Canonical Visit at Yesuvanam

Sivagangai 1Sivangagi – October was very special to all Guanellians because it is the month of the Founder. It was especially so for the Yesuvanam community because the Provincial Superior visited them October 8-10th. During the three days of his canonical visit, he enlightened and enriched the entire community. The visit began with recollection and Mass. The confreres from Dindugal, Madurai and Yesuvanam gathered at Soosai Thottam, for a one day Recollection led by Fr. Soosai. He gave a talk on belongingness and fraternal living from the “Bond of Charity”. After the Recollection, the confreres met the Archbishop of Madurai, Rev. Dr. Anthony Pappusamy, they celebrated Holy Mass followed by lunch. On Oct 9th Fr. Soosai personally met each priest and seminarian at Yesuvanam. The visit was complete when the confreres met the Bishop of Sivagangai, Rev. Dr. Soosai Manikam.


Superior General visits Soosai Thottam

Fr. Gustavo feeds the hungry

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Madurai  – On February 1st in the name of St. Louis Guanella, the superior general, Fr. Alfonso Crippa, and Fr. Gustavo De Bonis visited Soosai Thottam. The confreres and Guanella Karunai Illam mission beneficiaries welcomed them wholeheartedly. Their presence at Soosai Thottam brought marvelous joy and spiritual nourishment especially for fifteen guests that came to see the mission. Fr. Crippa praised the work being done at Madurai for the good of the needy brethren. His visit boosted the movement of grace and brought conversion, that is a renewal of quality of life to the confreres; their personal life, fraternal life and Guanellian mission. It also helped improve their ability to serve the beneficiaries. Fr. Crippa witnessed the presence of the Lord in each confrere and their mission. Mr. Manogar, a benefactor, and his family provided a meal for the community in honor of the superiors.

Christ Born in Our Hearts

volunteers giving gifts

volunteers giving giftsMADURAI – Love begins at home and spreads to your neighborhood, to your community, to your nation and to the whole world. Spread love to all those you meet, let everyone feel the love of Christ. The real love of Christ was revealed  on December 21st at Soosai Thottam, the mission house of Guanella Karunai Illam. Mr. Manogar, a benefactor, and his team members helped us celebrate Suppose Christmas with beneficiaries. Their presence with the Guanellian priests expressed gratitude toward the poor and needy brethren. They offered meals to everyone and they served with love and affection. Nagamalai Puddukottai parishioners and our local supporters offered Christmas gifts to the beneficiaries.  May this Christmas be so special that our poor never feel lonely again and they remain surrounded by loved ones throughout their life!Soosai Thottam recipients and benefactors