, Rhode Island, to bring some solace to people in need. At that time, he never dreamed that some of his Sisters and Priests would be ministering in East Providence. His love for God was visible in loving his neighbor, any neighbor that he found wanting in material or spiritual need. After Mass, each grade of Sacred Heart School animated an episode of the life of Father Guanella: jumping on horses as a boy; the story of the old man and candies; draining the marshes of Nuova Olonio; the Marsica earthquake; the Guanella family sharing polenta with the poor; the ordination; traveling through the United States; the canonization in Rome (even a mini Pope Benedict riding a popemobile!). Everyone enjoyed the imagination of both students and teachers in their skits. May he always protect our families, parish and school.

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Sacred Heart Parish- A New Chapter

Fr. Silvio and Bishop Rober Evans during the entrance procession

E. Providence – The evening of October 27th opened, after 25 years, a new chapter for the Servants of Charity in E. Providence, Rhode Island. Fr. Silvio DeNard, at a 5:00pm Eucharistic Liturgy presided by Bishop RobertFr. Silvio and Bishop Rober Evans during the entrance procession Evans, Auxiliary Bishop of Providence, was installed as the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish.  Present to concelebrate the Mass were Fr. Luigi DeGiambattista, Fr. Peter DiTullio, Fr. David Stawasz, and Fr. Dennis Weber as well as the new pastor.

The bishop, after the greeting of the Mass, thanked Fr. Peter for his commitment, dedication and care for the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish these last 25 years. He then thanked the Servants of Charity for continuing to assume the pastoral care of the parish and for assigning Fr. Silvio to carry on that pastoral care. The bishop’s homily centered on the image of the Good Shepherd and he called on Fr. Silvio, as shepherd of Sacred Heart Parish, to a “leadership of service” and a “service of leadership.” Fr. Silvio, in his remarks at the end of Mass, spoke of how happy he is to be the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish and saw that his main role as pastor is to “guide his parishioners to heaven.”

This new chapter for the parish will see two committed and dedicated Servants of Charity who model “walking in the footsteps” of Fr. Guanella “by ways of the heart” and who will lead the People of God at Sacred Heart Parish to the realization of being a “Samaritan Parish.”

Parish Celebrates its patron Feast

Eucharistic peocession in Rhode Island

Eucharistic peocession in Rhode IslandEast Providence– Sacred Heart Parish celebrated its patron feast in a grand fashion. They put on  a three day festival, a procession of the Blessed Sacrament around the parish blocks, a special Mass for the anointing of the sick; days of fun for children; booths and Portuguese food. Many young parents and their children enjoyed the safe environment and the many games. The beautiful weather proved to be favorable for attendance at Sunday Masses and the procession. May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the major Patron of our Guanellian Family, bless and protect the parish and all the parishioners especially those who, like Jesus on the cross, are nailed on the cross of their daily suffering.

42 New Tabernacles for the Lord

First Communion in Vatluru, India

First Communion in Vatluru, IndiaVatluru – On the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, June 3rd, children from Sacred Heart parish received their First Holy Communion. Forty-two children had been prepared to receive communion, and the celebration was even more meaningful on this feast because the fullness of the Trinity now dwells in them.