Ministry Conferred

Manila – Bro. Alfie Matulac received the Ministry of Lector on March 19th, Solemnity of St. Joseph. During Mass, Fr. Loyola Diraviam, homilist and main presider, stressed the importance of imitating and learning from St. Joseph who was holy, obedient and silent. The Ratio Formationis stressed that those who receive the Ministry of Lector must love and have a good knowledge of Holy Scriptures, tradition and the Magisterium, as well as the functional value of the heeded, meditated, announced and witnessed Word. The confreres, Guanellian Sisters, friends and beneficiaries also celebrated and gave thanks to the Lord for the college graduation of aspirant, Generoso Daing. He received a BA in Philosophy from St. Anthony Mary Claret College.


SdC Host “Daop Palad 2014”

Daop Palad Manila 3 Daop Palad Manila 2 Daop Palad Manila 1Manila – Hosting an event is not easy, but with faith in God and the spirit of camaraderie, nothing is impossible! On August 24, 2014, the Servants of Charity hosted “Daop Palad,” an annual school activity of St. Anthony Mary Claret College (SAMCC) in pursuit of building relationships, molding character, enhancing talent and embracing the true spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship. It began with a Holy Mass presided by Fr. Gilbert D. Quenano, CmF, Dean of Undergraduate Studies; and immediately following  the Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Charlton O. Viray, SdC, received a warm welcome as the local Superior of the Servants of Charity. His words struck our minds and hearts, “Mahal namin kayo mga seminarista,” (We love you seminarians). Our joy was fulfilled through the virtues of friendship and teamwork; especially from the AB Philosophy students of various religious congregations. Of course bonding occurred not only between the students, but also between the professors and students.  Fr. Gilbert did not exempt himself from the challenges that we all witnessed, as he was filled with a spirit of excitement for the next station’s task under the direction of the college student council. Generally speaking, everyone enjoyed “Daop Palad,” as a unique experience to be treasured. The 2014 “Daop Palad” was a remarkable event for the Servants of Charity, not only from being the host,  but from the virtues learned from the team building activities, and the courage, trust, perseverance, care, faith, hope and love encountered by all during the event.  Amare et servire (to love and serve); may we continue to love and serve one another for the greater glory of God!