Good Children Rejoice

sivagangai - bdaySivagangai – St. Guanella Anbagam took special care in celebrating the birthdays of the good children Antony and Stalin on September 17th. That morning, Mass was offered for their good health and that God may shower His blessings upon them and console them in their sufferings. Throughout the day they were filled with happiness. That evening the community gathered in Anbagam to pray over them, sing birthday songs and then cut the special cake that was purchased in their honor. They were happy to share cake with their friends.


A Day to Honor Teachers

sivagangai - teachersSivagangai – The Yesuvanam community happily celebrated Teacher’s Day at St. Guanella Anbagam Special School on September 5th. The priests, brothers and children welcomed and congratulated the teachers with blossoming flowers. Mass was offered for the staff and teachers for whom the day was made. The intentions of this holy Mass were for the bright futures of the teachers. After Mass memorable gifts were presented to the teachers with thanks for the wonderful service to this school. The teachers appreciated the gifts and were delighted to say that this school is a participation in the ministry of St. Guanella and Christ Himself. The party ended after the teachers provided sweets and snacks to the special children.

St. Guanella Evening School Inauguration


Sivagangai – The Yesuvanam community celebrated St. Guanella Evening School’s inauguration on August 17th. About 54 students from Kalluvazhi, Pallithammam, Nedungulam, Puliyadithammam participated in the event. Fr. Kulandai Samy, the Superior, opened the ceremony by lighting the lamp. Fr. Kulandai thanked the students for coming to Yesuvanam and he gave a wonderful message. He asked the children to make use of the evening school, perform well in their studies and wished them a bright future. After the talk, there was a variety of games conducted for the students by the brothers. At last the final blessing was given by Fr. Superior. After the program, supper was provided for the students at Yesuvanam. All were happy and enjoyed in this program.

Postulants Enter

Sivagangai - postulants 2Sivagangai – Yesuvanam accepted four candidates to the community on August 12th. To prepare, the postulants spent an hour in Adoration. That afternoon the confreres gathered near the gate and the Candidates stood outside. When they knocked, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior, opened the door and welcomed them. Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Soosai followed. After communion, Fr. Soosai blessed Crosses and gave one to each postulant. Other area dignitaries were also on hand with gifts and congratulations. The local Superior thanked everyone for their prayers and presence at the event. The occasion ended with a festive meal.

Independence Day and Dental Camp

Sivagangai - dentla camp 1Sivagangai  – The Yesuvanam community was happy to celebrate Independence Day and hold a Dental Camp at St. Guanella Anbagam on August 15th. Mr. Arokia Samy, Chairman of Kalayar Kovil, Dr. G. Balasubramani, priests, sisters, GLM members and all supporters were also invited to this event. The national flag was hoisted by Mr. Arockia Samy. The children presented songs, dances and recitations. The chairman gave a wonderful message; saying he is very pleased with Yesuvanam, Anbagam School and all the good work being done. He pledged to give his support in all possible ways. In closing, Fr. Kulandai Samy thanked the honorable guests, the dignitaries and those who came from different communities.
Later the dental camp began. It was conducted by Dr. G. Balasubramani with the blessings of Fr. Kulandai Samy. The camp was organized by Yesuvanam priests, and the Jeyam Groups from Kalaiyar Kovil. Nearly, 75 people from the area came to receive services from this dental camp.

GLM Meeting

sivagangai - GLM 1Sivagangai  – The Yesuvanam community hosted a GLM meeting on August 9th. To begin, those present gave honor to Dr. APJ Abdulkalam on the one month anniversary of his death. The family of Mr. Selvaraj was also invited to console them and pray that his soul may rest in peace. The official meeting was started with prayer by Fr. Superior. The GLM discussed the election of officers, the upcoming visit to Cuddalore with the Guanellian Family and how to help at the camp which was held on August 15th at Yesuvanam. Appa Thainas was elected president of the GLM. To pay homage to Mr. Selvaraj, silence was kept for five minutes. The meeting concluded with prayer.

Anniversary Celebrated

Sivagangai -anniversary 2Sivagangai  – The entire Yesuvanam community celebrated the Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Paul Raj and Fr. Franklin on August 6th beginning with solemn mass which they presided over at Anbagam. After Mass cake was cut and distributed to all the children. A short program followed by the seminarians and good children to honor the priests. In this program Fr. Superior welcomed everyone and congratulated the celebrants for their service to the Yesuvanam community. The event ended with lunch in the afternoon.

Honoring Kalam

Sivagangai - anjali 1Sivagangai  – To honor the former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam, St. Guanella Anbagam School joined the Yesuvanam community on August 1st. The parish priest of Susaiyappar Pattinam and benefactor Mr. Justin were also invited to this anjali, or divine offering. Everyone held candles as a form of anjali to the former president and his valuable guidance to Indian society. To pay homage to him, five minutes of silence was observed and prayers were offered that his soul may rest in peace. Fr. Superior gave a beautiful message about Dr. APJ Abdulkalam. Each person put a flower before his photo and honored him. His absence was deeply felt because he was so inspirational and encouraging, he motivated the children to be firm in their goals for the future.

Surprise Birthday Party

Sivagangai – On July 10th, the Yesuvanam Community celebrated the birthday of Good Child, Mahalingam. Everyone gathered at Anbagam for the party and to share cake. First and foremost everyone extended their hands over Mahalingam and prayed for God to shower His blessings upon him for good health of mind and body. Mahalingam was so surprised because he didn’t know it was his birthday. He really enjoyed the celebration and serving cake to the children.


Birthday Celebration

Sivagangai  – The Yesuvanam Community joyfully celebrated the birthday of three children at St. Guanella Anbagam School, Kumar, Manikandan and Sarchil. The Yesuvanam confreres, staff and friends gathered on the evening of June 16th for the party. The event began with prayer for the birthday children and laying on of hands for their good health and their intentions. After praying, birthday celebrants joyfully cut the cake and served it to all of the Anbagam children. Everyone enjoyed the celebration and fraternal gathering.