Bible Sunday

Cuddalore – Bible Sunday was grandly celebrated at Sagaya Matha Parish on September 27th. Mass began with a procession of all the parishioners carrying Bibles or cards with Bible verses written on them. The leader of the procession read important biblical verses; proclaiming the Word of God. Then all reached the church for Sunday mass celebrated by Fr. A. Periayanayagasamy and Fr. A. Paul Francis highlighting the importance of the Word of God.
The following week, various competitions were conducted in the parish according to the age of the people. Schoolchildren were asked to memorize their favorite chapter in the bible. The higher secondary students were asked to memorize Psalm 55; and the youth group members were given a topic to perform a drama. The rest of people were given the gospels of Matthew and Mark. The competitions were conducted at the parish with many parishioners participating. Bible Sunday in Sagaya Matha parish was a big success.


Feast of St. Cecilia

Cuddalore  – On November 22nd, Sagaya Matha Church was happy to celebrate the patroness of the church singers, St. Cecilia, in a grand manner.  The liturgical celebration was well organized and after the holy Mass the choir members came together for a high tea party. All the members were happy to celebrate this feast at the parish.Sagaya Matha Cecilia fest 1 Sagaya Matha Cecilia fest 2

Car Procession for Founder

Sagaya Matha Car ProcessionCuddalore – Being the Centenary year of Our Founder, St. Louis Guanella’s Birth in Heaven and Plenary intentions being given to Sagaya Matha Church by the Pope, the Parish Pastoral Council has decided to have a car procession of the Founder around the Church on every first Friday of the month. November 7th was the first, the GLM members were happy to take the founder’s statue around the parish church. This is the first group that volunteered to animate the liturgy and conduct the car procession. It was well organized by the GLM members and people actively took part in it. They received special blessings on that day.

Bible Sunday

Cuddalore – Bible Sunday was celebrated on  September 28th at Sagaya Matha Church. The parish priest requested that everyone bring their Holy Bible for Sunday Mass and they did. Special preaching was arranged; and the preacher brought out the importance of the Word of God in our lives and insisted that everyone plan their lives as the Word of God teaches. The same day a quiz program was organized for the Catechism children. They participated in it with great enthusiasm.cuddalore parish 1 cuddalore parish 3 cuddalore parish 2

Parish Welcomes Superior

Indian Girls dance

Cuddalore – On February 16th, the Superior General, Secretary General and Provincial Superior visited Sahaya Matha Church. The parishioners were happy to welcome them and participate in the holy mass offered for the people of God. After the mass, the newly elected parish council organized a short program for them including the presentation of a traditional shawl and small gift to each major superiors. The people were pleased with the well-organized event.

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Bible Sunday

Priests and Parishioners read Bible

Priests and Parishioners read BibleCuddalore – November 10th was a Bible Day celebration at Sagaya Matha Parish. All the parishioners were instructed to bring their Bible with them for Sunday Mass. During the time for the homily, homage was paid to the Bible, a lot of instructions were given and many questions were asked in order to create interest in reading the bible. Everyone enthusiastically participated and prizes were given to those who answered questions. It was a wonderful celebration.

Holy Rosary Prayed in Grotto

Indian women pray Rosary

Indian women pray RosaryCuddalore – Every first Saturday of month, Sagaya Matha Parish celebrates mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Grotto. On November 2nd, a big Rosary from Italy was used by the Legion of Mary to recite the Holy Rosary at the Grotto before Holy mass, which was offered for the deceased family members of the parishioners and for the deceased confreres of the Servants of Charity.

Children’s Day Celebration

Children day - DGES 1Cuddalore  – Children’s Day in India falls on November 14th every year and for a good reason; it is celebrated on Pandit Nehru’s birthday as a day of fun and frolic, a celebration of childhood, and Nehruji’s love for them. Don Guanella Boys Home hosted the celebration on Sunday, November 18th. The children’s voices echoed with joy and happiness around the DGBH campus.The day began with different competitions: running, musical chairs, speeches and singing conducted for the children by the Guanellian fathers and sisters and the contribution of Sagaya Matha parishioners, Mr. Bosco and Mr. Savari Muthu.

Nearly 500 children from the surrounding area actively participated; Christian and Non-Christian alike. They got to spend time with each other; helping them to develop their talents and abilities as well as new friendships. Tiffin was served and Fr. Peter Sebastian distributed the prizes to winners of the games. He ended with an expression of thanks and blessings. This children’s day celebration was very simple, but it thrilled the hearts of children and their parents and helped many of the people understand and recognize the charity of our Founder, St. Louis Guanella.Children day - DGES 2

Corpus Christi Celebration Begins at Sagaya Matha Church

Corpus Christi Procession at Sagaya matha Church

Corpus Christi Procession at Sagaya matha ChurchCuddalore – On June 24th Sagaya Matha Church celebrated Corpus Christi beginning with Eucharistic Adoration. Rev. Fr. Lourduraj SdC spoke about the relationship that various saints had with the Holy Eucharist. A Eucharistic Procession formed at the Church and proceeded to the College Hostel run by the Guanellian Sisters; the reflection by Rev. Yesudhasan, the Rector of the diocesan Seminary, implored participants to be living and moving Eucharistic people. The next stop was St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary. The Eucharistic Lord was solemnly received by formators and students. Rev. Fr. Lourdu Samy, a senior diocesan priest, taught that the Divine Lord present in the Eucharist is continually waiting for us; we need only to approach him. The entire Cuddalore community went away with many blessings.