Boys Home Sports Meet

Cuddalore – As the great Tamil poet Bharathi says, “Young chaps must be given space to play in childhood,” boys of Don Guanella Boys Home conducted a sports meet on November 27th. Every boy contributed his utmost support to his team. The real spirit of the boys was apparent during the sports meet; the unadulterated joy on the faces of the students when they won the events was noticeable. All the fathers and chief guests encouraged the students to bring out their various talents. Sr. Josephine, DSMP; Fr. Mathias and GLM member Mr. Bosco were the judges for all the events. The sports meet came to an end by announcing the winners.



Rotary Sports Meet

Chennai – “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called spirit.”
A sports meet was conducted on November 17th by the Rotary Club at Leo Muthu Indoor Stadium. Our children participated in it with enthusiastic and energetic hearts competing in each sport to win the prizes. But the main purpose of taking the children is to show solidarity with the differently-abled children. It is a kind of motivation for the students to achieve a higher goal. Some of the students were qualified for the semifinals and some of them reached the final but it was very competitive for our children. The children participated all day with lively spirits and won prizes with help from their teachers.

Vegam Sports Meet

Chennai – A sports meet was held on July 16th by the Chennai Social Service Organization. Our children participated with enthusiasm and energetic hearts; attempting to win prizes. The main motivation of going to the event was to show solidarity with all differently-abled children. Our students qualified for the semi-finals. Miss Thiloshani won the gold medal in throw ball. Master Vinoth reached the final, but it was a tough competition for that age group. Throughout the day our children worked hard in achieving prizes with help from the teachers and volunteers. They were so happy to have participated in this CSSO event.

Sports Meet Begins

Cuddalore – St. Joseph’s Seminary was delighted to inaugurate the 2015-16 Sports Meet. This is one of the most enjoyable events, which is designed to strengthen the young seminarians to grow both on physical and mental levels, to revitalize and renew their fraternity and solidarity and to advance in their cultural credibility. The Sports Meet began with a special ceremony including Parade, flag hoisting (national and team flags), inaugural speech by Fr. Rector and the team division. The event ended by singing the ‘National Anthem.’

To Reveal One’s Caliber

Chennai – Sports reveal character. To reveal their caliber to the world, Special children from various institutions participated in the Anbaliya’s 20th interschool sports meet, which was held September 3rd. On behalf of Don Guanella Special School twenty students participated actively in different events and performed their best. The events included races, jumps, throws and other track events. The day was full of fun and excitement for the students. The abilities exhibited by the students were appreciated through prize distribution. DGSS students also won prizes and honored the institute.Chennai - Sports Meet

Annual Sports Meet

Cuddalore – Don Guanella Boys Home was happy to host the Annual Sports Meet on January 26th. Some events had preliminary preparations on January 2nd. Among the boys, two were chosen to organize the day’s events. The other boys were divided into four groups: Warriors, Adventurers, Rivals and Pirates of the Caribbean. The purpose of the event was to encourage health awareness, team spirit and unity among the boys. They were given time to prepare themselves for each event with support from the fathers. Moreover, it was not like past years, rather, their spirit to build the team in all the events was kindled. The sports meet ended with the team show on Republic Day presided over by Fr. Vincent.Sports Day 2